you're gonna' have a bad time

  • me: *literally just sees One picture of myself*
  • me: *has a full-blown existential crisis*

Hey…guess what….

you’re gonna have a bad time ;)


…it’s not a show about a relationship and there’s a parallel connection I’m noticing between people who care a lot about one relationship in a show and the people who are having the least fun watching that show. I don’t like the idea of catering to the squeaky wheels because I believe in a silent majority that enjoys television. And I think it’s fucking fantastic if you can be so immersed in a show that you care whether two people hook up but I think that’s sad when that amounts to you watching a show through a hateful lens, not enjoying anything, tallying moments of eye contact, complaining about everything, spending longer than it takes to watch an episode to write an essay about how much someone disappointed you with the writing of a show that’s supposed to make you laugh and feel good.
—  Dan Harmon, commenting on Jeff/Annie and making me think about pretty much every fandom I’ve ever been in

If you know your friend, partner, or family member has dependency issues and they’ve made it clear to you that they have separation anxiety and would rather you tell them you don’t want to talk to them rather than ignore them, and you still ignore them, I’m sorry, but

You’re a piece of shit and they deserve so much better than you. I don’t care what the fuck your reason is. There literally can’t be a logical explanation as to why you can’t take a minute out of your day to text your loved one who’s MADE IT CLEAR THEY NEED THIS to tell them that you’re not ignoring them, you’re just not in the mood to talk.

You are a piece of shit.

💫 Your current situation
doesn’t have to be your final situation 💫