you're giving me feelings hahaha i just can't

  • Person: O M G so you're an HSP (highly sensitive person) like me!! You know that's totally common but it's super cool you're also an HSP!!
  • Me: *rocking in my seat, forcing myself to make eye contact* I hardly ever go outside by myself, I feel overloaded by public transport and people in general, I have like two hobbies and two (2) friends, I just quit uni because the exams were giving me so much anxiety I could barely function, I know I act inappropriate a lot because I can't control my voice, I can barely order food for myself and I am just struggling to sit here with you I'M AUTISTIC LUCY
  • Person: hm?-
  • Me: I mean. Yeah. Yeah. Highly sensitive. Common. Normal. That's me. Totally. You're right Lucy. Hahaha