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Day 3: “You’re drunk”

Winn Schott Jr.’s best memories came after Kara and Alex Danvers adopted him into their family. Getting over his feelings for Kara had been hard, but it was worth it to have them at his back.

Even before he knew about the DEO and Alex was just Dr. Alex Danvers, mad scientist, who took great pleasure in detailing all the ways a genius biomedical engineer could destroy him, he knew all he had to do was call.

That didn’t stop her from being extra terrifying when he found out she had a gun.

And combat training.

No, Winn was sure that there were few things born of this earth scarier than Alex Danvers.

That made her both an excellent big sister, like when all the stuff with Lyra and the art heist went down, and a horrible one because she went out of her way to scare him at every opportunity. He mostly knew she was joking, but still, he did not want to find out what she could do with that finger.

He had a feeling Maggie got all the fun tricks.

Alex teased and poked and scared him out of love, she was never truly malicious, even if he did sometimes wonder how deep that sadist streak went.

And most of the time he rolled with it, all the stories he’d been told by other kids growing up made her stealing his beer or talking extra loudly when he had a hangover seem like perfectly normal sibling behavior.

What was also perfectly normal sibling behavior?

Recording drunken older sibling shenanigans.

“Offisher, don’ get me wrong. You’re like, a goddess. But I hav’a girfrien’ an’ she’s so pretty an’ she smells so nice an’ I love her even if she likes that weird vegan ice cream-”

Because Alex was white-girl-wasted for the first time that Winn had ever seen her, hanging on Maggie, who’d had maybe two beers the entire night.

Maggie, who was grinning up at the agent with the dopey smile and just letting her talk.

Who had winked at Winn when she noticed his phone up and recording.

“You kinda look like her, only taller.”

“Is that so, Danvers?”

“Mmmhmm yeah, she just kinda fits, you know?”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Yeah an’ like, don’t tell Winn, cuz I hava ret- res- I have a repudation an’ all, but sometimes I’m the li’l spoon an’ it’s so nice, you know? Like she’s so li’l but strong, an’ I jus’ feel so safe.”

“I’m sure you make her feel the same, Danvers.”

“I hope so. She’s my firs’, you know? Made me realize I like the ladies, like those dimples, jus’ couldn’t stop thinkin’ about ‘em, ‘til I realized holy shit 10/10 would bang but also really wanna jus’ cuddle an’ talk an’ use her boobs as a pillow, ya know?”

Maggie choked on her beer, “Oh wow, Danvers you might-”

“An’ like, I love her so much, like, her eyes are so pretty, I can see galleries- no tha’s not- gall- I see the stars in ‘em. An’ like, forever an’ stuff. And I see esplosions when she does that thing with her ton-”

“Ooooookay, Danvers, you’re drunk and it’s time to get you home.”

There would be some editing done to the video, for sure. Right after Winn got drunk enough to forget the image his sister had just put in his mind.

“I can’ go home with you, I gotsta go with Maggie, she’s my girlfriend.”

“Danvers, I am Maggie.”

Alex paused her rambling to squint and lean millimeters from Maggie’s face. She stared long and hard, before dropping her eyes to Maggie’s lips. And then further, to leer down Maggie’s shirt. “Woooow, I have good taste.”

If he had to make a thousand backups and give at least thirty of them to Lena Luthor to hide, Winn was never deleting this video. The pain would be totally be worth the look on Alex’s face when she got to see the playback at her wedding reception.

Winn had $50 riding on it happening this year.

He made a mental note to switch to the better health plan during open enrollment.

You’re Drunk

So, I wrote this prompt for day 3 of sanvers week before I committed to my smut every day idea, and I liked this enough to want to post it as well. It probably won’t go on AO3, but it’s on here at least.


@404artnotfound​ voluntarily beta’s my bullshit and therefore she is better than all of us.

@queercapwriting​ I saw u talking about angst, does this count? Playful angst…? In a college AU???? Listen I tried.

“No, Kara.”


“I’m hanging up now. I have to study.”

“But it won’t be fun if I go alone!”

“You said Lena was going! Go and have fun with her!”

Kara huffs petulantly down the phone line, farewelling her sister begrudgingly before hanging up. Alex rolls her eyes. Some frat party on the other side of campus is pretty much the last thing on the list of things Alex wanted to do with her free time. Anyway, finals week is approaching up and she wouldn’t be allowed a second of fun without the gravity of her mother’s disapproval weighing on her mind.

