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Don't know if you're still taking these but here goes. Three word prompt: POL kids edition.

#312 (Dash Universe)


The loft is too quiet, even with Rex waiting for her at the door.

Kate Castle puts her briefcase on the floor and drops her keys, squats down to rub at Rex’s ears, pet his long body, love on him as he bumps his body into her. Silently, all of it, not even a woof or yip in greeting.

It’s no fun being the one left behind. “Work sucks,” she tells Rex and the dog squirms into her arms and between her legs. “Let me change and I’ll take you out for a run. Some small consolation.”

Rex barks at her then, jumping away and then back, prancing on his paws like a pony.

“You’re as weird as your boy,” she laughs, standing up to step out of her heels. Rex noses into one and sniffs hard enough to make him sneeze. “Oh gross, my shoe. Rex.” She pushes him away her foot. “Get. Go on. These are expensive and you have chew toys nearly as.”

She leans down and picks up her heels just in case, swipes at the inside of the left shoe where Rex’s happy slobber has sprayed. The dog follows her back to the bedroom, and inside the bathroom even, watching her.

“You’re just happy to have one of your people, aren’t you? I know, it’s lonely with everyone gone.”

Rex growls back at her, his happy noise, like a cat purring only it’s the dog’s way of rumbling in his chest with all his joy. She washes her hands and strips off the silk shell, tosses it onto the pile for the dry cleaner’s. She skims off her slacks and folds them a little more carefully, replaces them on the shelf.

She changes into running shorts and sports bra quickly, grabs a tank from the drawer and has to check the tag to be sure it’s not Ellery’s. Back in the bedroom, Rex reappears with his leash - she could’ve sworn she put it back in the laundry room, hanging up - and she laughs and praises him for it anyway.

“Good boy, smart boy.”

Kate reapplies deodorant, smears sunblock on her shoulders and nose, her forehead where that damn vein has reappeared. She needs to eat a little better, put some calories back in her body. Castle will kill her if he comes back to find her haunting the place.

“Okay, minor correction, Rex, sorry. I need a protein bar or something. Didn’t have time for lunch.” She bobs the top of his head as she passes, moving quickly down the hall for the kitchen. “I’ll get you a treat and then we’ll go. Promise.”

She passes the entry and scoops up her phone, texts the group chat home, missing you guys, taking your dog for a run, wild man even as she fishes a protein bar from the pantry.

The first week was wonderful; she won’t lie. Everyone out of the house, out from underfoot, no more fighting or bickering or shrieking, dinner wherever the hell she wants, working late and not having to worry about disappointing anyone.

It got old fast.

Now she misses her baby. She even misses Rick’s dumb face. And his warm body making the bed too hot. And making coffee with Dash. And trying to-

Her phone vibrates, and the alerts come in all at once, one after another, from everyone.

She unlocks her phone, half a protein bar in her mouth and she sees Rick, Ellery, and Dash have all texted her.

Proof of Life

Proof of Life

Proof of Life

There are three photos, selfies, one from each of her family: Castle mugging on a deck chair by the pool with his mirrored shades, which show his phone and Dashiell crowding in close; Dashiell treading water in the pool with the phone raised so high that his goofy narrow face fills the whole screen; and finally, her baby girl, Ella, those too-long legs, the black two-piece, flashing a peace sign with her shades on.

Kate swallows a lump in her throat and lifts her phone, reverses the camera so they can see her face. For a moment, the image projected back at her couldn’t possibly be her.

But it is. She looks tired and thin and unhappy. She remakes her face and lets the proof life shine through instead. The joy of seeing them outside, in the sunlight, having fun.

She squats down with the dog and corrals him around the neck, pressing in close, and she takes the picture even as Rex licks her face. She sends that, and when she finally looks at it, her eyes are squeezed shut, a laugh erupting, Rex’s long tongue against her temple.

She bites her lip, watches the photo go out into the ether.

She clips on the dog’s leash, pats his side, and then her phone vibrates right as she stands.

From Castle, and only Castle, a private chat.

That’s my girl. Come up this weekend. We miss you.


Preference #30: You're Friends & See Him Naked

A/N: I got caught up watching vines when I was about to start this. Seriously that’s all I do is watch vines…somebody help meeee.

