you're just the coolest

Imagine being tricked by The8 into thinking he’s teaching you some common Chinese phrases but in reality, he’s actually teaching you how to praise him in his mother tongue.

Sorry but I can’t help but favor Elzar over Calculon? Like, don’t get me WRONG… they both have great aspects but look at this guy –

First of all, FOUR ARMS. Cooks for a living. Says “BAM!” when he puts something down, points towards something, or something bad happens just because he CAN.

👌 👌 👌 👌

@ calculon. step ur game up

anonymous asked:

clarke goes downstairs for a minute while the Teen Party is happening to get herself a drink ("all this nonsense happening downstairs is making me thirsty... i'm gonna go myself a shot") and while she's down there she ends up bar tending for like 10 min and makes a bunch of teenagers some delicious fruity cocktails and shit (the kind that actually tastes good and then is also really fucking strong) and she goes back upstairs to her wife. lexa is just like "smh you're ridiculous"

Clarke’s the coolest fucking mom like she makes drinks and then goes back and just lifts Lexa’s arm and tucks herself in to her fave spot in the world,,, I love her

ramenboye  asked:

I literally got a tumblr just to follow you i see your art everywhere and i just wanted to say that you're the coolest person ever. Im new to tumblr so im just tryna figure this shit out tbh

!!!!!THANK YOUUUU SO M U C H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! σ(≧ε≦o)

Things I don't Like About The Signs
  • Aries: You get angry too quick and just start shouting nonsense
  • Taurus: You're mean in general, you think it's sarcastic but others call it insensitive.
  • Gemini: One day you act so close and the other day you act like you hate me and you don't even listen to me when i try to speak to you
  • Cancer: You guys never seem to make up your minds, you never make your own choices and y'all act scared
  • Leo: You are so self-centered, when what you want doesn't happen asap you make it look like the person who is trying to help you is actually being selfish
  • Virgo: You guys always expect everything to be perfect and you always try to find something better than what you've already got and that's why your friends can feel unappreciated time to time.
  • Libra: You make everything about you, I try to talk to you about a problem and you just change the subject and ignore me completely
  • Scorpio: You act as if you're the coolest when in reality you just push people away expecting them to come running back to you
  • Sagittarius: You make me feel like you hate me but you get mad at me for feeling like that when you're the one who doesn't even listen to what I say
  • Capricorn: You don't forgive and that's probably the worst thing ever, people won't beg for your forgiveness 24/7 so just let go
  • Aquarius: You guys are distant, you shut people out then wonder why you feel lonely
  • Pisces: You act so innocent all the time when you where the one who caused chaos

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Happy New Year!! I hope yours is filled with happiness & lots of love & luck. You're amazing & so kind. I found you this year & your account is freaking awesome I love it. Thank you for interacting with your followers. Thank you for all your hard work & time. Good luck in the new year I know you can do anything that awaits you. You're the coolest & sweetest person, in short just the BEST. So have a good year I'm looking forward seeing your art I love youuu❤

Ahhhhh that’s so sweet of you ♥ Thank you so much for all your love and support, I’ll try my best to draw more! :”> I love you <3

Have a wonderful new year!!

what-the--heckie  asked:

I just wanted to say that you're one of the coolest people on vine ever especially cuz you actually take time to reply and look at what your fans create for you. And you don't rape people so that's real nice ✌

Hahah well that’s so kind of you! And I LOVE replying to you guys! It’s so fun!! The art that you all create is so amazing! I never would have thought it would happen and I still, every day, am awed and humbled by it all!!

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Can I just say that I think you're one of the coolest people??? Because not only are you amazing on YouTube, but to know that you enjoy shows like One-Punch Man and Gravity Falls... I just... You're too amazing. Keep being awesome. ;w;

haha thank you :D I want to share my thoughts and feelings on stuff like that to you all so I feel more relatable and like an actual person. I’m really not all that different from anyone else :P