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Day 3 – “You’re drunk."

A/N: tw for internalized transphobia and mention of dysphoria. Also friendly reminder English is my second language ;)

“We need to talk.”

The last thing Maggie expected to find when coming home was her girlfriend looking grave sitting on the couch and uttering those words while she barely was through the door. She imediately braced herself for what was to come; she had heard those words numerous times before and it rarely ended well.

“Oookay… Wait, are you drunk?” Maggie noticed now the half empty bottle of scotch on the table, the bloodshot eyes and the slight swaying of her body.

“Pleaaase, it’s important Maggiiiie.” She whined, slurring her words. Yep, definitively intoxicated.

“You’re drunk, Alex. I think that whatever it is, it can wait tomorrow when you’ll be sober.” She crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow.

“No, it can’t. I c-can’t talk about it sober. Pleaaase, Maggie. I need to tell you know before I chicken out.”

Seeing Alex so distressed, Maggie couldn’t help but soften slightly. “Okay, I’m listening.” She sit on the couch beside her girlfriend. But Alex was staying silent, head down, worrying her lips and playing with her fingers.

“Hey sweetie, look at me. It’s okay. It’s okay. Whatever it is, it will be okay.” She reached a hand to her shoulder and gently stroked it with her thumb.

“No, no, Maggie, you can’t tell me it’ll be okay. Once you know… O-once you know… I’m scared, I’m so sc-scared, M-mags…”

“Scared of what?”

“T-that you won’t want me anymore…”

“Why? Why would I wouldn’t want you, Alex? What’s wrong?”

She pointed at herself and then gestured wildly around. “Me. I’m wrong. I- i- I’m all wrong and you’re a lesbian…”

“What the fact that I’m a lesbian has to do with that?” Maggie asked, frowning.

“Because you like girls, and I- I- I’m not…” She shook her head and let out a strangled sob. “I just hate it all, Maggie. I didn’t realised before, but now it’s all I can think about. All I can feel. Like- like my skin is wrong. Everything is wrong, but I don’t know how to change it. Except now I know why. I finally got a word for it. But it doesn’t match with your word. It doesn’t go with lesbian. Because- because-…”

“…You’re not a girl.” She finished for her.

She nodded.

“So what are you? A boy?”

She shakes her head.

“Something else then? You’re nonbinary?”

Alex nodded again and heaved a sigh, relieved that Maggie had somehow get what she meant from her incoherent rambling.

“Oh sweetie. I’m not gonna leave you for that.” She cupped Alex’s jaw with her palm. “You hear me, babe? It’s okay you’re enby; I still love you whatever your gender is.”

She opened her arms and Alex immediately snuggled into her side, burried her face into her shoulder and let heart-breaking, relieved sobs. Maggie rocked her gently, soothingly.

“Shh, baby, it’s okay.” Alex gripped a fistful of Maggie’s t-shirt.

“You know, technically I identify as queer. I like girls, yes, but I’m quite flexible. I mean, I’ve dated aliens, so I should be, right? Anyway, I fell in love with you, not your gender, okay?”

They stayed there, sitting on the couch, Alex slowly relaxing in her girlfriend’s warm embrace, and finally, when she was calm enough, Maggie desentangled herself and sit up.

“Okay, now you’re gonna drink water and go to bed, and tomorrow we’ll discuss this further, okay?” Alex nod and get up with the help of steadying hand from Maggie.

“You’re really okay with me being nonbinary?” Alex asked, almost timidly.

“Yes, Al, I am. I’m totally, one hundred percent okay with it. Now go to bed.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too, so much. And I’m so proud of you Ally.”

You’re Both Drunk

#SanversWeek #Day3 Prompt: “You’re Drunk” by @queercapwriting

I think there’s gonna be a lot of angst today, but as soon as I saw this prompt, the ending here popped right in my head and so I wrote backwards from that. 

They’re not drunk often. Not anymore. Both of them had a bad habit of drowning their problems in alcohol in the past. But that was a long time ago…that was then.

Now…now is better. It’s perfect. Now they have each other. They’re engaged.

Now…I should drink water, she thinks. We probably both should.

Maggie stands up. The room spins, she sways—too fast, stood up too fast—and clumsily falls back down on Alex’s lap. She hasn’t drank this much in a while—definitely not in front of the Super Friends—and she’s a little embarrassed. She buries her face in Alex’s neck, which makes Alex squirm.

