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Your Roleplay is Just Fine

I’ve met a lot of people in my time RPing, and I’ve met a lot of people who are very insecure over their roleplay and get a lot of hate for it. So!

  • Noble roleplayers, whether your house is an entirely original idea or inspired by something else
  • Roleplayers who use titles like “Highlord” or “Archmage” ICly
  • Roleplayers whose characters are “tropes” like the suave rogue woman or the honorable handsome knight
  • Those who roleplay controversial things, like Scarlets and criminals
  • Those who enjoy dark roleplay, in whatever flavor that comes in for you
  • Those who used to be really good at roleplaying, then something happened and you feel like you can’t hold a candle to how you used to be
  • Those who prefer to roleplay background characters like a blacksmith or a cook rather than an adventurer
  • Those who are new and still learning the ropes
  • Those who roleplay LGBTQ+ characters
  • Those who roleplay non-white characters and constantly have to defend as to if it’s “lore friendly,”
  • Those who roleplay having a personal relationship with a major lore character, or having an artifact ICly
  • Those who follow lore to a t
  • Those who stretch lore 
  • Those who disregard lore all together and write their own original stories within the game
  • Roleplayers who try to be as practical as possible when it comes to combat, weapons and armor
  • Roleplayers who prefer to take the more fantastical route, entering battle bare-legged and with a weapon as big as they are
  • One-liner RPers
  • Para RPers

All of you. Your roleplay is just fine. Roleplay what makes you happy, you’ll find people who are into the same stuff that you are.

Roleplayers who are not fine and need some juice and a time out:

  • Those who make anyone feel like they’re lesser or deserving of hate because of how they roleplay

good to know tons of people are ready to fight anyone who ruins mylene’s life next season

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Hey! I just wanted you to know, you're awesome. I've been following you for a few months now and I LOVE your blog and your comic and just WOW in general, and I feel like you don't get enough love from people. So here's some love. You deserve it. You're so cool and creative and you make me and a lot of other people happy. Just remember that, okay?

Dude, getting these always cheers me up <3 Thanks a lot for liking my garbage <3

may advice for the signs
  • aries: yes, working hard is important, but everything you're doing is already more than good enough. remember to take care of yourself. you can do this, whatever it is.
  • taurus: you know that one person you can't stop thinking about? tell them. seriously, tell them. you'll regret it for the rest of your life if you don't.
  • gemini: stop putting the opinions of others above your own. it's not their happiness that matters, it's yours.
  • cancer: there are people in your life who deserve you, and there are people in your life who really don't. realise who is worth your time and who isn't.
  • leo: look at everyone around you. you treat them all like they're worth the world. but what about you?
  • virgo: it's not about what he wants, or what she wants, or what they want. it's about what you want. you can't live your life through other people. for once, follow your heart. anything could happen if you just take a chance.
  • libra: look at that person. look how bright they shine. you want to be like them, don't you? well, if that's what you want, try being yourself.
  • scorpio: yes, the world is harsh and dark and cruel. yes, it can make you or break you. but are you going to let the darkness get to you? are you going to let it break you? you decide.
  • sagittarius: there are things about you that people truly admire, things they find beautiful. it's about time you started appreciating those things as much as they do.
  • capricorn: no one sees it when you break down and cry. no one knows when everything inside you is hurting. please, let people in. you can't do this on your own.
  • aquarius: feelings are not weakness. caring is not weakness. don't be afraid of falling in love. don't be afraid of never letting go. it's a learning curve, not something to be scared of.
  • pisces: of course it's wonderful when you're important to people. of course it's amazing when someone looks at you like in the movies. but don't forget to look at yourself that way too.

Hey guys, I wanted to do something nice for my mutuals and thought since with all the negativity I could do a compliment and let you all know that you’re all appreciated and awesome. People in bold will be my main cupcake mermaid crew who I love and will fight for!  Please ignore the hideous banner! This will be in alphabetical order! If I miss a mutual out! I’m sorry. 

If there are similar compliments it is:

a. because it is all very true! You’re all incredible and there are not enough words to describe it. 

And b. because I am awful at words and English.


@alittlestardustcaughtYou’re literally one of the nicest and funniest  people I know and I love you! The edits you makes are beautiful and she’s one of my absolute faves on this hellsite! 

@aryasmeatpies: You’re one of the funniest people I know and you’re super clever! Your fics are always so funny and cracky ad just good and I am so happy that I dragged you into daensa now.

@baelerion: Your edits are stunning and you are the samltmate of my heart and I love you so much. My fandom experience would be so much more boring without the beautiful cracky aus that we make and I love you!!!

