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Writing Western Beauty Standards Gets Repetitive

There, I put it all in the title because that’s, essentially, the point of this post. Characters don’t need to have small, sloping noses, large eyes, and/or porcelain skin to be understood as beautiful. And, to be frank, if you can’t write large noses, small eyes and/or brown skin as beautiful, then you’re being a lazy writer and/or a small-minded person.

(I’ll avoid the word racist for now…no, I won’t. You’re being racist.)

I think a lot of it comes from the connotations already attached to certain facial features in literature. For example, a “hooked nose” is normally seen on a villain or an untrustworthy character (take Professor Snape for example). Do you know what else a hooked nose is called? Roman or Aquiline. Roman brings to mind nobility while Aquiline brings to mind intellect/wit. You can absolutely have a gorgeous character with an aquiline nose and deep set eyes. Her name is Ramona and she is a park ranger who wears her kindness easily in the corners of her cupid’s bow mouth, in the curve her soft, round chin and in the embrace of her strong arms. Her brown skin, the color of the sparrows she often feeds, contrasts beautifully with her tan uniform. I love Ramona. Ramona is beautiful.

A lazy writer might say Ramona is beady-eyed, hook-nosed, small-mouthed, and lacking a neck. 

 Don’t be a lazy writer. Give Ramona the love she deserves, okay?

Go find a picture of some random person. Look at them. Forget the go-to descriptions recent books/movies/shows have crammed down your throat. Practice. Don’t be lazy.

Why I’m NOT disappointed in the YOI finale...

Like, look, it wasn’t perfect by a long shot, I understand that. (I agree with you. It had some flaws.)

But I’m really happy they did NOT try to stuff an hour’s worth of material into this episode. (I mean, god, it was rushed enough with the material they did include. How bad would it have been if they included all that other stuff we wanted?)

Y’all were asking for WAY more than could have possibly fit into twenty-odd minutes, and since it looks very much like we’ll be getting a second season, I’m not at all upset that they chose to wrap this episode up with an open ending.

I’m looking forward to seeing more development for Viktor and Yuuri’s next season – development that doesn’t have to be crammed into a few sparse minutes at the end of a single episode.

I’m looking forward to revisiting the other skaters, for whom we got only tidbits of development in season one. (More Phichit! More JJ! More Otabek! Seung Gil’s redemption?!)

I’m looking forward to see where Yuri P. goes from here, and whether or not he’ll continue his victory streak, or whether his issues as a maturing teenager are going to get to him – and how that’ll affect him and his relationships.

Another 12 episodes could honestly work wonders on just about every level of this show, so, really, no – it doesn’t bother me that not everything was tied up nice and neat with a bow. And while I won’t pretend, by a long shot, that YOI is a perfect show, I also won’t pretend I’m disappointed in the finale just because it didn’t have everything.

This is what a blessing looks like. 


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That time when C137 got the postcard from Miami Rick

Stan & Rick spent the day being salty old men together.


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