“That tickles, Mags!” She slurs a little, she laughs. Maggie kisses her just a little sloppily. Alex beams.

Tonight they announced their engagement to their friends—their family. James, Winn, Kara, Lena, J’onn, M’gann, even Eliza…they had all been here.

J’onn and M’gann left about an hour ago, tipsy on alcohol, and drunk on the love drowning everyone in Alex and Maggie’s apartment. They left with J’onn’s hand around M’gann’s hip and looks between each other that practically shouted their thoughts.

Eliza was dozing off in the corner of the couch, wine glass in hand and smile on her face. She was so happy for Alex tonight. And Maggie. Even with the drinking, because tonight everyone was a happy drunk. Kara woke her gently, took her back to her own apartment to spend the night. She knew she would want to be close, see them all in the morning for breakfast.

Music pulses through the apartment. Maggie and Alex are cuddled on a chair while James, Winn and Lena are dancing around the living room, singing, drinks in hand. Lena looking more carefree than Alex thinks she probably has ever been in her life. And Kara’s not even here.

Alex suddenly looks around in panic, “Wait—where’s Kara?”

Maggie looks around too. She doesn’t know, or doesn’t remember. “I—I don’t—she was just here…” Her mind is fuzzy, she can’t think straight, “…bathroom?” she offers weakly.

Alex practically pushes Maggie off her lap. Maggie stumbles quickly to her feet and nearly knocks Lena over, the drink in her hand flying all over the place.

James and Winn jump back, “Woah!”

Lena puts a hand under Maggie’s elbow to keep her from falling and places her now-empty cup on the coffee table. Winn grabs a towel from the kitchen and starts cleaning up the floor. James looks at Alex, sees the panic in her face, and grabs her gently by the shoulders, “Hey…what’s wrong?”

She’s still panicked, still slurring a little, “Where’s Kara? Where’d she go? She was just…here. I can’t…I can’t lose her James.”

James smirks, squeezes her shoulder, “She took Eliza home, Alex. She’s fine. She’s—” Just then Kara walks through the door. “She’s right there.” Alex turns and sees Kara closing the door behind her, she runs.

Kara takes in the chaos, confused. Alex runs hard, wraps her in a hug with strength that surprises even Kara. She hugs her back, meets James’ eyes over Alex’s shoulder, “What happened?”

Alex answers before he does, pulls back from their hug, “Where’d you go?! I lost you. I—I can’t lose you, Kara. You’re my sister. You’re my sister and I love you and I need you.”

Kara stifles a giggle, and answers sincerely, “I love you too, Alex. You didn’t lose me. I’m right here.”

Alex’s eyes lose focus, “You’re…spinning. Are you flying? Are we flying? I kinda feel like I’m flying.”

Kara grins, “I think you’re drunk.”

Alex thinks on that, “I think…you might be right.”

They all laugh.

Maggie is laughing too, then stops suddenly. Her eyes grow wide and she grabs Lena’s arm tight, “I think…I’m gonna throw up.”

Lena grabs her elbows, holds her steady, “Ok…” She takes a small step back from her—just in case. “Let’s get you out of here.” She guides her slowly, carefully, toward the bathroom.

Winn suddenly looks ill, “Please don’t. Don’t talk about…don’t even say it…or I…” he gags.

James steers him gently toward the kitchen. “Alright, come on. Sit down. I’ll get you some water.”

“Yeah…yeah. Good idea.” He lets James lead him to a chair in the kitchen, and he sits down with his head in his hands, eyes shut, breathing deep.

Kara’s eyes watch Lena and Maggie enter the bathroom, she looks back at her sister, “Let’s get you water too. Maybe it’s time for bed.”

Alex pfffts but she lets Kara lead her to her bed, while she babbles, “My…my fiancée is throwing up.” She gasps, giggles, “She’s my fiancée now, Kara.”

Kara smiles, “I know! We’re all very excited about it.”

Suddenly Alex veers toward the bathroom door, pulling Kara with her, “I should…I should help her. She needs me.” She tries to go, but Kara easily holds her back, sits her on the bed.

“I know, Alex. But she’ll be ok. Lena’s got her. You stay,” she instructs, “Pants.”

Alex looks down at her pants, back at Kara, who stands patiently. Alex rolls her eyes, fumbles with the button, then pulls off her jeans and throws them at Kara, giggling as Kara swats them away from her face and onto the floor.