@bex-xo: It took me a moment to realise you were paperflowercrowns lol but your fics are so lovely and beautiful! Whenever I need a pick up I just check out your fic: ‘the oaks can’t help their feelings’ when I’m feeling down because it always makes me smile.

@buttercup–bee: Your fics are always so incredible and your writing style is to die for! It’s so distinct and lovely!

@blackholeofprocrastination: Your fics are absolutely amazing. I love them so much and never fail to make me smile. You’re very taleneted and the work you and the others do with jonxsansafanfiction is amazing. 

@bluecichlid: Your fics never fail to make me shiver. I cannot even begin to describe how incredible your stories are. You are so talented and I love our little chats! You’ve introduced me to some of my favourite fics

@couturegirl20: I know we don’t talk so much anymore but you are literal angel! You got me into so many great series and are one of the absolute sweetest people I know

@captain-ahsoka: You are wonderful and amazing and your edits and fics are so beautiful! You’re the absolute sweetest and one of the kindest people on this site

@daenyss: Your icon is absolutely stunning and your tumblr name is so cool. I love your blog Joneryssource as well.


@fedonciadale : Your insights and metas surrounding Jonsa are always so interesting and your stories are beautiful!

@gadisnaplasma: your icon and name is so cool and you love daensa too which will always make me love a person more than usual

@geekprincess26:Your fics are always and without fail just incredible and beautiful. Your angsy fics such as Snow give me so many feelings and I am so in love and excited for the new fic that you have just done

@gendryatrash: Your icon is so pretty and I really do appreciate and love the fact that you reblog all my trashy edits! You have so much good content and it always brightens up my dash

@goodqueenalys: Probably one of the first people I ever talked to this on the site. You are always so sweet and your edits are always stunning. Your work on jonxsansafanfiction is amazing and you run such an amazing blog. 

@greengableslover: You are one of the sweetest and loveliest human beings ever! You’re edits are always so beautiful and lovely and just incredible. You’re my daensa loving buddy and I love it!

@him-e: You’re one of my favourite met writers. Your metas on Sansa and the show are always so in-depth and just amazing. 


@jeeno2: Your fics and stories are so good. You’re one of my favourite authors and your everlark fic still make me cry! You’re so taleneted!

@jillypups: You were the one who got me more confident to enter fandom and you’re the absolute sweetest. Your stories are absolutely gorgeous and I love every single one of them, no matter the ship. Your fics for Jonsa or Sansan or Benjen x Meera are all incredible and just beautifully written.

@jonsasnow: Your stories are always so cute and fluffy and I love them! They always brighten up my day and yet you can write so many incredible angsty fics and just how are you so talented.

@jonnsansa: Seriously so talented! Your stories are absolutely incredible and just amazing and I am always in awe at how you just pull out such good fics and writing just like that.

@keepingbreath: You are one of my favourite mutuals! Thank you for sticking with me so much!

@lathwell55: Your stories are always so good! They always brighten up my day and you are just a whole wonderful bundle of talent!

@leannedirewolflover: Your icon never fails to remind me why Sansaery should be the ship that rules them all. You reblog so much good content and I love having you on my dash. 

@lydiia-martins: I absolutely adore you! You are my absolute favourite on this hell site! You are the kindest, most beautiful person inside and out and I’m so blessed to have your wonderful ray self as a bestie!!! I can’t believe you still deal with my trash messy self!! You are forever my fave and forever delightful and I love youu my animal loving friend!!!


@marauders-groupie: You are a mermaid! A mmonlight, beautiful, amazonian mermaid!  Your poetry and writing is so incredible and just beautiful. It makes me feel so much and just is wonderfully and beautifully human. I am forever on the journey of chill with you and am using the map that you gave me. I can’t even believe that you deal with my messy capslocks and just general self! Love you!

@maybetwice: You’re are so sweet and just lovely! You are incredible and awesome and your writing is absolutely beautiful!

@misshoneywheeler: Your fics are so incredible and just amazing and seriously, I know I keep on saying this, but you are so taleneted!

@myrish-lace-love: You are the absolute sweetest and I am forever screaming about your beautiful writing and the fact that I got you that one time to write a daensa fic! You have ended up getting me to ship Jonerys just through your incredible writing!

@mhysaofdragons: You’re so sweet and just a genuinely lovely person. I am still screaming and so grateful for that meta you wrote on Dany and Sansa. It was so good and amazing!


