you're gonna get a lot of selfies today

The Signs As Things My Friends Have Texted Me
  • Aries: ban the S word.... *shudders* snazzy
  • Taurus: holy shit his dick
  • Gemini: am I snakey? Is that a word?
  • Aquarius: @iamgay
  • Cancer: I have concluded from these pictures that I am gay
  • Leo: It doesn't matter if you have a lot of guys liking you I have almost a hundred so like
  • Libra: I'm gonna go stare at your selfies to maintain my sexuality
  • Virgo: it's not my fault you're not good at brain
  • Scorpio: and she's like 'I'm so fat' so I jumped out of the sled
  • Sagittarius: then I saw hair coming out of someone's nails but that's fine cause we were monsters
  • Capricorn: I'm gonna spam you with a bunch of selfies because I look good today
  • Pisces: i'd probably get arrested for running around naked not gonna lie