Kara lifts the comforter, and Alex sighs, lifts her legs under it, and Kara tucks her in, “Goodnight, Alex.”

James appears, silently hands a glass of water to Kara, who gives it to Alex, and he goes back to the kitchen to keep an eye on Winn.

“But Lena doesn’t know…she doesn’t know Maggie like I do. What she needs.” Tears well in her eyes, but she doesn’t try to stand up.

Kara brushes the hair out of Alex’s face gently, “Tell me. Tell me what Maggie needs. I’ll make sure she’s ok.”

Alex takes a sip of water, nods, calms down a little. “She…she needs the blue mouthwash. Blue. She doesn’t like the green one. She…” Alex squints, thinks harder, “She needs someone to hold her hair back. She’ll tell you she can do it herself…she can do everything herself…but someone should. Someone should hold it for her.”

“Ok.” She kisses her sister’s forehead. “Ok.” She watches Alex close her eyes, try to sleep, and her heart breaks just a little for them both. How much Alex wants to be with Maggie right now, how much Maggie is probably wishing Alex were there, not Lena.

Kara stands to leave, but Alex grabs her hand, mumbles “Circles.”

Kara tries not to laugh, “What?”

Alex keeps her eyes closed, drops Kara’s hand to clutch the pillow, burrowing further into the bed, “Circles…on her back. She likes that…”

Kara switches of the table lamp, “Ok. Circles,” she promises.

Before she turns to the bathroom, she scans the apartment, sees James throw a blanket over what she can only assume is Winn, hidden behind the couch. James starts picking up glasses, bottles…tidying up. She smiles in gratitude, and he smiles back, nods.

She walks into the bathroom, slowly pushing open the door. Maggie is kneeling on the floor, eyes closed, head laying on her arm over the toilet seat. Lena is sitting on the edge of the bathtub behind her with Maggie’s hair in her hands, gently stroking her hair, keeping it out of her face.

Kara kneels next to her, and puts a hand carefully on her back—she’s not sure if that is only ok from Alex, but she promised. She starts gently rubbing small circles on Maggie’s back. Maggie relaxes, breathes slower, calmer.

After a minute or so, Maggie’s pretty sure she’s not going to throw up anymore. She lifts her head and her eyes light up. “Kara!” She nudges Lena, “That’s my sister.” She turns back to Kara, “You’re my sister now, Kara. I never had a sister before. I think…I think I’ll be good at it. I’m gonna be a good sister. A good role model.”

Lena looks at Kara, eyebrows raised. Kara tries not to laugh. Maggie looks between them, then at herself. She giggles, “This is not…this is not a great example.”

Kara smiles, “You’re doing fine, Maggie.” Maggie sits up taller, proud of herself. “How are you feeling?”

Maggie squints, thinks hard, “Tired…mostly.”

“Ok. How about I help you to bed?”

Maggie nods. She tries to push herself up but falters, Lena and Kara jump in, help her to her feet. Maggie puts an arm around each of them, head on Kara’s shoulder, “You’re a good sister, Kara.” She adds, “…and Lena. Lena is a good sister too.”

Kara looks to Lena, who is dumbfounded by Maggie’s drunken words, tears springing up in her eyes. She never thought anyone would call her that. Not only good…but…a good sister. She wipes a tear off her cheek as she helps lower Maggie onto the bed on the other side of Alex.

Kara doesn’t demand Maggie’s pants. She considers it—although she would’ve asked, rather than demanded from Maggie—but before she makes up her mind, Maggie slips off her jeans and lets them fall to the ground. Kara lifts the blanket just like she did with her sister, and Maggie complies, swinging her legs underneath. Kara tucks her in too. “Goodnight, Maggie.”

Maggie pokes Kara’s nose, “Good night, little sis.” She closes her eyes and rolls over, facing the already-sleeping Alex.

Kara grins and shakes her head. Her and Lena go into the living room. James now sleeping on the couch next to Winn, his long legs kicked out over the coffee table, blanket nearly covering the whole thing.

Kara grabs some blankets from the closet, tosses one to Lena and curls up in the armchair facing the bedroom. Lena takes the space next to James on the couch and huddles under the blanket. She falls asleep quickly, but Kara fights off sleep to watch over her two big sisters from afar. She listens for their breathing to slow, for them to be totally asleep. Only then does she close her eyes and drift off.

What feels like mere seconds later, she’s awoken by giggling.

