you're getting married!


the fact that leslie is getting mad about ben not being treated right by his hometown when she rarely (if ever) gets really mad about the way pawnee treats her is…i just love her so much and i wish she could see how great she is

One Track Mind
  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *working*
  • John: *sitting in his chair, tapping his leg; bored*
  • Rosamund: *colouring; looks up* What's wrong, Daddy?
  • John: *raises an eyebrow* Have you noticed lately...your Uncle manages to make every conversation about your Aunt?
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Really?
  • John: *nods* Watch *clears his throat; leans around his chair* hey, Sherlock? What time is that client due?
  • Sherlock: *still looking through the microscope* Four thirty. Half an hour before my wife's shift ends.
  • John: *gestures*
  • Rosamund: *happily* Ooh, lemme try *excited* Uncle Sherlock, on the way home from school, I saw a squirrel and- and it runned up a tree!
  • Sherlock: *looks up; smiles* That's nice.
  • Rosamund: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: *softly* Molly likes to feed the squirrels. We go to the park especially *goes back to work*
  • Rosmund: *grins at her dad* That's love, bitch.
  • John: ...
  • Rosamund: *goes back to colouring*
Shawn's Newark Q&A Breakdown
  • "Would you consider doing acting or broadway?
  • -Absolutely. I would love to. Broadway sounds like the hardest thing in the entire world"
  • "What is your workout routine?
  • -I don't know, I just lift weights & run on the treadmill"
  • "Do you sing your own songs in the shower?
  • -yeah, everyday!"
  • "That's the reason we write songs, to hear that is the best thing ever"
  • - Shawn Mendes
  • (Shawn said this because a fan said his music helped her through a hard time)
  • "Was it hard coming up with guitar solos for Illuminate?
  • -They take a really long time to come up with. I had a lot of help from Zubin"
  • "How long did it take to make TNHMB?"
  • - 5/6 hours, it was really quick, usually not that fast"
  • "Favorite music video of yours?
  • -I really love the Mercy one"
  • Shawn’s favorite lyric from Illuminate is the little brother line in "Three Empty Words"
  • "What is your biggest pet peeve?
  • -People talk over other people asking me questions"
  • "do you have a secret account where you stalk your fans?
  • -I don't"
  • "Crazy" was inspired by a girl
  • F: "If you had to go on tour with a celebrity, who would it be?"
  • S: "I think it would awesome to open up for Coldplay"
  • Fan : "Would ever consider doing carpool karaoke?"
  • Shawn : "We'll see if I get asked"
  • Fan : "If you could describe your musical journey in a few words, what would it be"
  • Shawn : "Mayhem"
  • "I've gone on stage before and called it a different city" - Shawn on his embrassing moments
  • A fan invited Shawn to her wedding and Shawn said he if was in town maybe he will also this happend ("I love you"
  • "I love you too, you're getting married - you can't tell me that" haha )

im diggin samurai flamenco as a deconstruction of superhero/super sentai shows n tropes while still really firmly holding onto the boundless optimism and faith in humanity that characterizes the best of them?? its a bunch of goofball shit n suddenly hardhitting shit with dashes of ptsd, but like. it doesnt shy away from how much hard work it is, to do good things and try to be a kind and just person day by day, and it still says ‘here is why we do it’ and 'we want to,’ and its making my heart sing

also it has my angry bisexual daughter and her big-hearted gentle angel lesbian gf and their no-nonsense emotionally stable girlfriend. so. y'know.

your daily reminder that lily tomlin used to do drag

  • Andy: Speaking of Harry, you recently spoke about the rumors that you two were, like -- there were all these weird rumors that you guys were together or lovers or something that I was always - as a gay guy I was always like -- why???... it BUGGED me for some reason [Louis laughs]. Like I didn't GET it, I was like ... were you, when that was going on, were you like, what is UP?
  • Louis: I mean, it was just one of those things that kind of just seemed to get bigger and bigger, um, but it's always been a kind of a confusing thing to me, 'cause, you know, I've kind of always been pretty open about me and my girlfriend [Andy: Right!]. Um, but, hey, you know, it's the...
  • Andy: What was the biggest conspiracy theory you heard during the day?
  • Louis: Oh, I mean, anything along those lines, I mean, they all think that my girlfriend's employed, these people who believe in the, yeah, in that conspiracy, yeah. That my girlfriend is employed, yeah, it's pretty crazy, right?
  • Andy: Wow.
  • Louis: Yeah.
  • Andy: That's nuts.
  • Louis: That sounds crazy, yeah.
  • Andy: That DOES sound crazy. You also got a new E tattoo on your left hand.
  • Louis: I did.
  • Andy: In honor of your girlfriend.
  • Louis: Mmm-hmm.
  • Andy: Which makes me feel -- oh there it is...
  • Louis: There it is, yeah.
  • Andy: Which makes me feel like... I mean... if you're gonna get a tattoo, you're getting married at some point soon.
  • Louis: [laughs] I mean, it's not something I've been thinking about, like, right now, I mean, eventually one day maybe, but right now we'll just stick to the tattoos on the hands.

Naruto: Hey, so I was thinking about getting Ichiraku to cater for the wedding and-

Sakura: Wedding? What wedding?

Naruto: Our wedding.

Sakura: We’re having a wedding? Since when?


Naruto: Ohhh, I knew I forgot to do something yesterday.

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Wait "planning your wedding"? You're getting married?!

I am indeed! This September, in fact! We wanted a small-ish wedding, but it turns out my family is enormous and we know a lot more people than we ever realised. I knew it would be a mammoth task, but planning a wedding is so much more work than I ever expected. An event planner I am not >>;;

i have this hc that after barry and iris get married, barry will superspeed them up to the balcony of cc jitters and barry will recite some private wedding vows to her…. im emotional

  • Regina *about to sign adoption papers*: Yes. Everything seems correct.
  • Emma *bursts through the door*: The hell it ISN'T. I’m her baby’s daddy, you're not leaving me out!
  • Henry: There she is.
  • Regina: What the hell are you doing here?
  • Emma: Adding Swan to her last name, what else?
  • Officer: Okay... "Isabella Swan-Mills" it is?
  • Regina *looks into Emma's eyes*: So we do this together?
  • Emma *beams at her*: Always.
  • Zelena *rolling her eyes*: Looking at you is giving me diabetes. Just sign the damned papers, and also- [summons another stack] -while you're at it; GET MARRIED ALREADY!
  • Regina: What?!
  • Emma: Whoa whoa!
  • Henry: Seriously, Moms, stop pretending. It's time we're all living under the same roof.
  • Snow *shakes head*: This is Ruby all over again.
  • David: You're not fooling anyone, ladies.
  • Regina: That obvious?
  • Emma: Damn... If even "Snow White" can tell, what does that say about us?
  • Snow *raises eyebrow*: That you're two idiots... in love.
  • Emma and Regina smile at each other: That we are.