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Hiya, sorry to drop this on you I just have no idea what to do and very much admire all of your work. I'm pretty sure I lost my ability to draw. I have been trying and trying and I just can't make it happen anymore. Has this ever happened to you?

lol yeah like 5 times a week I’m in one of those phases right now

it’s literally like I look at my hand like …what happened. What the hell is so different about today than a week ago why have you become such an instrument of devastation. look what you have wrought.

But hey it’s just the natural cycle of artistic growth and as annoying and scary as it is and as long as it lasts, it’s actually a good thing because it means your perception of your own art has increased and now your actual practical skill has to play catch up. But it always will as long as you keep drawing, keep going, it’ll come back, 9/10 it comes back better than before so yeah.

not to quote a dead meme but yeah, keep calm and carry on. :p