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Hunk: Hey, quick question? 

Lance: Shoot.

Hunk: Are we even sure that the mice are mice?

Lance: Well… I mean… when we got here they looked like mice so I guess we all just kind of assumed that they were mice? Which, when you think about it, is honestly kind of weird. ‘Cause the mice are 10,000 year old aliens dude… which kind of implies that mice are universal?? Like, Altea had them, and Earth has them. What are the odds of that? We’re a gazillion miles from home, but we still have mice. What could that mean? … Dude. Are the mice actually mice?


Hunk: Gonna be honest with you, I meant for this conversation to go a completely different way, but what you’re saying is really cool and now I’m interested in discussing this as a group.

Lance: Aw, thanks buddy! But what were you gonna say?

Hunk: I was gonna say that, are we sure the mice are actually mice? Because it feels like every time we tell them something, they……… rat us out!


Lance: You’re awful.

Stop Americanising Miraculous Ladybug

Ranting down here.

Might be slighty harsh but I DO NOT ASK PEOPLE TO STOP WRITING

This is not a solution post, this is a rant.

Mainly from my immediate instinctive reaction, so not necessarily filtered to please everyone.

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I'm Sorry to Be the Voice of Reason

I’m seeing a lot of rumours floating around about a fourth episode.

Has this entire experience taught you nothing? There is no fourth episode. It would be a stupid marketing ploy to embed a whole Episode in subtext for us to find. The writers would not be so eager to shut us down if there were a fourth episode. There would be explicit evidence from the BBC if there were a fourth episode, not random clues and messages that mean nothing. The 404 error is a common web browser error for a broken page. We caused that with our complaints. Apple Tree Yard is just another show, and I don’t know how it got dragged into this mess. We thought there was a deeper meaning to it all, but there isn’t. There never was.

I understand everyone is grasping at any straw of hope right now, but listening to our hearts is what got them broken.

They betrayed us. They hurt the entire community.

I appreciate your efforts. You all are fantastic people who work so hard. We’ve always had to hope for queer representation in any way we can. We’ve already been feeding off crumbs. We’re accustomed to reading between the lines.

But the dog bowl is empty, my friends, and these efforts are licking dust off the floor.

And even if they were to come out with another episode or with season five, what are you expecting–a sudden one-eighty that confirms Johnlock and makes everything okay? No. They’ve shown their true colors. They don’t give a damn about us. They will continue to queerbait us for ratings. We’ll continue to make our theories about BBC Johnlock being endgame, when clearly, it never will be.

We’re an optimistic community, I know. We have every right to hope, but we no longer have reason to expect better from BBC Sherlock. The least we can do is learn from our mistake.

Moftiss doesn’t care about us. They never did.