She squints in the dark, but Lena, Winn and James are all still fast asleep. She looks past them to the bed, the comforter now forming one, giant lump. It moves. She rolls her eyes.

Maggie whispers loudly, “I almost threw up! I haven’t been this drunk since…well…I’m not sure. But it’s been a loooong time.”

Alex giggles, “You…you are really drunk. You almost fell over!”

“Me?! You thought Kara disappeared. You freaked out!” They laugh. “You…” she tries to catch her breath, “you threw Lena’s drink across the room!”

They crack up, remembering.

Alex pokes her in the side, “You’re drunk.”

Maggie laughs, pokes her back,“Nuh-uh. You’re drunk.”

Kara hurls a pillow across the room.

They’re huddled so close together, it hits them both square in the face. They jump, eyes wide. Maggie’s hand covers Alex’s mouth, tries to stifle her giggles.

Kara calls as quietly as she can, “You’re BOTH drunk. Now go to sleep.”

They laugh harder at that, they kiss and snuggle close together.

Kara grins, closing her eyes…what am I going to do with these two?

I’m going to do naughty things...

#SanversWeek Day Three: “You’re drunk.”

More smut. Still not sorry.

@404artnotfound beta’s my bullshit for free. She is therefore better than all of us.

[Read on AO3]

It was Alex’s idea to switch out game night for a night at the bar together. Everyone had been in a good mood. Cadmus had been underground for a while, and all thoughts and worries about some further apocalypse were buried in the backs of their minds. Lucy was back in town, immediately taking Alex’s side about ‘c’mon guys, let’s go out and have some fun!’

So that’s where they find themselves, at one in the morning. Feeling free enough, with the assurance of their designated flyer, to get a little loose, and drink a little more than usual.

A lot more than usual.

And it’s the best feeling ever.

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SanversWeek Day 3: You’re drunk

It’s angsty, it’s hurt/comfort and I am so, so sorry. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Again, this is not been proof read and English is not my first language.

Not Your Fault

She hasn’t been there. Maggie has had to work late and she hasn’t been there. She wasn’t there to hold Alex’s hand. Wasn’t there to ground her, to replace her wine with water, to take her aside when things got too much.

Eliza was in town and Maggie wasn’t there for dinner.

Of course, it ended in disaster.

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#SanversWeek Day 3 - "You're Drunk" (but not really)

Prompt from @misguidedghost800 : Maybe a super fluffy Sanvers chapter of Maggie being really adorable when she’s drowsy and half asleep? Alex lowkey loves when she’s like this because she always says ridiculous stuff or is super playful and silly

A/N: I think my exhausted Maggie sounds a lot like drunk Maggie…so I leave you with this extra fluffy/cracky chapter for today’s installment of Sanvers Week!

Chapter Text

They probably should have called it a night as soon as Lena challenged Alex to a tie-breaker round of Monopoly. Anyone who has ever played board games knows just how long that game can run, and when it came to Alex and Lena, it was anyone’s best guess as to how long their game would take. Lena had, of course, years of business savvy and experience running her own multi-billion dollar corporation. But Alex was simply ruthless, used to strategizing and a student of the very best: J’onn and Vasquez.

Instead of insisting that they wait until the next game night, the Superfriends had allowed the challenge to happen, going so far as to place playful bets on the game and make popcorn. Which is how they found themselves slumped against the furniture three hours later, watching with drooping eyelids as the two gleefully built up their hotels and cackled each time the other landed on a particularly bad spot.

They paused only when a loud thump startled them both, looking over to find that Maggie had finally fallen asleep and hit the floor, which startled her back awake.

“Babe! Are you okay?”

“Jus’ fine,” Maggie yawned, her head falling forward again.

Before Alex could return her attention to the game again, ignoring the fact that her girlfriend was clearly exhausted, Kara was standing up and gesturing at both of them. “I’m calling the game as a tie.”

“No!” Alex protested.

“Kara!” Lena whined.

“No passing Go for either of you,” Maggie giggled. “No more money.”

Kara snorted, looking back at the half-asleep detective who was now giggling to herself as she curled into the side of the sofa. “If that’s not proof that it’s time to go home, then I don’t know what is.”

“I think it might be proof that I should have brought my camera,” James laughed, earning a glare from Alex. “Kidding, I’m just kidding…” he trailed off looking nervous. “Winn and I will just, uh, head out now. Got some…stuff to take care of.”

