you're going to be an amazing mother

  • Person: [attempts to kill him]
  • Rey: [attempts to kill him]
  • Kylo Ren: oh my god, look at that swing! go ahead! you're doing amazing sweetie!

Just read @discworldtour ’s amazing fanfiction about Rincewind being the male witch and I’m in love with the idea!

The Maiden, the Mother, the Male and…the other one

P.S. More fanart in October, when I’ll come back

magical mystery tour explained
  • magical mystery tour: roll up (a joint this is an experience)
  • fool on the hill: the harmonies have moved from voices to recorders? i guess that's where the beatles are going now
  • flying: :/
  • blue jay way:
  • your mother should know: paul writes another song about moms
  • i am the walrus: incoherent lyrics sung beautifully to amazing orchestration. thank you john and george martin
  • hello goodbye: paul says goodbye, faul says hello
  • strawberry fields: incoherent lyrics sung beautifully to amazing orchestration. thank you john and george martin
  • penny lane: a four of bach trumpet and vaginas
  • baby you're a rich man: someone pressed record when john was looking in a mirror
  • all you need is love: the beatles sing a song and then they get bored at the end so they sing other songs
  • *Regina smiles as she walks into Emma's house*
  • Regina: Ready to go?
  • Emma *smiles sheepishly*: Can I just start by saying you look amazing?
  • Regina: What did you do Emma?
  • Emma: And you know how you secretly love The Rabbit Hole?
  • Regina *confused*: What happened to dinner at the Italian restaurant...
  • *Snow appears*
  • Snow: Regina! You're finally here. We can get going!
  • Regina: Going where?
  • Snow: We're getting drinks to cheer Emma up.
  • Regina: Oh...I...
  • Snow: It's going to be such fun! Just the three of us!
  • *Snow goes to wait outside*
  • Regina: What happened to our date?
  • Emma: It's still going to happen...just maybe not the way I thought.
  • Regina *pouting*: I didn't picture our first date including your mother tagging along.
  • Emma: Me neither...don't worry, I have a plan.
  • Regina: What's the plan?
  • Emma: You're going to get really sick.
  • Regina: But I feel fine...
  • Emma:'re going to get a stomachache and feel nauseous and I will escort you home to make sure you're okay.
  • Regina *smiles before quickly kissing Emma on the cheek*: Good plan.
  • Emma: Yep. We better get going.
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Regina: Wait...why am I the one who has to get sick?

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If you're still taking prompts... I had this idea for a langst fic, involving Allura, Lance, and Coran bonding over missing family. Bonus points if they go back to earth for a visit and the McClains adopt Coran and Allura after hearing their story

“My father and I were without a mother.” Allura spoke, voice soft. It was just her, Lance, and Coran in the room. The three talking over missing family. “I never knew my mother so I didn’t miss her. Father did and you could tell. I often wondered how having a mother would’ve changed my life.”
“My mom was the best. She made amazing food, really good terla, an Altean desert.” Coran smiled. “And Deqt. A kind of drink. She loved being in the kitchen.”
Lance listened intently to the two Alteans sharing their life story. They had literally cast all paladins but Lance out and locked the door, just so they could talk to him. He was very grateful.
Coran turned to Lance. “What about your family Lance?”
Lance took a deep breath. “As you know, my family is big. There’s mama, papa, my brothers Tyler, Liam, Kane. Then the twins, Rachel Lynn, Raelynn for short and Sofia. Then the youngest sister, Winter.” Lance smiled.
“Woah.” Allura leaned back.
“Then all my cousins, I won’t name them. We all used to go to the beach. We had a big beach house that we’d stay in for most of summer. When we had to leave I’d whine, I wanted to play in the water. But Mama would always smile and say, ‘Theres always tomorrow.’ Mama made the best Lan cake. Whenever I felt sad she’d make me my own. Mama was good like that. She strove to make other people happy even if it meant she couldn’t be. She spent so much money to get me into the garrison so I could see the stars…” Lances voice wad but a mere whisper as tears gathered in his eyes. “Now I’m gone, she probably thinks I’m dead.” His voice broke and tears fell. He quickly wiped them away and looked up, smiling slightly. “She’ll be so happy when I come back.”


Surely the kids won’t notice if just a few cans of the silly string are missing from the box after Damian returns it…

For @oh-mother-of-darkness, based on one of her amazing fics, which you can (and should!) read here.

