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At a Concert
  • Seokjin: Thank you all for tonight and there is something I want to show you! *Starts unbuttoning his shirt*
  • Namjoon: *Runs in front of him* No hyung what are you doing?!
  • Seokjin: *Pushes Nams out of the way and rips off the rest of his shirt to reveal a giant heart taped to his chest*
  • Namjoon: Why do you have to play with my emotions like this?!

blackghoast  asked:

You know jack the thing i like the most about you? You're not doing a fake facade or somthing like that You really care about your fans and dont mind physical contact and let peopole talk to you. There arent alot of youtubers who are actually nice

This means a lot to me, thank you! I try my best to be nice to people and not make it seem like I’m some untouchable entity. It’s much more fun to be real with people and treat everyone equally :)

Not every youtuber needs to be that way of course, some DO like distance but I am tired of all the fakers saying “I really care” when it’s clear they don’t

Bpd Logic // 1
  • Bpd: cut! You need to! If you don't cut it means you're weak and faked your illness all along! Also you deserve the pain and who cares anyways? Cutting helps and you already have so many scars, it doesn't matter anymore.
  • Me: *cuts*
  • Bpd: oh look what you've done!!!! You cut again, you're so weak! You let down your loved ones who support you. Again. How long do you think they'll keep up with your bullshit before leaving? And weren't you already ugly enough without all the scars? You're disgusting.

anonymous asked:

Why are ppl so exited? rusty is with him, so it means he's with his shitty team, and nothing good ever came out from rusty/jessy. they likely will do a ''happy hetero father louis'' photoshoot then something really good and groundbreaking.

i’m in the middle on this particular topic lol. i totally understand why people are super excited for a photoshoot because new louis pics sound AMAZING and he’s the prettiest human and he deserves to have cameras capturing him serving looks - it’s wayyyy overdue - but yeah, as far as it being a really genuine shoot that truly showcases who louis is, well, i’d say my expectations for photos fitting that description at this point (when he still has a fake girlfriend, fake baby, and fake super hetero laddy image) are quite low. but we’ll see!!!

none of us know anything at this point, so i don’t think it’s wrong that people are excited. i’d recommend just being patient and waiting to see what happens instead of automatically assuming the absolute worst.

anonymous asked:

hi—i'm here for the 'even more 7x12 discussion' group meeting? let's pore over it some more! after hours of study, i think my (current) fave part is after rick talks about "the two of us, you and me reordering thangs together" (*sob*) and michonne says that soft "yeah" and he smiles this small, tender, and proud ghost of a smile and it breaks me into precisely 712 pieces because riiiick! you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel. i just really love him, ashley. god.

“you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel.” I want this tattooed on my neck.

Okay, but somehow, I missed this in my 8430 viewings of this episode, but bless you for bringing it to my attention. Even though it makes me wanna cry, because the way he stares at her for a beat before the smile even starts to tug at his lips is just a little bit too much. And when he does smile, you see it in his eyes more than anything, and I’m not sure how he manages to express in this millisecond just how thankful he is for this woman. And I just adore that he’s so genuinely happy with her, and soft with her in a way that reminds me of his scenes with Judith. So thanks, show, and more specifically, Andy Lincoln, for allowing this hardened soul to be so unabashedly affectionate. And for saving such tender moments for the love(s) of his life. 

fake ah crew geoff who threatens to fire his crew on such a regular basis it becomes an in-joke to everybody but him

  • “i fucking hate all of you,” geoff says, “you’re fired, you’re all fired, trained pomeranians could do a better job and i can pay them in dog food.”
    “hey, at least we’re house trained,” jack says. 
    “except for gavin.”
  • after an unsuccessful heist geoff says he’s going to go live with the fakehaus crew instead.
    “in the event you’re unsatisfied with your crew,” ryan says dryly, “you can trade it in free for a crew of lesser or equal value.”
    “didn’t geoff already do that with jeremy?”
    “no, i said lesser value, not fewer inches.”
  • after geoff promotes lindsay, she admits she doesn’t know if she can live up to geoff.
    “what are you talking about?” geoff asks. “you’ve proved yourself time and time again–”
    “no, i mean i don’t know if i can tell everybody they’re fired and make my voice crack in that specific ‘whiny, pissy baby’ way you do when you–”
    L I N D S A Y.”
    “yeah, like that, exactly!”
  • Jungkook:
  • Jimin:
  • Jungkook: Wow he's cute
  • Jimin: Thanks, you too
  • Jungkook: sHIT I thought I said that in my heAD¡!¡
things the types probably don't say
  • infj: "Hey, a mountain! I think I'll climb it instead of working on my project like I planned!"
  • infp: "I think everyone should try to fit in. I mean, as long as you're well-liked, who cares if you're being fake?"
  • enfj: "Stop coming to me with all of your issues. I don't care about you!"
  • enfp: "I think I'll just do my statistics work for the next three hours. I don't feel very creative."
  • intj: "I'm so glad I decided to flake on my plans to go to this party...I love people!!" [winky face]
  • intp: "I don't care about this article about science...I'd rather see what Kim Kardashian is up to."
  • entj: "Does someone need a hug?"
  • entp: "I just think maybe we should do the reliable method instead of trying to invent our own way..."
  • isfj: "I think I"ll blow off my friends to go to rock climbing! What fun!"
  • isfp: "I don't care about how you feel! Put your dang emotions aside and get the job done!"
  • esfj: "Stop asking me for all these stupid favors. I don't care about you at all."
  • esfp: "Party? No thanks...I'd rather go home and be alone with my math homework for a bit."
  • istj: "This method is reliable, buuut...this looks waaay more fun!!"
  • istp: "Please, come to me with all of your emotional problems! I love giving advice!"
  • estj: "I know I should be working, but this puppy is making me too emotional..."
  • estp: "I can't do that."

I’d say this costume was a success, all things considered. The wigs are heavy as hell and the petticoat needs to be repaired so it kept slipping, but hey. I look perfect.

Shout out to the girl who lent me a bobby pin out of her own hair when I forgot all of mine at home. It was instrumental in keeping that top piece from falling off.

signs as random bad lyrics i wrote
  • aries: "i'm a king, can't you see? i'm the one with royalty."
  • taurus: "ima go fly high in the clouds while loving you."
  • gemini: "i got this brain but i don't know how to use it."
  • cancer: "the moon is my friend and she is the one who understands me. whenever i'm down, she comes over to cheer me up."
  • leo: "be proud as fuck, get it, and don't ya give up, don't do it."
  • virgo: "your lies are never going to be as great as me."
  • libra: "you hit my heart so hard, not painfully. but all i want is you to love me carefully."
  • scorpio: "you know that everyone knows, you're fake as fuck and you gotta go."
  • sagittarius: "no need to hold up, don't need control of love and enjoyment."
  • capricorn: "you showed me what it means to fall deeply in love. this shit is tough."
  • aquarius: "i'm not an angel, i'm a devil who's missing someone to curse from a far."
  • pisces: "keep on imagining all the things you could see in your dreams, feeling free."