you're in my inappropriate thoughts

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Congrats !! *throws around confetti* M sorry I couldn't decide which one of these sentences I should send so here- "you're in my inappropriate thoughts" "Some ppl search their whole lives to find what I found in you" and "M doing a thing called what I want" also "don't make me laugh, m trying to be mad at you" I know these are too many but I couldn't decide which so you could just choose anyone you like Thank you in advance !! 😀😙

SO i finally decided to do this 😂😂 sorry it took me literally forever but i ended up doing all the ones you asked, and i combined the last two!!! They’re all drarry woops, hope you enjoy!!!!


~ “You’re in my inappropriate thoughts.” Draco said, staring at himself in the mirror. It wasn’t convincing enough, not at all. He had to try to change how he was going to tell Potter that all in all… He wanted to kiss him. But it’d have to be something better.

~ “Some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you.” Harry whispered, leaning forward with the smallest graze against Draco’s cheek, his own eyes filling with a watery glaze. Draco stared right back at him, his once dull, grey, orbs now bright and promising. “And what’d you find in me?” Draco asked, voice wavering a bit as he felt his heart start to swell. “A home.”

~ “I’m doing a thing called ‘What I Want.” Draco countered, grabbing the protesting Harry by the waist and tossing him over his shoulder, like they did in those movies. This was the only way he could get Harry to go anywhere, especially since he’d been bickering with Draco for the past twenty minutes. “Merlin, Draco! Put me down!!! I’m not playing games!” Harry screeched, fists pounding at the boy’s back as he was hoisted off. Draco chuckled, finally releasing the boy to sit him on a bench, leaning down with his palms pressed to thighs to see Harry fully, “I am,” He taunted, smirking gently before he leaned forward and attacked Harry with tickles. “Don’t make me laugh, I’m trying to be mad at you!” He protested, feeling the weight of Draco’s slender fingers tickle around his rib cage and his sides, causing Harry to double over in a fit of giggles. Nothing would stop Draco, as long as he could see the pretty smile on Harry’s face, he’d do whatever he could to help out. It’d been so long that Harry had gone without smiling, without being happy.. After the war and all? But now.. This is what true happiness felt like to him. And Draco was the reasoning behind it.