Hang in there, Amy! You’re awesome! We’re all rooting for you. 

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I sent you a message earlier cuz I couldn't find the 'ask' when I was on my pc, but on mobile here it is... weird. Short version of that message- you're amazing, and I'm curious to know your thoughts on Vivienne?

I got your message earlier. Thank you! I really just ramble a lot, though. :)

I don’t know what’s going on with the Asks. I’m trying a different theme, in case that’s causing problems. I’ve never been very good at aesthetics, so all I’ve ever aimed for in a theme is ‘does not have a flashing background’ and ‘will not play music at me’.

As for Vivienne – well, my opinion of her is similar to my opinion of Mother Giselle: it’s not that she exists so much as that the game will not allow you to have any kind of decent argument with her.

My problems with Commander Cullen are multiple: the vast whitewashing of his character; the fact that he is obviously unqualified for the position he holds in the Inquisition; the fact that you can never seriously challenge him on his bullshit. Put all of that together and he doesn’t feel at all like a real person.

Vivienne sidesteps a lot of this simply by being new. She’s got no backstory to retcon, and if she’s introduced as a master of the Game, I pretty well have to take the writers’ word that she’s going to know what she’s doing. I think there are some missteps in her writing (my Inquisitor still has no idea why she was supposed to be upset that Vivienne had all the brand new furniture moved into her room, and I have no idea why the writers thought that was anything other than a petty and pointless thing for her to do, since all it does is show her hand), but I think conceptually she’s an interesting character.

This is particularly true when you consider her Fereldan counterpart, Wilhelm: they demonstrate that noble patronage can get you anything. Wilhelm had a life outside the Circle. He had a home, a family, and the freedom to do whatever he saw fit – he was even wandering around with a personal golem. Meanwhile, dialogue between Alistair and Wynne will tell you that, while there may not actually be a law forbidding mages from marrying, practically speaking, no mage who doesn’t have the protection of a king is ever actually going to be allowed to marry.

As a character, Vivienne makes sense. She is clever, magically talented, beautiful and has the kind of mind that enjoys the Game. She’s also really fucking lucky. I think it’s noteworthy that half her bio in World of Thedas II is actually about her lover, Duke Bastien, establishing him as the kind of man who was roguish enough to love a mage, but also respectable enough (by the mores of Orlesian society) to weather the storm that surrounded his affair with a her.

The usual embargoes were sanctioned, assassins sent, and bards put into play, but Bastien had been a master at thwarting the schemes of the nobility in his youth, and he put his talents to work reminding his peers of this fact. Several of his enemies found themselves the targets of relentless saboteurs, thieves and vandals. After a few such reprimands, the duke’s enemies turned to less difficult quarry.

World of Thedas II

That sounds like the equivalent of the Ben-Hassrath sending a couple of assassins after Iron Bull: they’re going through the motions, but Bastien is effectively secure in his position. Vivienne is of course more than capable of seeing off her own assassins, but it’s not physical protection that Bastien (and later Celene) is offering her: it’s protection from all the things the Chantry, and thus society, knows (without ever putting down on paper) that mages simply are not allowed to do.

The luck of it is incredible. Malcolm Hawke caught the eye of a noblewoman, but Leandra was not Bastien, and so the two of them spent the rest of their married lives in hiding. Having had this kind of luck, it’s not hugely surprising that she doesn’t really appreciate how extraordinary her position is. I’m afraid I can’t quote her properly, because when I try to screenshot Inquisition I only seem to catch about one in three tries, but she talks disdainfully about mages wanting their ‘freedom’ at the expense of the safety of other people. Which is a bit rich coming from a woman who will use ice magic on her enemies when they’re just being rude, because she knows damn well no one will call her on it.

She talks about freedom for mages the way a lot of the Chantry hierarchy do: as though they are whiny children begging for sweets. That’s not surprising. She’s been taught the same things as any Circle mage: the self-loathing, the fear, the sinfulness of her nature, but at the same time she has escaped a lot of the worst manifestations of those teachings. She didn’t starve to death in a cell, like Cole; she wasn’t made Tranquil, like Avexis. She wasn’t forced to spend her life effectively under house arrest, like just about everybody. Her views aren’t surprising.

