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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness

Drake’s been fairly busy as of late by helping Apple Music with its big launch but he’s still managed to find time to feature on Majid Jordan’s new track called My Love. The track is a soulful RnB track which is very reminiscent of The Weeknd’s early sound but still retains that special style that Majid has within his music. Drake continues featuring on some epic songs and Majid continues to show some fantastic musical creativity - Jakk

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Downloaded a new brushset and drew this on my break. Asked friend if i should post she said yes so okay RIP in pieces 

                      OUT. || Kol, watching the dash with @fiercerebekah and @suitsofarmor, realizing that once again, he’s the last one in on the fucking joke.

My Starter Calls

Sandor Clegane
Shennen Clegane (clegane sibling oc)
Yara Greyjoy
Margaery Tyrell
Rhaenerys Targaryen (rhaego twin oc)

Why you all need to accept Mitch Islam as your lord and saviour

We all adore Alexandra Paul, but in our excitement over her incredibleness sometimes Mitch is a little overlooked. So have some Mitch appreciation…

Those edges

That matching

The lines (and all while dancing with grace personified - Miss Alexandra Paul)

He makes everything look easy #chilling

The most underappreciated lifter in ice dance?

He supports his teammates

He cares about the environment

He’s a skilled dancer

He has puns

He’s generous

He’s always sweet and appreciative of his fans

He makes birthday dinners #he’sakeeper

He was an adorable child

He’s an adorable adult

Also adorkable

He gives good face (Worlds was a good time, he was looking well)

He keeps in shape

He isn’t going to deny his feelings 

He’s a supportive partner

and boyfriend - going the extra mile to help Alex in her academic endeavours

If my word isn’t enough, let Alex tell you… Not a bad dude.

In conclusion, Mitchell Islam is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. The Mitch Islam Appreciation Squad is currently seeking new members, please join me in spreading the good news. 

Credits: Mitch Islam, Alexandra Paul, Kirsten Moore-Towers, Melanie Hoyt, Robin Ritoss, Jacque Tiegs, Stephen Potopnyk, the Toronto Star.

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you think bisping is afraid of yoel? i don't think so.

for whatever reason, mike has been very different in his talk about romero. usually he can’t keep his mouth shut but he’s been so quiet it seems out of character. whether its him being scared or just him realizing that his usual underdog gimmick doesnt really fly when you’re champ, its interesting. 

Ahhh the memories…


Happy 28th Birthday, Joshua Seymour Sasse! (December 9, 1987)


The one who gives pain & the one who receives pain. 

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                                                                                                                             please don’t tell me you’re doing what i think you’re gonna do. dude. you’re gonna get killed. i’m not kidding. this place is really really hostile to anything nonhuman. or just new kids in general. i’m serious. don’t.                           

And who said I wasn’t gonna be human?

And how bad can it be? You’re there.


“Well? Do you want to get married or not?”

The two masked men panicked and whirled to face whomever had broken the silence they’d demanded upon raising their weapons; the source was a rather apprehensive and distinguished looking man, tall and curly haired. He was staring at the woman next to him, clearly expecting her to reply - there was no fear on her features. In fact, she looked shocked.

“Not good?” Sherlock asked, resisting the urge to wring his hands; he was fully aware of the entire occupants of the under siege bank were watching him in horror.

Molly smiled at him, lowering her voice, “most people don’t propose marriage in a hostage situation.”

“Hardly ‘hostages’,” Sherlock scoffed, gesturing at the supposed ring leader, “he didn’t even gag us. A two year old could get out of these bonds,” he held up the flimsy ribbon that had moments ago bound his wrists.

The criminals gaped at each other before one brandished his gun fiercely, “hey! I’m right here!”

“Not for long if you don’t deactivate that alarm…” he nodded towards the persistently flashing red light beside the vault; the criminals turned their heads stupidly in the direction. Sherlock was shaking his head when they turned back, “and fingerless gloves? Really?”

The criminals seemed to be at a loss of what to do whilst the bank’s staff and several of its customers were looking rather impressed. After several moments of awkward silence, in which everyone was certain Sherlock would end up the only casualty due to his heavy sighing and tutting, Molly found herself chuckling.

"I’ll marry you but I’m never going to the bank with you again.”

"Understood,” Sherlock grinned, leaning over to kiss his new fiancee to the tune of several happy cheers.

based on Hostage Situation, part of my #sherlollytextchats series