you're fired of course

Supergirl 2x15 HISHE
  • Kara: You're firing me?
  • Snapper: Of course I'm firing you.
  • Cat: *Walks into the room and rips Snapper's balls off like a paper towel*
  • Cat: Like hell you are.
  • Cat: *Storms out of Snapper's office, finds James Olsen*
  • Cat: Do you remember that you fucking work here?
  • Cat: Why the hell didn't you order Snapper to run the story?
  • Cat: What the fuck is wrong with you?
  • Cat: Did you not realize the only reason I left you in charge is because Kara doesn't have enough experience you run CatCo?
  • Cat: You were supposed to take care of her.
  • Cat: Now I've got an editor bleeding to death in his office.
  • Cat: And I have to fire *you* on general principal.
  • Cat: And give your job to Lois Fucking Lane!
  • Cat: And give Snapper's job to Clark Kent.
  • Cat: And I have to murder Lena Luthor for trying to take my woman.
  • Cat: Wait, forget I said that last part out loud.
  • Lena: You wanna go?
  • Cat: Bitch please.
  • Maggie: *Hands Kara a bowl of popcorn*
  • Alex: I've got $50 on Cat.
  • Maggie: That's a sucker bet.
  • Mon-El: Hey, Kara's with-
  • Alex: *Shoots Mon-El in the face with her new gun*

handsome-goddamn-jack  asked:

“Help me set this fucking thing on fire.” (( maybe more highschool AU if you're up for it :3 ))

“Of course.” Arryn flicked out her zippo lighter and offered it to him with a mischievous smirk. 

“Don’t set the forest on fire again.”  Leon hollard from his window. 

((Always up for it!))