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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to Mc putting on their colone bc they think it smells really good I love your head canons so much omggg you're my favourite blog rn

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I’m so glad that this is your favorite blog! (Also imma just slide a self promo for a non-mystic messenger blog here)~Madre Mod


  • He always smells soooooo gooooodddd~
  • He smells like fresh lavender and clean linen
  • You found yourself using his cologne often since you miss him a bunch
  • and the cologne makes you feel like he’s there with you
  • How he never noticed that you used his cologne, we’ll never know
  • but he eventually found out when you two were having a cuddle session on the couch. He moved his head to you neck, where you happened to spray the cologne.
  • “Is that my cologne?” “Yeah..” “Why?” “It smells really good and it makes me feel like you are always with me.”
  • He was happy
  • though a few days later you found out one of your favorite perfumes was being used
  • I wonder who is using it~


  • This man smells like Vanilla
  • It’s delicious as fuck, almost makes you want to eat him.
  • Almost
  • Since he uses his cologne often, you associate the smell of vanilla with him
  • It was a long day and Zen was out late for rehearsal, you sprayed a bit a lot of his cologne on your pillow and went to sleep
  • Later when Zen came home from the rehearsal cause somebody kept fucking up he went to y’all room to see you hugging your pillow
  • when he got closer he could smell his cologne on it, he was touched
  • You missed him so much that you sprayed his cologne on the pillow to help you sleep
  • Now if you would let go of the pillow so he can cuddle you that would be nice


  • Lovely as fuck
  • She smells like fresh picked Roses and it’s very alluring to you
  • She only wears it for special events so you don’t get to smell it often
  • one day while you were getting ready for a date with Jaehee, you grabbed her perfume by mistake. You could smell it as soon as you sprayed it but you didn’t mind
  • When you walked out the room to see her, she recognized her perfume and smiled
  • she likes that smell on you
  • encourages that you use her perfume often


  • Money and cat shampoo
  • Ok seriously he smells like that very expensive cologne. 
  • Like it smells spicy and warm, so like Cocoa, white flowers and Patchouli. I looked up expensive cologne and took the first one I saw i;m not sorry
  • It smells heavenly on him according to you
  • But to jumin it makes him want to just take you where you stand
  • would tell you in your ear just to see you flustered
  • he strongly recommends you to wear it
  • but only for him
  • nobody else


  • his cologne is very…clean
  • almost like air dried linen or ocean spray
  • compared to his mildly dirty house
  • he likes the scent since he knows you can’t bottle them directly
  • you like it alot
  • mostly cause he won’t smell like honey budda chips 24/7
  • you use it once in a while to rid yourself of the outside world scents
  • He smiles a lot when he smells that you’re using his cologne
  • He might crack a few jokes about how you like his manly cologne


  • His cologne smells like the woods
  • well not really but it gives off that woodsy scent
  • he doesn’t use it much since he is outside nearly all the time to take pictures
  • you so happen to like the smell of the woods so you use the cologne on yourself
  • due to his heightened senses he can easily tell that you’re wearing his cologne
  • he won’t say anything about it, but later on in the week he gets you a bottle of it too
  • V is internally happy 


  • Sage
  • His cologne smells like sage
  • well….sage that was burning.
  • I hc that he burns sage to ‘cleanse’ himself from time to time
  • it’s funny cause you use sage when cooking so he assumes that you are using his cologne
  • but in reality you are using his cologne, use just use the fact that sage can be cooked in foods to cover that up
  • he doesn’t mind if you use the cologne, he even likes how it smells on you.
  • But he’ll be damned if he says that to your face
PD101 get to know me tag~

tagged by @hwangminyeo

Name: Christina 
Nickname: Rui [roughly pronounced “ray”], derived from my chinese name 知睿 

