you're gonna crash


“Sonic Adventure: Limited Edition” was an exclusive version of Sonic Adventure available only for rental at Hollywood Video in July of 1999, several months before the Dreamcast was set to officially launch. It contains some minor changes versus the final retail release.

“Sonic Adventure International” was the final version of Sonic Adventure ever produced. It was released exclusively in Japan and was basically the final North American release repackaged under a different title. This means it included English voice acting and all of the various bug fixes applied to the North American game.

Here is a demonstration of how cutscenes can differ between the two versions of the game.



Not only does he swoop in to save the day in absolutely glorious fashion, the otherwise quiet and collected officer also delivers one of the most savage putdowns of the entire game, displaying unfathomable and hitherto unknown levels of snark, while staying so fucking classy. Who knew he had it in him?! His gloating, as cold as it is gleeful, is utterly brutal - and so, so delicious. 

Bonus points for the look on his face, as he effortlessly crushes the last, faint sliver of hope for the already humiliated Jedi in front of him. It’s simply delectably devious.

This. This is it. This is the moment I fell in love.

- Quinn, I could kiss you!

Croix still doesn't know what she wants
  • Croix: Chariot you better WAKE TF UP or else you're gonna crash into the ground!!
  • Chariot: huh what oH shi- *grabs onto her broom at the last second*
  • Croix: oh thank god. *gets down to ground level*
  • Chariot:
  • Croix:
  • Chariot:
  • Croix:
  • Chariot:
  • Croix: Anyways, surprise bitch here are some cubes
  • Chariot: Make up your damn mind!!

Well, today’s been a busy day! I apologise to the followers if you consider the amount of posts today as spam, I just got really excited :D

Anyway, tomorrow I think I might start work on designing the members of Nanako Amaranth’s (Akane’s sister) team, some of the missing members of COPR and possibly an addition member of Bister’s crew.

‘Cause I’m kinda stuck on posing with the comic… again :P

Batfamily Headcanons- pickup lines:
  • Batman: are you the Bruce Wayne to my Batman? Because you make me whole.
  • (Everyone else: WTF BATMAN!!??)
  • Dick Grayson: are you a trapeze? Because you make my heart flip.
  • (Damian: corny but OK)
  • (Jason: too sappy)
  • (Tim: nice)
  • Jason Todd: I'm Jason Todd and you're a crowbar. You're gonna crash into my life and kill me, but I shall be reborn.
  • (Dick: HOW TF IS THAT ROMANTIC!!!!!?????)
  • (Damian: you all suck)
  • Tim Drake: you're better looking than any scantily clad villain I've ever met!
  • (Jason: are any of us good at this?)
  • (Dick: mine was the best so far)
  • (Damian: my turn)
  • Damian Wayne: blood is red, veins are blue. Go out with me or my dad will kill you.
  • (Dick: I'm seeing incentive to date him)
  • (Jason: he's your little brother but yes. If a child of someone like Batman said that to me I'd do anything they said)
  • (Tim: this family is a mess)
Unpopular opinion, but I'm used to that by now

I’m not really all that upset about the JR being destroyed. It was speculated that that might be the key to getting to Emma … and if that’s the case, I guarantee you that Hook offered it up willingly.  A noble sacrifice to get to the woman he loves.

Yeah, it’s sad, but I mean, in the grand scheme of things, if the way they get Emma back home is by using Hook’s home … um, am I the only one seeing the significance here?