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“Washed up at 14… so sad.”

“Ha ha Shiro, at least I’m still older than you.”

How great is it that Shiro is 6? :D I love it. (in this au probably even younger lol) 

also more bh6 vld crossover  cuz BROGANES  and thank you for all the f*ck you s/ how could you s on my last one LOL it made me so happy haha xD



Hey! I don’t know if you’re still taking art submissions, but I just recently discovered you and I absolutely love love love your work!!! And I was wondering if you would be up to doing Louis in a crop top and flower crown? I would be so blessed.   And again, I just love your art. You’re so amazing and you’re so sweet!! 💖💖   

How could I ever say no to crop tops and flower crowns tbh?? And thank you so much, you’re a sweetling yourself 💕🌸

miss-azura  asked:

dUDE YOU LIKED MY GASTER ART???? oh my god it's such an honor but you haven't even seen the creepy part about it yet- i've deleted the blog about a year ago but recently i've found out that someone is holding it without doing anything. empty blog, no posts, no icons, used the same color scheme that i did. being the forgetful person that i am, i thought i was the one who kept the url for old time's sake and i forgot which email i used- i said hi on IM for funsies, and then... he replied back.


that’s actually really freaky shit! I want to try messaging him myself >_>


A bit of fluff + a bit of angst (◡‿◡✿)

Almost there! Answering the so-asked question of what happENS WITH VIKTOR’S HAIRCOLOR- Well, it gets just a bit darker because of aesthetic purposes ★⌒(●ゝω・)bAlso gave him a proper mirror-slashed haircut for the moment!

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a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety