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is spending the 30 diamonds worth it if you’re NOT hooking up w/becca tho? i want my single mc to be w/zig and i don’t rlly wanna fuck it up by hooking up w/becca and i’m not sure i wanna cheat on chris even tho i’m annoyed with him right now. :( 


the fact that leslie is getting mad about ben not being treated right by his hometown when she rarely (if ever) gets really mad about the way pawnee treats her is…i just love her so much and i wish she could see how great she is

I’ve been seeing rumors flying around that Melissa and Chris are dating irl now and, while I haven’t seen anything that 100% proves that (you know, like one of the two of them actually telling people), I do want to put this out there:

The Supergirl fandom is big on hating Mon-El. Like, the vast majority of this fandom is down right nasty to him. I don’t care if you like him one way or another, that’s your opinion, whatever, you’re entitled to dislike whatever characters you want. I personally don’t mind him as a character, but again, that’s my opinion. 

But we as a fandom need to remember that Chris and Melissa are REAL PEOPLE, not characters. 

So I don’t care how much you dislike Mon-El’s character; if they actually are dating, you are NOT allowed to let that hatred of his character boil over into their actual relationship. You do not get to send him hate mail for taking away your “ships,” you don’t get to talk about him like he’s the scum of the earth for dating Melissa, you don’t get to treat him the same way you treat Mon-El. If he and Melissa want to and are dating, that’s their choice, not yours. 

Mon-El is a fictional character. Chris Wood is not. Treat him like the human being he is. 


It’s exciting that George Martin is still writing the books, you know. That we don’t know what’s gonna happen. That’s very exciting for the audience, for the people making it, for the actors. It does affect what you’re doing in that you can’t really play the endgame because you don’t really know what it is.


random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

I’m uncomfortable with compliment seeking compliments….they’re so….back handed… like stop waiting for someone to say something nice to you just because you told them their hair was shiny??

Dill is currently doing his pissed cry because he was on the floor with a large board book. He would like to eat said book. But he’s lying on one half of the spread and can’t pull the other half to his mouth. 

It’s incredibly pathetic and also kinda cute. 

ok im super biased and trust me i didn’t like the cata vs lari drama at all but can some of you chill with the “cata is an evil bitch who hates and bullies all her teammates” thing pls and thanks

Apologies (^-^)/ I am very tired and sore and really not up for anything but sleep right now so I’m sorry but I didn’t queue any art for today and tomorrow :( I’m sorry. I went to sxsw gaming and I walked around for 7 hours and I’m just really tired and I have something tomorrow too. So I might reblog some stuff tomorrow but today I really just need to go to sleep ^-^ so that’s what I’m gonna do! I hope everyone has a really nice day and gets to smile and feel happy at least a couple times, okay? I love all you lots and lots :) good night!

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//Tbh I'm willing to bet that's just a troll blog? Like I can't even take them seriously? Why would they make a whole sideblog just for the purpose of insulting ppl wow this is a new low

        && oh of course they’re a troll but trolls don’t get to get away with everything just cause they’re a troll that’s not how it works.