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I present to you: Pure photos of George Salazar and his mum looking all happy and excited in the audience of It’s Showtime


markiplier’s you’re welcome tour in boston was absolutely phenomenal. i don’t think my stomach has hurt that much from laughter in a long time, but it was definitely worth it! the sketches, the singing, the dancing, the improv, all of that was so good and pure and just so… them. it’s the exact kind of humor you expect from them: silly, dorky, and hilarious. and i adored every moment of it. 

i won’t spoil anything big, but i think the part that made me laugh the most was the ongoing joke about this 10 foot tall pile of logs that they kept having to jump up to put more logs onto to make a fire.

even though i didn’t get vip, it was still such a fun and thrilling experience. i went with my college roommate who had never heard of mark before, and i think the best thing was that after the show, she said, “you gotta show me some more of his videos, he’s hilarious!”

i also got the chance to meet @darkibooty, a good friend of mine who i met on tumblr through this awesome community. he was so sweet and it was just so surreal to be able to meet other fans of mark as well. (it was so nice to see you, dude!)

it’s amazing to see all of those guys up on stage in person and it just makes me feel so proud to be a fan of each and every one of them. so thank you mark, for all that you do and thank you for a wonderful show. it will go down as one of the best memories i’ve ever had. 💕


Welp. This is real.

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Arthur: Have you seen the flying ca- er... *clears throat* sooo where are the boys?

((OOC: And we all know how that turned out.

Seriously, thank you guys so much for participating in my first ever stand alone rp! I’ve only ever done collabs with other people, and this was the first time I’ve ever done something with just me. This blog is so young, yet I’ve already got some amazing followers, and I can’t wait to keep doing more stuff with you guys!))

INTP Troubleshooting #?
  • Ne: you all need to shut up and calm down.
  • Ti, Si: But no one understands us! They are all dumb! Why don't they see what we see?!
  • Ne: oh for... Come here, Ti. Si, you stay put!
  • Si: okay...
  • Ne: Look at X from this angle. Does that make sense to you? How about this information? How about that?
  • Ti: But I don't like "that" ...
  • Ne: Why not?
  • Ti: Because...
  • Fe: Because that made me feel pain last time! I'm not looking at that!
  • Ne: I knew you were behind this. Okay, Fe. It's okay to feel hurt. But you can't hide things from Ti because you think it'll hurt. Ti can handle it, okay? Just tell me next time.
  • Fe: okay... well, here. I've been keeping this... it's "that."
  • Ne: Thank you. Here, Ti! Your missing piece. *Throws that to Ti*
  • Ti: ... OMG! I was wrong! This changes everything! Everything makes sense!
  • Ne: You're freaking welcome, you drama queens...
  • PSA: don't neglect Ne.

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i have no idea how you’re going to do this but I WOULD LIKE TO SEE CLOSET COSPLAY FRED

Just your friendly local white hole! :D

ugh, wait, I feel sick-

Wait what’s this in here let me just-

-the heck?

What is a fork- wait, no, here it comes again

Ugh I feel awful what the heck is-

Let me just-




spin around.
double take THREE TIMES: one, two three!
stop on ur right foot DONT FOREGT IT!
then you do this
and thisssss
and this and that and this and THENNNNNN

ta dah. now they can blow magic bubbles.

How To Study For Chemistry: Beatles Version

Periodic table basics: John’s like the halogens because he gets mad easily; George is like the noble gases because he’s quiet and unreactive; Paul’s like the transition metals because he “bonds” a LOT and Ringo’s kind of like hydrogen because of the single proton

Equilibrium: If you have two rickenbachers on the right, and two hofner basses on the left, adding more rickenbachers would cause equilibrium to shift to the left

Spontaneous reactions: Say entropy=the amount of girls Paul has next to him. The higher the entropy, the more spontaneous the reaction. Spontaneity=how insane Paul gets due to said entropy/amount of girls. More girls, more insane Paul

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“5 Times the Love”

She calls him a Lima Loser; spits it out like she swallowed turpentine and turns on her heel to walk away. Her ponytail swishes in his face and he can smell her perfume. Suddenly he’s five years old again, wanting to pull on her hair for her attention. His fingers curl around the strap of his backpack. He’s not five years old any more. He’s a big boy with big boy problems. She’s carrying his baby and he slept with his best friend’s girl. It’s the first time the thought echoes in his mind. He’s in love with Quinn Fabray.

He opens the door for her. It’s stupid and it’s small but he’s never done that for her before and when she smiles at him he’s addicted. During lunch he slides into the seat next to her and takes her apple from her tray. She opens her mouth but before she speaks he replaces it with an extra chocolate milk he stole from some nerd in the cafeteria line. She rolls her eyes and eats everything on her tray, leaving the extra milk unopened. He finishes his lunch and pushes up from the table; annoyed enough to skip his next class. He wanders around the perimeter of the school, dragging his hand against the dusty building, feeling the texture change from wood to stone as he comes up on the library. She’s sitting on the outdoor patio in the shade of the building. His eyes follow her lips where they wrap around a straw and to a single serving size chocolate milk. For the rest of the month he steals a chocolate milk and puts it on her tray. It’s small and it’s stupid but it’s the second time he realizes he’s in love with Quinn Fabray.

He’s holding her. She’s perfect. The baby in his arms cries softly and he doesn’t know what to do. He looks up at the hospital bed and her mother gives him an exhausted smile. He’s terrified but he’s never loved Quinn Fabray more.

This wasn’t the way he was supposed to come back to Lima. It was supposed to be for a reunion or some stupid glee club thing that everyone seems able to fly back for whenever they want. His best friend is dead and it isn’t real for him. It’s the impossible to imagine that he isn’t hiding somewhere. Nothing seems different about the world now that he’s not in it. Even when his train pulls up to the platform it’s the middle of the day and people move around him. Between bodies he sees her standing under an awning. He shoulders his pack and he should be sad but he can’t bring himself to be sad about something he hasn’t accepted. Her hand slips into his and they walk together toward the street. Cars idle and wait for loved ones; joyous reunions happen all around them and he’s grateful he’s not alone. He squeezes her hand and realizes he never forgot how much he loved Quinn Fabray.

Stay. He’s always been in love with Quinn Fabray and now he’s certain… she’s always been in love with him too.