Will: You and Will were at the beach just chillin’ like some villains. You were making a sand castle while Will splashed around in the water, “Y/N, when are you coming in?” he shouted from his spot in the water. You shrugged, “I wanna finish the castle,” you told him. You were putting the finishing touches on the castle, and the last thing you needed to do was the moat. “Y/N COME ON!” Will shouted, you sighed getting up from your spot and going into the water, “Happy now?” you asked, he nodded. You swam for a bit and soon a huge wave swallowed up the two of you. You resurfaced and caught your breath, Will stood up a second later. You looked at him, your eyes widened, and soon you were in fits of laughter, “What?” he asked oblivious to everything. “You lost your swim trunks,” you told him in between laughs, Will turned red and quickly ran out of the water going to grab his towel. You regained your composure and went back to shore making your sand castle.

Cole: “It’s soo hoottt,” Cole whined squirming in his spot, you nodded pressing a cold bottle of water to your forehead. “I’m bored,” you said after a while. It was a Saturday, and nothing was showing on TV plus it was extremely hot. Cole was over for the weekend, and at the moment you two were the only ones in the house. “Let’s go swimming!” he exclaimed running to your backyard. Agreeing with him, you got up to change into your bathing suit. You went out back to see Cole already in the water, you got in wincing at the coldness. “Well that solves the hot problem, but I’m still bored,” you told him while back floating. Cole gave you a wicked grin, “Well, we could always,” he said taking off his swim trunks, “Skinny dip,” he said winking at you, and throwing the trunks onto one of the lawn chairs. It was dark out, but through the lights surrounding you, you could see all of Cole’s nakedness. “Um, I-uh,” you said stuttering, Cole swam up to you. “Live a little Y/N,” he said untying your bathing suit.

Dalton:  Dalton had texted you, asking if you could come over. You were on your way there now, and knocked on the door waiting for someone to answer. The door opened to reveal Dalton’s dad, “Hey Y/N, come in,” he said, “Dalton’s upstairs,” he told you. “Thank you,” you said heading up the steps to Dalton’s room. You past Sophie on your way up, “Hey Y/N,” she said, you smiled “Hi Soph,” you replied. You walked into Dalton’s room hearing music come from somewhere. You sat down seeing that his laptop was on, you picked it up, checking Tumblr something you did a lot. You were wondering where Dalton was after a while. Getting up, you went to the bathroom. Opening the door, you walked in on a naked Dalton singing into the mirror, “GET OUT!” he shouted. You covered your mouth and scampered back to his room, “SORRY,” you yelled before leaving. Dalton came back a few minutes later, and sat down next to you, face red as a tomato.

Dana: The two of you were on a hike, just walking through a clearing in the woods. “Why are we even out here?” you asked him, “It’s nature Y/N, appreciate it,” Dana said taking a sip of water. You groaned and continued to walk, “Hey look at this!” Dana shouted, you looked where he was pointing. You saw two spider webs weaved together beautifully, but to you it just made you twitch, “Agh I hate spiders,” you said rolling your neck, just looking at the webs made your skin crawl. The two of you continued the walk, at one point you got really bored that you decided to push Dana into a bush. “HEY! Ow ow ow,” Dana shouted trying to get out the bush, you looked back, the bush had a bunch of thorns. “Oh sorry,” you said trying to help him up. His clothes were getting stuck, “Dana, I’m sorry to tell you this but, your clothes are gonna have to come off,” you said. He face palmed telling you to turn around as he got undressed. Luckily he had an extra pair of clothes with him, you being the cheeky girl you were turned around and laughed, making Dana blush, “Y/N!” he yelled.

Gabe: You had recently gotten a camera, and wanted to test it out. You were over Gabe’s house because the two of you were going out to the movies. “I’m currently at Gabe’s place,” you said into the camera, scanning his living room. “And this is Batman and Robin,” you said pointing the camera at the two dogs, you petted Robin’s head, “Where’s Gabe? Where’s Gabe?” you asked him in a baby talk voice. The dog barked and scampered up the stairs and you followed. You faced the camera around to the front, “On my way to find Gabe,” you sang, you opened his door the camera still recording everything. “OMG!” you shouted staring at Gabe as he stood in front of his dresser in his birthday suit. Gabe quickly turned giving you another view, “Y/N, GET OUT!” he shouted. You were frozen in your spot, staring at Gabe, and mouth agape. “Y/N OUT NOW!” he shouted, you laughed quickly turning around to leave. “And delete that video!” he yelled out going to get dressed.