@riahchan: I absolutely adore your icon and you always rec so many fantastic fics! You’re a true Jonsa mascot and I love the content you bring to my dash. It always makes me smile. The fact the you reblog my things despite how trashy it is always makes me smile.

@sansapotter​: Your fics are always so good and I love all of them. All the stuff you write is absolutely amazing and thank you for sharing your work and thank you so much for the amazing stuff you do with jonxsansafanfiction. 

@sassyeggs74: You always reblog and have so much wonderful content and thank you for being such an awesome mutual and reblogging my stuff and brightening up my dash! 

@scullylikesscience​: I am still screaming about your fic! Everything about it is incredible and so similar to the series. I could genuinely see a lot of it happening in the books.

  @starkroqers​: Your graphics are always so beautiful and lovely! I love the stuff you post and reblog and your stuff always makes my dash brighter (I am sorry for taking so long with your prompt and will eventually post it).

@tayl0crow: Your writing is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing! Your fics are always so incredible and just wonderful and I love all of them! Thank you so much for all the goodness that you bring to the Jonsa fandom!

@theasexualscorpio: You always tag me in cute animal posts and I forever love you for it! I adore all of your stories and you’re so talented and smart!

@thatgirlnevershutsup: You’re so lovely and sweet! Your fics are always so good and I love them all! You gave me the new and wonderful ship Jon x Susan! Thank you for being such an awesome mutual!

@themiddleliddle: I love the little metas you do and you are the absolute sweetest! Thank you so much for all the incredible work you do with jonxsansafanfiction!!!

@ladyflorence1215: You are my absolute fave! You’re so smart and just amazing and you deserve all the good and wonderful and lovely things in this world because you are that.You’re one of the kindest people I have ever met in my life and I love you!


@zip00198704: I love all your fics! They always put a massive smile on my face and make me so happy! You always post and reblog so many beautiful things and I love it! Thank you!

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You're wise and loving... Please help me. I feel so happy people are saying such good things about Cait, it makes my heart so happy. I've known this about her from the beginning. But at the same time, I see many just discarding Sam and his efforts, the MPC people who opened up yesterday.. And how he leaves the set to greet people so many times. It feels so 'lets compete' to me, it makes me a bit sad. I think they both deserve everything, but I'm also happy ppl are seeing how Cait is lovely.

Hi Anon, my take is a bit different. I, too, am thrilled that so many had a great time meeting Cait - she IS all of those lovely things they’ve said about her. I haven’t really read anything that indicates folks discarding Sam. I know some have mentioned here they minded that fans spoke about themselves during the Q&A part of the panel. That’s just the way life is, I suppose - no matter the occasion, some will be happy with all of it, some happy with just part of it, and some unhappy with all of it. Try not to let it bother you too much - I don’t perceive a “lets compete” attitude. least of all from Cait or Sam. Just watch their faces when the other is praised - they beam with pride, love, admiration, joy. They are each other’s biggest fan and cheerleader. 

I suppose sometimes we fans may have a competitive attitude toward them, i.e. “I like Cait more,” or “I like Sam more.” Personally, I think we do them a disservice with such an attitude - it strikes me that what hurts one of them hurts the other. They are a team, personally and professionally. I know now everyone here is in agreement about this, but I think they are doing the best they can dealing with a boatload of shite not of their own making. And for that reason, as well as so many others, they will always have my admiration, appreciation, respect, and hopes/wishes for a full, bright, and loving future.  

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All these transphobic asks you guys are getting are making me mad, so. I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart that I love trans girls, y'all are amazing and strong and don't deserve any of this bullshit. These terfs are too busy trying to justify their own bigotry to actually see you for who you are (beautiful, radiant women who deserve all the happiness in the world). You'll always be more important than the people that try to tear you down. Thanks for existing, you're so, so loved 💖

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it's so nice to see you back, i have missed you 。゜(`Д´)゜。 it's just that you're an amazing and lovely person and your art is very inspiring. goodness! i feel happy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ whenever you draw undyne and alphys. you deserve all the hugs ❤


Oh!! Hello!! Mask san(?)! (ノ>ω<)ノ
I also want to tell you,
I always notice that you are the first people liking my post,
You let me experience in tumblr getting good,
and let me know I’m not lonely, thank you very much (ノ∀`*)!!

Making Alphyne stuff always make me happy, too!

Actually I just rarely log on to tunblr,
Many time I sitting in front of the computer is for doing homework! XD

You can find me on Twitter if you want ~
This is my fastest update to the non-Chinese interface. ♥(´∀` )人
I have app, it’s easier to use ( for the person who always using cellphone.)