And that’s … fine? I mean, it really is. That’s a good starting point for the character. But Inquisition spends a lot of its time smugly opposing change. It’s disdainful of the mage and elven rebellions; Orlesians who are disgusted with the civil war become an enemy group, ‘the Freemen’. It’s a … painfully conservative experience, really.

And that’s where I run into problems with Vivienne. Madame de Fer icily disapproves if you recruit the mages, and ultimately sets about rebuilding the Circles no matter what you do. She’s never asked to seriously rethink anything. The game never gets Fiona to stand up and talk about why the mages rebelled. Vivienne is never forced to meet survivors from Kirkwall and hear their stories, or find out why the Tranquil were made what they are, or look at the living conditions of the average mage – even in liberal Fereldan, the lack of privacy is appalling. She never has to deal with the fact that Circle life was only okay for her because of her remarkable luck.

A pro-rebellion Inquisitor ought to be able to have thunderous arguments with her. She shouldn’t just be allowed to say things that the player knows to be untrue or unfair, and have that be where the conversation ends.

But I get the impression that Inquisition is only sporadically interested in character development. Mostly, its characters exist to represent an idea that they want to push. They want to turn the player’s sympathy away from the mage rebellion, and so a lot of characters run around disapproving of it. People who do approve of it are largely silenced, and are few and far between anyway. And Vivienne is just the most vocal of the ‘anti-rebellion’ mage crowd, which makes up the biggest portion of the mages you actually meet in the game.

I’ve read the epilogue slides, so I know that Vivienne, if appointed as Divine, does seem to do something (although it’s vague on what) to improve the life of Circle mages:

Mages rise quickly in the new Circle, having more freedom and responsibility than ever before - even if all true power lies with her.

But you can see even there how grossly she has missed the point: ‘all true power lies with her’. Great. She has made the role of the Divine even more powerful than before. And she happens to be a Divine who wants mages to be happy. The wellbeing of mages has always depended on the strength and attitude of the people who have power over them. Life was pretty good for mages in Rivain, and pretty shit for mages in Kirkwall. Get yourself a powerful patron, like Vivienne or Wilhelm, and life might even be really good.

But even there, Vivienne hasn’t worked out that most people, most of the time, don’t have powerful and benevolent protectors. So, now that she’s put them back on the Chantry leash, with Templars guarding them again – what does she think life will be like for these people, if her successor turns out to not like mages?

Because the thing is? If Vivienne had been sent to the Gallows instead of the White Spire at the age of nineteen (as Karl was, after all) she would probably be Tranquil. Or dead. She would be these things because she is clever and strong willed and beautiful and good at magic. In Kirkwall, any one of those things would bring one of Meredith’s thugs down on your head, let alone all of them.

And if she wasn’t dead or Tranquil, it would be because the Underground got her out before they could do those things to her, and she’d probably be a fervent supporter of the rebellion.

Because most people are not as lucky as Vivienne has been, and if a mage is unlucky, their fate is generally unspeakable.

I’m mostly … disappointed in Vivienne, like I am with a lot of Inquisition characters. I can see a good starting point that never goes anywhere.

Ok, so I was re-watching the new video and thought I'd write some phrases down
  • Phil: And you are my pikachu
  • Dan: Threesome with Professor Oak
  • Phil (to Professor Willow): What a nerd!
  • Dan: That guy is pretty swaggy
  • Phil: He looks like me, basically
  • Dan: I could dress like him if I find some things ( is that a promise, Dan?)
  • Dan: It matches the backstraps! That.. Phil, you know how to fashion. Go you.
  • Dan: Phil, you missed! Oh my God, you pleb!
  • Dan: I'd let you catch me, Willow.
  • Phil: Oh, Willow! No need to flirt with me.
  • Dan (about someone taking AmazingPhil): I'm gonna find you and I'm gonna break your legs.
  • Dan: Anything you say, Willow *wink* (ONLY HERE I'M ON MINUTE 6:47)
  • Dan: Don't put the camera under my crotch!
  • Phil: I'm just saying!
  • *interacting w/a duck*
  • Phil: Climb in my pokeball!!
  • Dan: Get away from my shoes! What's your problem?
  • Dan (trying to touch Phil's screen): Poop! *misses* You do it.
  • Phil: Poop!
  • Phil (writing a name): TrafficHazar... you can't fit the D
  • A boy they ran into: I know who you are!
  • Dan: You know who I am? (his voice is super different when he's talking to kids, WHY?)
  • Dan (talking to a bird): Hands off Phil's Magikarp, you bugger (is that what he says?)
  • Dan: Have a potion, child!
  • Phil: I love wearing shorts!
  • Dan: Oh my God, you... Phil, you are amazing at this game.
  • Dan: You're keeping the world safe, Phil.
  • Dan: No, no, no, no, Phil. There's geese! There's geese! There's geese! Holly.. What a brave man!! Oh my God, Edge Lord!
  • Dan: Let's pop those sweet bubs
  • Phil: Oh my God! Dan and Phil are actually going in the right direction!
  • Dan: Be strong, Clarence. Be strong for mother.
  • Phil: You can be my eyes, Dan, and I'll just look at the phone.
  • Dan (literally the next millisecond): Phil, there's a lamp post, like literally right there. Ok, that actually happened.
  • Phil: That just happened.
  • Phil: Hey, Dan.
  • Dan: mmhm? (idk why I just find it so cute because Dan was just walking, minding his own bussiness and his reaction is so normal/not video-like).
  • Dan: A cheeky frap to fuel us on.
  • Dan: Thanks, Sherly... and Mrs. Hudson.
  • Phil: Stop calling him 'Sherly'.
  • Dan: There you go. In your Johnlock Pokémon!au's. He has a Rattata, cause those are the Baker Street Pokémon. Now you know.
  • Phil: Are you gonna keep wearing that outfit for the next video?
  • Dan: Phil, I'm going to add to this outfit for the next video, ok? I'm gonna buy a black visor, I'm gonna buy coloured shoes (!!!!!). I'm taking this seriously.
  • Phil: I can tell.
  • Phil: That's the first time I've seen a swan in about six months.
  • Phil: We've got more than six Pokémon.
  • Dan (clapping, voice high pitched): That is good, Phil. I'm proud of you. That is a good first day.

KIERA. I’M TRYING V HARD NOT TO SCREAM. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU. Aha I’ve been somewhat featured on the bio of Kiera Cass I’d say that’s an accomplishment that can go on my college resume when the time comes. Thank you for your plot twists and being the greatest soft pretzel grapevine wordstar pipecleaner twisty amazing mother and writer there is. ilysm.

(thanks hannah @eadlyns-tiaras for quickly notifying me abt this ly lots)

Zodiac Signs In Class
  • So teacher left the class and all zodiac sings are alone, getting bored. What are they doing? (yep, capricorn still likes cancer)
  • Libra: Leo, Leo! Look at this bitch! She bought the same shoes like me! I have them like for ages! Look at her !!!
  • Leo: How dare she?! Don't worry, she is fat and ugly and you are so pretty, I mean I still look hot *leo flipping his mane of hair*
  • Libra: Wow, thanks! You're probably right honey! *smiles*
  • (Capricorn and Cancer are talking, Scorpio helping innocent Cancer)
  • Capricorn: So, the teacher left and we can do something interesting Cancer...
  • Scorpio: Cancer, you know what he mean, do you?
  • Cancer: *blushing* emm... yes, I know, b-but...
  • Scorpio: Get behind this commode, I won't tell anybody! *Capricorn gives dirty glance to cancer, they're going behind it and probably kissing gently*
  • Aquarius: You know a word soiree? It's fantastic!
  • Gemini: Yes! We can talk like lords! Let's go on rendezvous sir!
  • Aquarius: Of course *with british accent* we don't need a scuffle!
  • Aries: Shut up you lil'...
  • Sagittarius: Don't you dare end this...
  • *they're starting to fight, Virgo and Pisces trying to calm them down*
  • Pisces: You're so full of violence you bastards!
  • *Aries slaps Virgo when he tries to calm him down*
  • Virgo: well *clears throat* fuck you!
  • *Taurus playing with jellybeans in the corner table*
  • Taurus: Baby jelly, jelly mother, jelly father, jellybean family! Oh god, they are amazing!
  • So all signs are doing crazy things, cancer kissing capricorn, saggi and aries fighting and well... gem and aqua lords... still prattle ;*
  • Hope you enjoy it! for @hitzyy - by

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Could you write a Skimmons highschool au story where they're paired up for the fake baby project? Like with the baby doll not the egg or bag of flower. You're amazing and I hope you don't mind this prompt. Thank you!.

So I have absolutely no explanation for this. Whoops!

