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tumblr acting like kylo ren’s story is as simple as boohoo mom and dad ignored me so i lash out by throwing tantrums and killing people

do you realize that this is what’s happening in the world today? young kids are being used by terrorists. snoke started on kylo when he was young and vulnerable. emphasis on young and vulnerable. and feeling abandoned by his parents. this is literally what is happening in the world right now. terrorists target the children because they’re not set in their ways and if they start them young, these kids grow old with their foundations as whatever the predators want them to be. whatever they need to be able to use the kids for their twisted causes.

this is the exact same reason why kylo ren thinks what he’s doing is right

am i saying he’s not accountable? no. but do i want to see his character be further developed and explored? to see his character rise above the manipulations of snoke on him as a kid? fuck yes

story-wise that is why he is fucking compelling to me as a character especially with current events and yall reduce him to a whiny ass boy that you all think of as a bad villain

you’re fucking right. he is a “bad” villain. and to those who want an iredeemable villain in star wars he’s not your guy. he is a “bad” villain because he has always been conflicted by the pull to the light. he is conflicted when he does the things he thinks are right (right = evil). like come on that is literally the first movie

and i don’t understand why some people were so confused when rian johnson said he and rey are sort of dual protagonists. like??? are you paying attention? KYLO REN IS NOT THE VILLAIN IN THIS STORY. rey, actual protagonist, went through the same shit and it only made her kind you say. well don’t you see kylo ren is just the other side of rey? with snoke lurking on the side to ensure ben solo stays dead inside?

this makes me so fucking angry tbh. i’m tired of seeing posts about how people who like kylo ren as a character are apologists and pro this and that shit and oh yeah blame it on the absentee parents boohoo. it’s such a one-sided view of kylo’s story.  he is a victim AND he is accountable for the shit he’s done. it can both exist on a character??? and it’s not even a subtext on the movie. it’s so explicit that some people are just being too selectively blind to see it for whatever reason.

i literally have no idea how he’s gonna redeem himself especially after killing his father. i really don’t know. but those kids recruited by terrorist groups that have killed people in the name of their cause and want to quit and remove themselves from the evil organizations they once swore allegiance to… do i not want to see them renounce the false and evil beliefs and get back into the light? even if they never fully redeem themselves, isn’t it a good thing if they try? isn’t it a good thing for them to start choosing the good? that kylo ren’s redemption is a good fucking message to say that it’s not too late for everyone? that you can’t undo the past mistakes but you can do something about the present and the future? i’m not talking about kylo ren turning into a saint. but just the mere fact that these lost and fallen ones stand back up and find their way to the right and good again… isn’t that what we should want? i literally don’t understand why this redemption arc is such a bad thing for some people. like who are we to say who can and cannot at least try to redeem themselves?


{SO it’s been five fun-filled years cosplaying this frozen dork. I sadly don’t have any pictures of my colonial!Jack cosplay, but hopefully soon! For now, here is the evolution and the hardships endured all in the name of cosplay. 

I’ve stood in the snow barefoot for ages until we got the perfect picture, made a better hoodie and staff, and upgraded my wig. All with the help of friends and family. I couldn’t have managed it without them. Both my mom and my best friend have stood out in the cold taking pictures. It’s been a wild adventure and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So, thank you to DreamWorks for bringing the world of the Guardians to the big screen, and William Joyce for dreaming up that world and touching my heart with such a special gift. Thank you to my family and friends who followed along and helped to make the greatest memories.

Jack is, and always will be, my favourite cosplay, my favourite muse to play and act, and my inspiration to always feel like I’m ten years old inside. The Guardians have kept my belief alive. All those wonders, hopes, and dreams. And fun.

Happy 5th Anniversary!}

Maybe dabbling in dark magic wasn’t such a good idea?

There’s a lot of unwelcome thoughts in my head rn

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Why do you support political violence?

Why do you support Nazis? 

They want a fucking genocide and I’m supposed to let that shit slide? Honey, I’m not american or white, I’m not about their bullshit and I’m not gonna sugar coat Nazism as ‘alternate political views’. They want me dead and i know this is wild but I’m not gonna fucking roll over and let that happen. 

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4, 8, 14, and 19 <3

thaaank you so much Jennifer !

4. Who/what inspired you to make graphics? normally I get inspired by pictures like I will scroll through pinterest and find this one picture that inspires me to make a graphic for a specific ship/fandom/character. Sometimes I also get inspired by the beautiful creations of othere people or by quotes from specific characters/fandoms/ships.

8. List 5 graphic makers you enjoy seeing graphics from (already did this but let’s just name five more because there are so many GREAt graphic makers on here omg) @selinaskyel ; @hermionegrangcr ; @anthony-goldstein ; @acciolily ; @jediknightrey

14. When did you start making graphics? omg it’s suuuuch a long time ago tbh I think it was around the time I joined tumblr, so six years ago

19. Favourite resource blog ahhhh i love so many tbh but probably @completeresources and @chaoticresources

ask the graphic maker

Everyone keeps calling me handsome and cute and I’m honestly about to cry. Everyone on here (except those anons) is so sweet 💛

Thank you so much for all the nice messages, I definitely feel a lot better than I did an hour ago. You guys are so sweet and I’m so lucky to have all of you in my life. *pulls everyone into a massive hug* I love all of you 💛💛💛💛💛


Alright so I’ve been meaning to draw @circateas Cuphead Announcer design for a bit now and I’m glad I finally gave into the temptation cuz DAMN is he fun to draw (also please check them out their art is tOP FUCKING NOTCH)




I was legitimately in tears from this show. There was so much love in this venue. I may not have had the chance to meet you or hug you, but seeing my hero on stage in front of me was the most amazing experience I could ever ask for. I’m not going to spoil the show, but I’m so incredibly lucky to have been able to experience this. @therealjacksepticeye I love you man, I want to thank you for being the light at the end of the tunnel for me. Thank you for saving me. It means the world to me to have seen you tonight. It was so surreal. I will never forget this. I can’t wait to see you again.