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I can basically recognize another gemini by whether or not I see them trying repeatedly to add something to the discussion and getting talked over by everyone else, followed by everyone else accusing them of monopolizing the conversation

& I, the observer, am the only one to say “bitch where?!”

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you want some chocolate cake?, If you don't accept I will shoot you , with a m249

“Is it served with your filthy attitude on the side or can I get that taken off of the order? If your baking is that vile that you’ve to threaten people with violence in order to get them to eat it… I would advise that you pursue other interests.”

Decided to binge-watch all of Underverse so far and it’s even more magical than I remembered it being :’) I still get that hyped-want-to-scream feeling in my chest with every episode :D Definitely want to draw something for the Underversary, just not sure what yet…

me: yeah i love every rogue one member! cassian andor, chirrut imwe, baze malbus, bodhi rook, k2so and *looks at smudged writing on hand* gin earsore

Donald Trump Jnr’s comments on the Westminster Attacks are disgraceful. What an odious, insensitive man. Not only did he choose to make a political statement out of an unfolding tragedy, he chose to pull up comments the Mayor of London had made a year ago about terrorist attacks (taken completely out of context) and presented them as if the Mayor had said them in response to yesterday’s attacks. If that isn’t malice, I don’t know what is. Disgusting. We (London residents) are livid with him.

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What exactly constitutes as fetishizing mlm or wlw relationships? I see a lot of posts about it and I just really want to make sure that I'm not doing that, and I'm really anxious (like usual) that I'm doing something wrong! If you could explain it to me gently (I'm sorry I just don't want to cry and hate myself) I would really appreciate it so that I can be a better person in and for the LGBT+ community.

ah ok so what i mean by fetishing is when straight people treat mlm/wlw relationships as something to fawn over or treating them as if they only exist as your entertainment, or not taking them seriously, maybe treating gay couples as objects or being turned on by the idea of gay people “getting it on” / for example- a straight man obsessing over the idea of two lesbians.

I’m uncomfortable with compliment seeking compliments….they’re so….back handed… like stop waiting for someone to say something nice to you just because you told them their hair was shiny??

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can you like... become a terrible writer so I'm not so invested in your fic... I'm not ready for the next chapter

Ahh, thank you so much for keeping up with my fic! I’m really embarrassed but also very happy at all the support I’ve been getting today–I was so nervous about uploading the latest chapter but there have been so many nice comments and kudos, it’s really made my day!

It’s been a very long time since I uploaded any of my writing publicly before running this blog or starting this fic, so getting so many nice messages and so much encouragement has really rekindled my love for writing a lot. Thank you again!


Ok so this has been legit bothering me since s2 premiered

Exhibit A: Keith’s Room in Season 1

Exhibit B: Keith’s Room in Season 2

Why…is his bed on the other side of the room? We know there aren’t two beds because he runs right into the other wall.

And in this scene from s2, his room only has one door, which he is facing

So. Did Keith switch rooms at some point???


Here he is in front of Lance’s room. See that doorway behind him, a few scant steps away from Lance’s room? That’s his. Room. THAT HE CLEARLY SWAPPED HIS OLD ROOM FOR