We have 5 days vacation during April 1st - 5th,
maybe I can update more arts here. ←always old arts, haha.

See-ya next time!

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Heya!! I saw you were doing requests and I got excited bc your art is really good! I would like to request a drawing or sketch of Duster from Mother 3. Since you've drawn him before and know what he looks like, I don't really think it's necessary to include a reference sheet? (Sorry if you disagree I could send one separately if you'd like) if you're up for doing the request, I love the way you draw him!!

how could i say no to duster

everyone is mean to him and i know we never see him smiling (at least not that i remember) but

i like to draw happy people and

he deserves to be happy hes so pure i love him

and of course theres no need to send a refsheet if its a canon character XD thank you for this rq was lots of fun to doodle this small headshot ;w;

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send this to a quality blog. quality doesn't mean that you have lots of followers or messages. it means that you're a good person behind a quality blog and you deserve to be happy. if you get this message, someone wants you to know that they love you as you are, and they don't care about how many followers or messages you have. you should send this to some other people. you don't have to but it's nice to let someone know you love them! ♡♡♡ beautiful kimb!! 💕💕

thank you lauren (and also to the lovely anon who sent this!!) this is such a wholesome and wonderful message i love it :’-) consider it sent right back bb ♡ 

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Tag a quality blog, You’re it! Quality doesn’t means that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone (aka me) is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how many followers you have. ❤️ Send this to 15 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them ♡♡

I got multiple of these??

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You people spoil me, honestly. Thank you so much!! <3 <3 You all are so amazing, really.

What your Overwatch main says about you
  • Genji: You fucking love to see people suffer
  • McCree: You meme loving fuck
  • Pharah: You're actually good at the game
  • Reaper: edgy af whoa there don't cut yourself with all that edge
  • Soldier 76: You love being able to shoot and run away immediately afterwards
  • Tracer: probably mains scout too, you are a disgusting gnat please stop shooting at me
  • Bastion: You're innocent in all of this you deserve that potg
  • Hanzo: You love the sight of all of those deaths by the hands of your dragon buddies
  • Junkrat: "git gud"
  • Mei: You're a fucking nightmare pls stop freezing me
  • Torbjorn: You DO NOT deserve that potg just saying
  • Widowmaker: You're fucking good and people can't even get mad at you because they're just fuckin impressed
  • D.Va: Doritos and Moutain Dew for life all hail D.Va
  • Reinhardt: You are kind and sweet but are not above destroying the innocent
  • Roadhog: Strategy master pls stop hook environment killing me
  • Winston: You're the kind of person who switches to another class because the team layout sucks you are a true team player
  • Zarya: You shield everyone because you just want everyone to have fun
  • Mercy: Literally a masochist
  • Symmetra: You will defend Symmetra to your goddamn grave
  • Zenyatta: Looks chill on the outside, is definitely not chill on the inside

- and in the bitter silence of my heart I screamed and yearned for her [x]

Happy Birthday, Sam!

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Tag a quality blog, You’re it! Quality doesn’t means that you have a lot of followers, or a lot of messages. It means that you’re nice to other people, and you deserve to be happy. If you get this message, someone (aka me) is telling you that they love you as you are, and they don’t care how many followers you have. ❤️ Send this to 15 blogs who deserve it. If you break the chain, nothing will happen. But it’s just good to let someone know that you love them ♡♡♡

Aaaaaw! Can I just say that you are one of the loveliest people I have had the pleasure of meeting through the Reyder ship? You’re a gem. A joy. A bright light. I’m so glad to have met you - thank you so much for being such a positive and wonderful person! *hugs* And thank you for this lovely message.

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A letter

Dear @captain-busan ,

I want to wish you a happy birthday, hopefully this isn’t too late and hopefully you had an amazing day, just like you deserve 💖 I’m really not good at expressing myself but I want to thank you for being one of the most amazing people I’ve met here, connecting with you was one of the easiest things to do, not because you’re simple, but because I’ve felt how genuine you were with me since the begining. This is probably why I feel so safe talking to you, so happy when we interact. I want nothing but seeing you happy and I wish this year you can live happily. I will make sure you rememeber that you’re loved the rest of the year. Thank you for being you, one of the most precious people I have 💖

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*queue cheeky smile* well you should've expected I would send it right back :) You are made of stardust and galaxies and I love you. Send this to your ten favourite people on this site 💕💕💕

OMG YOU’RE SO CUTE  ❤️❤️ like for real you’re such a blessing for this world tbh and ILY AND YOU’RE THE CUTEST HUMAN BEING EVER ❤️❤️ omfffg thank you so much Fatima !