you're everything wonderful in the world

And I sat there and wondered “how is it possible to love you more?”

But then I saw you, I heard your soft voice, lost my breath at the sound of your laugh and I knew, that I would keep falling for you, for a long long time.

—  10:56pm // You’re my world

This girl is my everything. She’s one of the strongest people I know. I’ve been 4 and a half hours away for EMT school while this wonderful woman waits for me to graduate. She pushes me to do my best every single day. She makes me want to be a better human being. She’s the reason why I’m finally pursuing my dreams. Madisyn Brooke you’re the love of my life. You’re everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. You’re the reason I wake up in the mornings. I want to live life to the fullest with you. I know that me being away is hard but you’re so completely strong about it. Even when you don’t want to you get up and you keep pushing forward. I know that words will never be able to describe the feelings I have for you, but I swear to do my best to show you how much you truly mean to me. I love you @lnterconnected

You’ve taught me to trust, how to let someone in, and what it truly means to fall in love. I can’t possibly describe how much I love you, so I’ll tell you why I love you. You see the world in a way that no one else does, and you appreciate everything, including me. There’s no one in the world like you … the most unique, wonderful, and terribly handsome man I’ve ever met.
—  Excerpt from Brooke Davis’ wedding vows to Julian Baker
The Ivory Effect: a Riarkle fanfic

He remembers the first time that he had seen her. She had her eyes closed and her fingers were moving, pressing down on each key fast but carefully, creating music that he was sure he would only find in a classical album. He let the door close behind him, the bell resonating louder than the piano, and the music abruptly stopped. She turned to him, her brown hair swinging as she spun. Her brown doe eyes locked with his and Farkle knew in that moment that she was going to be someone important in his life. He just didn’t know how important Riley Matthews would be.

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Hey, you! If you're unhappy...

You are incredible, you are beautiful, fantastic, wonderful. I couldn’t say perfect because I know, nobody’s perfect, but you, yes you, you are the best person I’ve ever seen and you have to be proud of yourself and bless for everything you have. If you’re not happy, think that someone in the world loves you, for example me! Hope this makes you smile again.

you’re the type of person that I’m going to wonder about years from now. how’ve you been? have you made all the dreams you talked about come true? do your eyes still crinkle when you smile? have you found anyone you love? we had great times back then, didn’t we? I hope you’re doing well, you deserve every good thing in the world. thank you for making me so happy when we were younger…I miss you.

i hope you guys all find someone that makes your heart feel safe and that appreciates you and everything that’s wonderful about you and loves you even when you’re annoying because you all deserve the world and i hope no one ever makes you think otherwise