Age: 17, like a month ago

Star Sign: Taurus
Height: short
Sexual Orientation: Minhyun
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw, i think?
Favourite Colour: whatever color Minhyun is wearing
Favourite Animal: DOGGOS!!@LUQO!)#U!O@ i really really really love dogs sosososososossososo much i LOVE THEM
Average Hours of Sleep: haha
Number of Blankets: varies from season–winter=2, 1 duvet and 1 thinner but furry blanket underneath~ Summer=1, just the duvet
Favourite Singer/Band: I’ve just started to get into a bunch so here’s a list~~NU’EST, Pentagon, NCT, Monsta X, SVT 

Dream Trip: I really would like to do a tour around Western Europe (Czech Repub, Austria, Italy, Germany, Spain esp)
Dream Job: running this blog full time (jk i already do that) might seem boring as HELLL but business analysis/consultation where you figure out how the newest technology and developments can be used to improve and grow industries/business
When Was Your Blog Created: may 15th? 14th? 16th? sometime around then  (i started my blog late, I’m SORRY)  
Current # of Followers: why do you want to know you nosy milk jugs (jk if you really want to know check the tags)
What Made You Create Your Tumblr: this show was TOO much for me to keep inside so i exploded on tumblr

nominating @jeo-jang @nu-blessed @minhyunnns @park-woojin @extraongdinary @brandnew-ldh @godkangdaniel @woo-jin-young @97-ed @ongsecngwoo @kimsjaehwan @yoonjsung @greedevi

sorry @savvy-it tumblr ate your ask while i was answering it

2.) What/Who do you miss?
• i miss my best fren and my girls from gymnastics but also my parents bc im across the country rn

4.) Favourite place?
• if im traveling, france since there’s just so much to see and do, but if im at home then downtown bc deep dish pizza and it’s the best place to people watch

15.) Are you available?
• yes yes yes come getcha girl

17.) Favourite song?
• DEATHCAMP- tyler the creator, BABYLON- joey bada$$, and the life of oj- jay z

31.) Your closest Tumblr friend?
• i dont chat with ppl on this site very often but i think ive talked to @angstywinston the most

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okie dokie, well how are you today my lazy funny Israeli friend, I see you like avatar the last air bender as well, I approve - The Anon™

“lazy funny israeli friend” you got three outta four here, my pal.

I’m tired and avoiding responsibilities just like every other student in israel rn probably

and funk man yES atla is my favourite show in the entire universe. nothing’s gonna top it. it’s the ultimate cartoon. the one and only. the alpha show. 

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Do you have any other fic recs? I you're not planning on making another can you rec a couple of fics? Maybe Hoseok or Jimin please?

You’ve come to the right place, my friend. These are thy fic recs and thou will not have another long one for a while, but I can sprout a few for a couple of members off the top of my head rn

for Hoseok, my sunshine:

Say No To This + Ambiguous by @hobibliophile (who actually follows me and had me gasping for breath when I saw the notif bc she’s one of my favourite writers) they’re both smut btw.

Amnesia by @slayyoongi (it’s not just angst; it’s angst that will reach into your chest and throw your heart across the room until you’re staring at the screen as if it slaughtered an entire town. I’m not even exaggerating. All of their fics are gold so you should definitely raid the masterlist.)

Not This One, No by @an-exotic-writer (I raved about her in the last fic rec and I’m about to do it again bc she’s great. I want to link all her Hobi scenarios but I can’t cause I was supposed to be at a restaurant 15 minutes ago ._.)

for Jungkook, my golden bunny:

Protégé by @baeseoul (*eye twitches* such sin officially starting in the second part. dom/sub themes. non idol!kook. my cause of death.)

Complete by @kainks (I love her username, I always find myself mentally going kaaainks. Also much sin. Bit of jealous!Kook.)

i need to wrap this up

for Yoongi, who has murdered an entire planet today and set my entire ass on fire:

Triplicty by @kainks (poly yoonseok. I should stop but I can’t bc I live for poly scenarios, you can imagine the level of pain I’m in bc of poly smut. Especially with my bias and my sunshine. I should stop.)

Partners In Crime by @taehxyung (jealous!Yoongi smut that will make you wonder if you’ll ever read smut that good again.)

this is all for now. i’m so late, the one time i have actual social plans Anon decides to hurt me like this