you're going to laugh but i actually believe this

The progression of my day:

- A very lovely but nevertheless 2.5 hour job interview

- Coming out of said job interview to about 80 messages and calls that my CURRENT workplace had shut down because of bomb threats

- Closing out this long and surreal day by finding out that my boss LITERALLY FLED INTO THE WOODS and I have literally been intermittently laughing about it for at least one hour*

*she has been telling me for actual years that if there’s ever an emergency she’s going to ignore any evacuation protocol and escape into the woods so, you know, when someone tells you who they are, believe them

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  • *2 weeks later*
  • Star: *finds Marco on the couch, eating nachos* Umm...
  • Marco: What is it?
  • Star: I want to talk about some things, but I'm just kinda worried that you're still mad at me. Yknow, because of the whole almost silent treatment since that "incident"
  • Marco: Well, I couldn't stay mad, really. Besides, I was planning to ask you something, but I'm also worried that you're still mad. Plus, you have your wand so...
  • *awkward laugh from both, slowly dies off*
  • *Star sits besides Marco on the couch*
  • *silence...*
  • Both: Look, I'm sorry that-
  • Both: No wait, you go first.
  • *stifling laugh from both*
  • Marco: Well, I insist that you go first.
  • Star: Okay... *breathes deep* Marco, I still have feelings for you. It's actually the only reason why I acted weird in the first place. I couldn't believe Jackie, who's your friend, got into a relationship with you, while yours truly, who's your BEST friend for a long time now, watched as you and Jackie got together like glue. The thing is, I'm sorry that I haven't been happy for the two of you. I should've been a little more tolerant about this. *slightly looks away, mopes, hands on cheeks.*
  • Marco: *pats Star's back, then pulls her to a friendly hug*
  • *Star blushes like a little*
  • Marco: I understand. Perhaps I've been focusing too much on Jackie over you. Ever since that fight, when I knew you had feelings of me, and that you're jealous, I've been thinking a lot of things. I mean a lot of things. Looking back and forth through our adventures together, I didn't see you more than a best friend. Knowing you, I thought it's like those bro-sis friendships like that.
  • Star's thoughts: Ouch... Sibling zoned...
  • Marco: But now? *turns off TV, stands up, puts bowl away*
  • *Star looks up to Marco*
  • Marco: I don't even know! I've never thought of the possibility that I could fall in love with you. Ever. Even if I could, I'm afraid that it'll affect everything between us. I'm afraid that we won't be even friends when I confess, or worse, find out about it.
  • Star: I'm still your bestie, am I not? That is just negative thinking. *stands up* I thought of the same thing before that, and I denied it just like you, but it ended up true. And even if this whole situation was reversed, like you falling for me instead, I'd still be friends with you no matter what awkward situation we're into.
  • Marco: Like this one?
  • Star: Yeah. Like this one.
  • Marco: Sorry for the silent treatment. I kinda made you emotional alone, didn't I?
  • Star: Yeah... But you needed time to think, right?
  • Marco: Yeah. Emotions make our mind go crazy, so the best moment to make a choice is at the full stop.
  • Star: So... What have you been thinking about? And what have you done during the whole silent period?
  • Marco: Well... To update you on things, Jackie and I... We've been talking and hanging. And what have I been thinking? Almost fully about us, me, the relationship, everything.
  • Star: Oh... You still need more time to think?
  • Marco: Maybe until tomorrow. I'm almost done thinking.
  • *Star hugs Marco*
  • Star: I'm sorry I blasted you down... I'm even amazed how you're still taking the pain.
  • Marco: That's because your dad gave me something two weeks ago, the day our fight.
  • Star: How?
  • Marco: Your mirror. I got home quicker than you so I could make a call.
  • Star: Does mom kn-?
  • Marco: No, she doesn't know. I'm even lucky it's your dad that answered the call.
  • Star: Oh good. It seems you're getting along well.
  • Marco: In some standards, yeah.
  • Star: TV?
  • Marco: Yep.

storm-mmm  asked:

I'd appreciate it if you could delete my question I asked please and for the future you should really think about how you could make people feel. I was just asking your opinion on something and you laughed in my face and invited others to laugh at me when I never did anything to you. I'm going to unfollow you after this too, you're clearly just a nasty bitter person who needs to be rude about other people to make themselves feel good.

are you kidding me i literally said ‘lel’ and that is it. i actually can’t believe how cray you are going over a one word reply you need to calm the fuck down and have a piece of cheese. also you’re 20 years old take off the bindi and grow up

anonymous asked:

Stop acting as if you're depressed. I've been in hospital for months, have actually attempted suicide. I cut so deep, was 12cm long and 4cm open, more stitches than I can count. I went from 125lbs - 71lbs(anorexia/bulimia) I don't think getting high makes you a "conscious tool of the universe", It's for when you hate living or are experimenting. Stop laughing after saying something sad. I know you're laughing at your own life but It's offensive to other people who are actually hurting allot!

part 2 to what you said.
Btw I’m on medication now I’m saved and things are going okay. But fuck, you do not sound suicidal - you sound moody/attentionseeking. Depression isn’t glamorous so don’t joke about it.

im sorry but seriously you dont know me or what the fuck i go through, i hide what i go through because im embarrassed by it and people wont believe me or understand. And you have just proved that. I made one post, one fucking post and i get someone telling me im attention seeking? this is why i dont speak much about it all, fuck you for telling me im glamourising depression when you have no fucking idea about the war ive been in with my self and my head for fucking years.

seriously fuck you