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Just last week you seemed so sure they weren't going to ruin CS and now you're preparing for the possibility of them actually ruining Killian's character for you, how can any of us be positive about the show when even the super positive people start to become fed up?

Not even close. 

I am as sure as I sit here tonight that they’re not going to “ruin CS” as I was last week. Maybe even more. 

I think I’ve gone out of my way tonight to say I DON’T believe they’ll ruin Killian’s character. 

This is just another possible way the story could play out.

And as I mentioned more than once could even make Killian MORE sympathetic.

And just to be clear I’m not fed up AT ALL.

You’re reading me completely wrong. I am still confidently booked on the Captain Swan Happy Ending Express sipping on a cocktail and enjoying the ride.

Everything is going to be fine. Deep breaths.

until we get it right 

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She’s seven and happily ever after is only for fairy tales and princesses on television. She’s been with one family for only a month before being sent away. “Too difficult,” she’d heard them say. “She screams in the night and we don’t know what to do, it bothers the other children.” She learns that dreams are for those who are loved, who have home.

He’s seventeen and happily ever after is wind in the sails of the fastest ship in any realm with his brother at his side. It’s adventure on every horizon, it’s bringing glory and honor to the kingdom - and if he secretly dreams of ballads sung in his name, well, that stays between himself and the gods.

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