you're in a romantic comedy

The Signs as Girlfriends
  • Aries: The girlfriend who'll keep you on your feet. Definitely the type to wake you up with kisses. The one who'll sneak photos of you just because she thinks you look cute. Very impatient, however she does not like being rushed. Is quick with the comebacks, and loves to be sarcastic. Not really the worrying type, and is quite a daredevil herself.
  • Taurus: The girlfriend who takes it slow. She's like a hot bath on a cold night, you'll melt at her touch. She feels safe around you and will always want to be near you in some way. Very very touchy. Very very loving. She'll make sure you go to bed feeling wanted every night. She can be a bit possessive over you at times, but it's only because she cares.
  • Gemini: The girlfriend who makes you feel like time's stopped. She's a breath of fresh air once you get past her tough exterior. A completely different person once you get to know her, she'll open your mind up to a world you never knew existed. She'll put you before anything. The type to talk to her friends nonstop about how happy you make her.
  • Cancer: The girlfriend who makes you feel like Prince Charming. She'll go to the ends of the Earth to make you feel loved. You're constantly on her mind, and if you're upset, she'll drop everything to make you feel better. The type to write lots of sappy poetry about you. She can be very jealous and overprotective of you, and is very public about your relationship. Super touchy and sweet, almost like a puppy.
  • Leo: The girlfriend who know's she's a good girlfriend. Is confident about your relationship to the umpteenth degree. Loves loves loves to show you off. She loves attention and feeling nurtured. The type to start fights if someone looks at their partner for too long. She may be a bit bossy, but she's aware if she gets out of hand.
  • Virgo: The girlfriend you'll want to protect. Sweet sweet sweet like sugar. The type to stay cuddled up next to you in bed hours after she's woken up. She will baby you like no other. She loves to take care of people and you are no exception. She can be very hard on herself at times. The type to pout when things don't go her way, she can be a bit hardheaded at some points in time.
  • Libra: The girlfriend who'll make you feel like you're the lead in a romantic comedy. Loves buying you little gifts or nicknacks to show you she cares. The type to call you at 4 am to tell you she loves you. Very people-oriented. She loves being out and about and doesn't like being contained to a room with 4 walls. She can be very indecisive and picky, especially when it comes to making plans.
  • Scorpio: The girlfriend you'll admire. She's quite independent. Not all too big on PDA. She'll push you in everything you do. Basically your own personal little cheerleader. Wants to hear about the things you're passionate about. She could spend hours listening to you speak. Quite the magnetic personality. It can seem like she's a bit secretive at times, but she opens up to those she trusts very easily.
  • Sagittarius: The girlfriend who makes you feel like a kid again. The kind to jump on the bed to wake you up. She is very honest, and will tell you everything about herself once she finds she trusts you enough. Loves making stupid puns because she knows she'll see you smile. Not afraid to make a fool out of herself. Optimistic to the point where it almost seems fake, but that's just how pleasant her mind is.
  • Capricorn: tbh idrk but cap bf's suck so
  • Aquarius: The girlfriend who you'll admire every second. Is constantly looking for ways to better someone's day. The type to kiss you all over when she's wearing bright lipstick. Unbelievably honest. She won't hide a thing from you. She falls for people quick, and because of this, she's definitely got a couple of trust issues. Be patient with her.
  • Pisces: The girlfriend you'll want to explore other countries with. She's quite the adventurous type and will always leave you guessing. Very very very sympathetic. She can be naive as well. Is very stubborn when it comes to things she think she knows. The type of girl to document everything you do together just so she could look back on the memories by herself.
What the little voice in my head says whenever I press “play the next episode” at 3 am...

It never stops me, but it likes to give me sh*t. Lol!!

TV’s Newest Crushes

In contrast to Hollywood’s rom-coms—whose pleasures often feel like “settling”—their TV analogues have a romanticism that is at once earnest and earned. They’re unphony about sex. They’re legitimately funny. They provide a helpful blueprint for any American planning to sleep with a Brit. It doesn’t hurt that they have short seasons: you can binge-watch these shows without losing your week.

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The Signs and Love Confessions
  • Aries: An amusement park just as the sun goes down and the lights turn on.
  • Taurus: A comfy diner where they are known by name where you two met.
  • Gemini: At your doorstep after breakfast.
  • Cancer: In your bed with their arms around you as the sun comes up.
  • Leo: Snuggling on their couch with you after a scary movie.
  • Virgo: While walking on the beach at sunset.
  • Libra: When you stop by to borrow something when you're in a hurry.
  • Scorpio: Outside the theatre after a romantic comedy.
  • Sagittarius: Jokingly as they get ready to go out with friends.
  • Capricorn: At your parent's place during holiday.
  • Aquarius: Nervously, after a long kiss by your school or work.
  • Pisces: In the middle of the street after a date where you had a slight disagreement.

Skye is going to be so upset that she missed Ward under a love spell

like imagine if she was awake all the shit she would pull

taking instagram selfies with ward + lorelei in the background like “ward’s under a love spell #text it #lol”

recording him on her cellphone camera saying how devoted he is to lorelei so that she can later play it for him in high def surround sound

proposing really goofy romantic things for ward to do for lorelei and then laughing hysterically when he does it and taking photographic proof

maybe she’s a tad (or more) jealous but come on it’s just a love spell she’s going to milk this for all it’s worth