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I see a lot of headcanons and stuff about Nico having a potty mouth and cussing a lot, but let me tell you, I really don’t believe Mama di Angelo would even let ‘damn’ slip out of his lips before she’s washing his mouth out with soap.

He probably never even thinks of swearing because of how he was brought up, even in the midst of a deadly Mario Kart race against Jason and Percy. 

But Will is a complete potty mouth, having grown up in the Apollo cabin with his older brothers. And at first, Nico is a little bothered by Will’s habitual swearing, and tells him to ‘shut up’, to which Will replies ‘make me’.

And Nico totally does by putting Will’s mouth to better, and more pleasurable uses. 

intro thingy

hello, i will be your resident mushroom person in the shoebox from now on~ you guys can call me tabi and i would just like to say that i am insanely surprised that i got accepted so fast and so smoothly because honestly i didn’t think i was gonna get it but thank you admins! shout out for being amazing and letting me join your amazing group here~! my god, i am so excited! i may or may not have lurked almost all of the current tenants (hi, i’ll also be your resident lurker??) so yES i would LOVE plotting with all of you!!

I like angst the most, so if any of you really want to fxxk some shit up, come @ me, jiho is a lost boy™ and i am so ready to put him into trouble.

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