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I hate to add to your ever growing list of asks but you're so great and your blog is so nice and you seem to know everything bts related lol I've looked and tried to find smth but I haven't been able to and I was wondering if you knew what performance they did where V was smiling w glasses and then turned his head to the side and let the glasses fly off?? Thank you so so much ❤️❤️💞💞😊

It’s 160723 Epilogue in Beijing performing No More Dreams. It’s a fancam focus you can find HERE (2:12)

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I will never get over that fancam. NEVER! 

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yk how people say "find what you're good at"? what if i'm not good at anything? ik that "everyon's good at something", but you know what, i don't think i am. you, for example, are a great writer, someone else is a good singer or musician, another one is good at science or has great social skills. but not me. i've tried a couple of different stuff and it seems like nothing i do is ever enough. it's like, i try so hard, but it's never good enough. i'm too mediocre. i just suck at everything, man.

Writing is not the only thing you can be good at. Singing and music are not the only things you can be good at. Science is not the only thing you can be good at. Social skills are certainly not the only thing you can be good at.

You can also be good at laughing: you can change the entire room with a giggle. 

You can be good at thinking. At pondering the universe, the sky, your bedroom. 

You can be good at loving. You can wrap your heart around something, and never let go.

You can be good at being. At showing people what it means to simply live.

You can be good at so many other things: gardening, strategies, interior design, note-taking, organizing, planning, fangirling. Writing, singing, and drawing are not the only arts.

It might take a very, very long time before you find what you’re good at. It might take nearly forever. But there are literally thousands of things you can excel at. Down to the very obscure, minute details of life. But we need people who are passionate about all sorts to run the world, and not only writer & artists can do that.

And maybe you’re good at not being good at something. Maybe you will master the art of playing a video game on easy, because you want to have fun, not get frustrated. Maybe you’ll find the art in letting your garden grow wildly, even if other gardeners say that takes no skill, because you like the way the flowers grow when they are free to do what they want. Maybe you’ll write teach others how to live imperfect lives, because imperfect is all that a human can be. Maybe you’ll show them the art in being “just okay”. And that’s what you’ll be good at.

Who knows.

Your guess is as good as mine, but looking at the odds, you’re pretty likely to find something you’re good at.