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PLEASE!!! Write more about the date! like what will happen? will He Tian make a move?

aaah, oh my god, okay, let me think!!!! alright, so, i think their first date just ends like that, with guan shan kissing he tian, so to see what happens next we have to go to the second date???? second date it is, then!!

(warnings: fluff, some mentions of sexual stuff, still long as hell someone pls stop me. also, im not completely satisfied with this?? mostly because i couldn’t decide how far i wanted them to go and i don’t know if i managed to keep them IC)

  • so, at the end of their first date they had agreed on going on another one but didn’t make any specific plans for it, and guan shan feels like he has to be the one to bring it up this time around
  • he spends the first couple of days trying to come up with ideas about what they could do, where they could go, but he’s not sure what he tian might like
  • and then his mom tells him that she is going to be out for the weekend visiting some relatives, and he thinks that maybe he can invite he tian over since guan shan is always at he tian’s place but he tian has never seen his house
  • he is not sure about it at first because the two of them……alone………in his house…….he doesn’t want he tian to get any ideas, you know?? but he also would like to spend an evening just the two of them, without worrying about other people, so he settles for that
  • now he only has to ask, which turns out to be the hardest part
  • he doesn’t want to do it via texts, because it feels too much like cowardice, and if he tian did it in person he can do it too, so he decides to ask him the next day at school
  • there’s only one day left before the weekend comes, so it’s now or never, but every time he tries to talk to he tian alone he always gets interrupted by zheng xi and jian yi, or by some of the girls mooning over him
  • the fourth time a group of girls cuts him off while he’s talking to he tian he just stomps off angrily and retreats in some isolated part of the school ground
  • he tian finds him there some time later (from time to time they go there so he tian can smoke and they can be alone in peace) and asks him what’s wrong
  • “is it because of the girls? don’t tell me that you’re jealous” “fuck you, you wish”

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