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lions-wing  asked:

And the mother was so nice, too :( Cristin Milioti was the cutest thing that entire season and then they just kill her off. Also, I'd really started to ship Swarkles and then poof it's gone so Ted can have a perfect romantic partner and the writers felt proud of themselves. Did you delete all 20 pages? Maybe you can adjust dialogue and stuff so that it works. Or try taking your favorite parts and expanding on them. At the very least now you have a better idea of where you're going with it :/

The mother was perfect. She was so small and so cute and so amazing. Ugh Robin—I just want to punch her. I shipped Barney and Robin so bad—I really liked Ted and that Cupcake girl, but then they just didn’t work. 

And so I think the moral to that show was that all good things in life come at the unexpected. 

Or at least I think. 

Nope I deleted 22 pages. Now I only have 1k words. I was going to adjust the dialogue, but it didn’t match up with the story—so I’m just like screw this—I’ll redo it. 

Because I thought I could write it much better.

It was a Yu-gi-oh threeshot and let me tell you. There is literally a handful of good yu-gi-oh fanfics—the others suck and theresofreakingbadicantdeal. So naturally, I had to write one.



With darkness, sin and velvet twisted in the sun that burns brighter than white and scalds the back of your throat like alcohol. Burning with justice, hope and enough power to bring a country to it’s knees. It’s so difficult oh god. 

edgy-cool-url  asked:

Okay so here's the thing, I have finals and I've been studying none stop the past week to the point that my head's about to explode. I was literally about to have a break down but then I followed you and saw your Clexa comics and ugh they're so cute and amazing. So yeah. Thank you. You're awesome.

Aw hey, thank you for your kind words. And you’re very much welcome. It makes me happy to know that these silly comics I’m making brighten people’s day or help people in some way. And also,

