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I drew the Seekers bc they make me happy, when they emote their wings go flap flap!!!! ;A;


Roy: It has been 10 years since then…

Riza: Yes. 10 years have passed so fast.

Roy: The years have passed for us too…

Riza: *stares*

Roy: Just now you were checking my head weren’t you?

Riza: No I wasn’t…

Roy: …. my hair i-

Riza: I wasn’t.

3Koma titled “Arekara” (Since then/that incident)  by Hiromu Arakawa, featuring Roy and Riza. It was included in the Blu-Ray Box set of Fullmetal Alchemist, on sale since 2015 for celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the anime (Conqueror of Shamballa in fact).

Fake Chats #158
  • Hoseok: hey, Kookie, you look happy.
  • Jungkook: yeah? I guess I am pretty happy.
  • Hoseok: did Jimin return your loving gaze on stage?
  • Jungkook: he always returns my-- ...
  • Hoseok: did he send you finger hearts?
  • Jungkook:
  • Hoseok: did he blow you a kiss?
  • Jungkook: no!
  • Yoongi: he did. I saw it.
  • Jungkook: only because I blew him one first!
  • Yoonseok:
  • Jungkook: because the fans like it!
  • Hoseok: and you don't?
  • Jungkook: you know perfectly well how endearing Jimin is, don't act like you don't love making him smile. And I saw you trying to hold his hand. That's MY spot.
  • Yoongi: Tae's right. You're hopeless.

wolftrapqueen27  asked:

Hello, again After reading your latest piece in the Hannigram Fluff Therapy series, I realised that I'm going to require as much of this warm, fluffy goodness as I can get, right through January 20, 2017. It's not a specific ask, but a humble request for more, and a thank you. You're a treasure to the fandom, and you're writing is often the only bright spot in my day/week. <3

Thank you so much my friend. I’m sorry this took so long to get to, but I hope you enjoy. <3

The lilt of Hannibal’s voice carried through the house, folding itself against the walls. Will followed the sound into the living room.

“You’re singing.”

Hannibal turned to him, ceasing his song. “A song from my childhood. My mother would sing it to me often.”

Will didn’t know the language, but deep in his bones he understood. “It’s about God.”

“In a sense. Did you sleep well?”

Will smiled and ducked his head, recalling the night previous, the way they’d made love for the very first time. “I did. Thank you.”

Hannibal reached for Will’s hand, brushing his knuckles with the softest kiss. “I’m happy to hear that. What would you like for breakfast?”

“Whatever you want,” Will said, gazing down at his hand when Hannibal let it go. “Tell me about your mother’s song.”

“A Lithuanian folk song about death and rebirth.”

Will laughed. “You truly did begin at the beginning. Your mother was religious?”

“Very. I’d never given much thought to the idea of worship myself. Until recently.”

A flush bloomed hotly on Will’s cheeks. “Please don’t build me an altar.”

Hannibal brushed his knuckles along Will’s cheek. “Our shared bed will serve just fine,” he said, smiling. “I’ll see to breakfast now, if you don’t mind.”

“Go on,” Will breathed, lost in Hannibal’s gaze. “I’m starving.”

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  • Spark, into a HoloCaster: You're sure you're not gonna be spotted?
  • Willow, into his HoloCaster: Absolutely, my cover makes me invisible.
  • Willow, to a bystander: Excuse me, Ma'am. Do you have two minutes to talk about the environment?
  • [Bystander runs away]
  • Willow, into his HoloCaster: Now, no one's gonna make eye contact with me.

I think Roger Waters’s voice is concrete proof that you don’t need to be an amazing vocalist to make good music. You just have to be passionate about your music and use your emotions as a catalyst for your voice.

May 23 is Kiss Day in Japan!

I’ve been meaning to draw this for WEEKS…. Kiss Day was a good excuse to actually… you know… draw it <:3c


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i was admitted to the psychiatric hospital one year ago today. i am grateful to and for absolutely everything that has gotten me this far, including all of the people who had hurt me and brought me down because they forced me to have to try to see the good in life and that’s when it really feels worth it. i am so fortunate and blessed to have not once considered suicide within this past year. i feel unbelievably lucky to have found buddhism, beautiful friends, healthy boundaries and the strength and faith within myself to continue with my recovery and try as hard as i possibly could to never ever give up, always have hope and stay humble toward the place i was in a year ago. bless everything that has gotten me here, i am unspeakably lucky.


100 MOVIES IN 2015
9/100 Backstreet Boys: Show ‘Em What You’re Made Of (2015) ★★★★★

PURE.  I’ll admit, at the first chapter, I was a bit stunned, but I knew not to stop.  I just struggle with Katniss and the life she was living in chapter one of Pure, but I have since completely finished chapter 2 and in the midst of chapter 3 and I must say, I am hooked.  I love the premise of how she was able to reconnect with Peeta and how she has some type of humility now.  You are rocking and rolling, ma'am.  I’m loving every bit of writing you are putting out there.  Keep it up, please!  I love your stories.  :)

—————- ……….*crazed laughter in the background* I love you, @ishy-fish and I am very happy you stuck it out. I know the first chapter is exceptionally rough to handle. But also…I’m so sorry, I’m sitting here thinking about what you’re about to read and hoping the next message I get from you isn’t a bunch of screaming. All I can say is…keep going. Just please keep reading through to the end. Hugs and thank you so much for the lovely note!
GTA V - Deadline
  • Jeremy: Oh, it's not looking good for me, Gav. You're probably gonna be in my spot.
  • Jeremy: I'm dead.
  • Gavin: Oh, really? I wanna play with you, though!
  • Jeremy: It's not gonna happen, Gavin.
  • Gavin: Maybe we'll just never play with each other.
  • Ryan: Tumblr would be sad.
  • Gavin: Hey, you know what, Jeremy? Come over to my house after school and we'll play together!
  • Ryan: Now Tumblr's very happy.