you're just so wonderful and i'm so thankful you exist

latourneuse  asked:

Hello! Could you update the scott disapproves tag OR the doesn't believe derek exists tag? your blog is the light of my life, it has saved me during many bad times, i'm so happy you're keeping it going and i love you so much! thanks

@unsteady-w0nderland said:  Hi lovelies, I was just wondering if you could possibly update ‘doesn’t believe Derek exists tag’ ? Xx

False Alarm. by Hezzab (1/1 | 911 | NR)

Scott can’t believe what Erica has been telling him about his best friend. Stiles would have told him if he was seeing someone. Erica’s set on proving to Scott that Stiles does in fact have a boyfriend.

The Importance of Listening by AlexTheShipper (1/1 | 1,348 | PG13)

Stiles has decided to come out to his friends, because he has a boyfriend. If only they’d believe him.

iamthebestyoullneverhave  asked:

you have such a beautiful soul. I bought a cat midi ring from Jacquie Aiche because I saw it on you and needed it in my life asap (cutest ring ever) and for that, I thank you. you are so so wonderful. I really just admire your strength and your ability to stay positive even when the world is caving in. you're a beautiful role model and I'm glad you exist. sorry if this is a weird message, I just really wanted you to know.

You’re so special
and important
and you deserve pretty little things
and I hope that every time you see it,
you feel beautiful and sparkly
and I hope every time you see your face,
you feel beautiful and sparkly