#9: You see him cry
  • Requested!
  • Ashton: You were sitting in Ashton's family home with him, having a conversation with Lauren and Anne as Ashton scrolled through his phone. In the middle of Lauren telling you a story, Ashton slammed his phone face down on the table and walked into the kitchen. You furrowed your eyebrows and picked up his phone carefully to see what he was looking at. Twitter. You sighed when you noticed that '#cutyourselfashton' was trending. You stood and walked into the kitchen, finding Ashton leaning against the counter. You could see tear trails on his cheeks when you set his phone down on the counter. "Sorry for walking out like that," he apologized, wiping his cheeks with one of his hands. You shook your head and wrapped your arms around his neck. He didn't respond for a few seconds, but finally wrapped his arms around your body and cried into your neck. "Sorry," he apologized. "Don't apologize for crying," you ordered softly, rubbing his back. "Maybe I just should..." he trailed off, looking at his scarred wrists. "Stop it," you ordered, covering them up with your hands. "Please don't think that way; you know those people are just trying to get a reaction out of you," you rubbed your thumbs against his wrists. He sighed and wrapped his arms around you again, holding you as he calmed down.
  • Calum: You were falling in and out of sleep after seven hours of labor. You had dozed off about four times before waking up to see Calum sitting on your hospital bed, holding your newborn baby girl. You smiled as you watched him through tired eyes and reached out to touch his arm. He turned to you with a wide smile on his lips, his eyes filled with tears. "She's so perfect. We made her. Y/N, we did this; we made another human being and she's perfect and she's ours..." Calum trailed off, a tear sliding from the corner of his eye to his cheek. You smiled and sat up carefully, wiping his cheek off with your thumb. You rested your chin on his shoulder and watched as your baby girl grasped onto Calum's finger and blinked up at the two of you. "Hi baby girl," Calum smiled, moving the finger she was holding. A smile broke across her face and Calum's eyes widened. "Y/N she smiled!" he whispered excitedly as he rocked her. "I made her smile!" he was smiling so wide that you could see most of his teeth. You giggled and rubbed his back before kissing his shoulder. "You're going to be a great dad," you stated. He turned to you with tear-filled eyes and pressed a kiss to your forehead. "And you're going to be an amazing mother," he replied.
  • Luke: You were on the American tour with the boys when you stopped in Florida. Florida in the summer was extremely hot and humid, so at the hotel you were all staying at you decided to go to the pool. Knowing Luke had some issues about being shirtless, you wore a pair of shorts and a tank top to the pool and Luke wore a shirt with his swimming trunks. "Babe you're sweating through your shirt really bad, you should take it off and get in the water for a bit," you said, worried about his well-being. He hesitated before nodding and pulling it over his head, walking to the pool to cool off. Once you had returned to your room, you took a shower to get the sweat off of you that had collected. When you walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around you, you noticed Luke on his phone on the other side of the room. "Can you hand me my suitcase?" you asked. Luke sniffled a bit and nodded, picking your suitcase up and placing it on the bed. "What's wrong?" you asked, walking to the side of the bed he was on. You saw pictures of him shirtless taken from hotel rooms. There were comments saying 'Wow, thought he'd look better' and 'He doesn't have any muscles. Turn off'. You turned to Luke and wiped his cheek with your hand, knowing he had body insecurities. "Who cares what they think about you? I think that your body is perfect," you ran your hand across his chest and he smiled, "I love you." "I love you too," you smiled and pulled his face down to yours so that you could press a kiss to his lips.
  • Michael: Even though you didn't dye your hair every two months, you loved helping Michael out when he wanted to change his hair color. "What color are you going to dye it after this one?" you wondered one afternoon when the two of you were out to lunch. He shrugged, "I don't plan that far ahead." That night when the two of you were back at your apartment, you noticed that Micheal was acting a bit off. "You okay?" you asked as he flipped through television channels. "Fine," he replied. You sighed and got onto your phone, noticing the first thing on your Twitter was a plethora of notifications from fans saying things along the lines of, "Michael's not ugly. @Y/T/N wouldn't be with him if he was." You turned to Michael and knew that he was about to cry from the look on his face. "Michael..." you trailed off, wrapping your arms around him when he hugged you. "Don't listen to any of that," you muttered, rubbing his back soothingly. "I... I know I'm not great looking or anything, but I mean... you like me, right?" he sounded so broken. "Hey," you pulled his face up so he'd look at you. "I think that you're the most handsome man in the world, okay? Nothing will change that," you said, pressing a kiss to his lips.
Exo Dorm II
  • <p> <b>Kyungsoo:</b> so who's doing dishes tonight? I was kinda messy today<p/><b>Suho:</b> no remember our rotating schedule, who did them yesterday?--<p/><b>Beagle line:</b> *disappears into thin air*<p/><b>Jongin:</b> *sighs* No one else wants to do it, I'll do them Kyungsoo<p/><b>Galaxy:</b> Yeah, you know, I've never seen Jongin do them before...<p/><b>Suho:</b> you're so right, babe<p/><b>Kyungsoo:</b> No Jongin I refuse Jongin iSn'T doing the dishes I need him for something in our room sorry<p/><b>Minseok:</b> *rolls eyes and walks over to the sink, starts doing the dishes*<p/><b>Kyungsoo and Jongin:</b> *surreptitiously disappear*<p/><b>Luhan:</b> Minseok... I think you got some food on your shirt there... you should probably just take it off...<p/><b>Minseok:</b> we're in public Lu-Ge go wait for literally five minutes okay?<p/><b>Luhan:</b> *rips off Minseok's shirt anyway*<p/><b>Suho:</b> MINSEOK I SWeAr<p/><b>Galaxy:</b> *in english* get me the f*ck out of here<p/><b>Suho:</b> I can english baby hai houh ahre yu<p/><b>Galaxy:</b> ...<p/><b>Minseok:</b> ...<p/><b>Luhan:</b> you can't even chinese though<p/><b>Suho:</b> don't talk to your mother that way<p/><b>Sehun:</b> omg is luhan rebelling this is amazing come join the dark side lu-ge<p/><b>Sehun:</b> Yixing lu-ge is bad now give him some of that special stuff<p/><b>Suho:</b> *glares*<p/><b>Minseok:</b> *glares*<p/><b>Yixing:</b> I don't know what you're talking about<p/></p>
shit my mom says
  • Don't go to school tomorrow, you have to get well in time for that birthday party.
  • *to my sister* You know it's not ok to insult gays in front of your sister.
  • If she said she has to do something important, she's obviously not talking about homework.
  • Fine, you can skip school but put your posters back up, the walls look empty.
  • Nope, not going to work. I called in sick because I wanna finish this book, it's so interesting!
  • *points at poster* I told you I won't let you date a guy who smokes.
  • People sometimes forget their children in taxis but they never forget money because they still need money.
  • We both know you're not gonna remember that tomorrow, so just forget about school and go to sleep.
  • Don't worry! You won't die from something like that! ...hopefully