“Have fun, Guardian!” Maggie called out. “You too, Robin!”

Alex cackled as Winn grumbled about being more than a sidekick….(Continued on AO3)

Sanversweek Day 3: "You're Drunk"

The superfriends were all in the alien bar that night. They were celebrating their victory against the Daxamite invaders. They were all a little drunk, but no one was as drunk as Alex.

Winn and James were sitting at the bar counter, talking about new gadgets that Winn was making for Guardian. They were both really excited to test them out, but they agreed that they were too drunk to do that tonight.

Kara and Lena were sitting in a booth in one of the corners of the bar. Lena was sitting on Kara’s lap. Her upper body was turned so that she was facing Kara, and the two of them were kissing passionately. They seemed to have forgotten that they were in a bar full of people.

Alex and Maggie were playing pool, occasionally glancing over at their friends. Maggie was taking her turn, and Alex was staring at Maggie. They had both had a lot to drink, but Alex was a lot drunker than Maggie.

“Alex, it’s your turn,” said Maggie.

“Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. You’re so cute that it’s distracting,” Alex said. She grabbed her pool cue, and took her turn. Maggie blushed at the compliment.

Throughout their game, Alex continued to flirt with Maggie, her pick up lines getting even cheesier. Usually Alex would be winning, but that night, Maggie was, and Alex was barely paying attention.

“Hey Maggie, can you kiss me on the cheek?” she asked.

“Sure babe. What for?” asked Maggie.

“So I can say a cute girl kissed me tonight,” replied Alex. Maggie started laughing, and she leaned in to kiss Alex on the cheek.

“Are you made of copper and tellurium?” asked Alex. “Because you’re cute.”

“Babe, you’re such a nerd,” said Maggie, laughing again. “You’re so adorable!”

Maggie leaned in and kissed Alex softly. They both smiled as they pulled away after the kiss, keeping their heads close together. They stared lovingly into each other’s eyes.

“Do you have a map?” Alex asked. “I’m getting lost in your eyes.”

Maggie started to laugh again, almost uncontrollably, no doubt due to how drunk she was.

“Danvers, these are the cheesiest pick up lines I’ve ever heard,” she said, still laughing. Maggie’s laughter didn’t deter Alex from continuing with her pick up lines.

“If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together,” she said. At this, Maggie laughed even harder.

After a while, Maggie calmed down a bit, and mostly stopped laughing. She grabbed Alex’s hand, and led her to a booth, since they had finished their last game of pool a while ago. After they sat down, Alex started to flirt with Maggie again.

“Do I know you? Cause you look like my next girlfriend.”

“Babe, you’re so drunk,” said Maggie, with a laugh. “We’re already dating.”

“I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you,” said Alex. When she realized what Maggie had just said, she replied, “Wait, we’re already dating? Really? Why would someone as beautiful and amazing as you want to date me?”

“Alex, you are such an amazing woman. You are so beautiful and smart. You’re the most amazing girlfriend I’ve ever had,” said Maggie. “The better question is who wouldn’t want to date you?”

“So what you’re saying is you love me?” asked Alex.

“Yeah, Danvers, that’s what I’m saying,” Maggie said, laughing. “I love you so much.”

Alex smiled brightly at her, which made Maggie smile too.

“I love you too, Maggie,” said Alex. She cuddled into Maggie’s side, and rested her head on her girlfriend’s shoulder. Maggie grabbed Alex’s hand, and laced their fingers together. They sat in that position until they left the bar, calling a cab to take them back to Alex’s apartment. Neither of them wanted to be without the other. They knew that they would always be happier when they were together.

SanversWeek - Day 3 - “You’re Drunk.”

Summary: Kara is sad when Maggie finds her in the alien bar so Maggie tries to make her night better with hilarious consequences for Sanvers.
Word Count: 2238
Tags: @outside-the-government @littlecarowrites@secretgaygentdanvers @queercapwriting @whatif-animagineblog @auduna-druitt @star-trekkin-across-theuniverse @stormsnevercometostay @southernbellestatues
Author’s note:    This one was really fun to write, too.  Cap, I borrowed Jessy for this one, I hope you don’t mind! <3  Enjoy!

             Maggie frowned as someone shoved past her as she was entering the alien bar, banging her shoulder, pushing her back into the door frame.

              “Watch it,” she called out, irritated, raising an eyebrow as the person turned and she saw it was Mon El.

              “Sorry Maggie,” he muttered distractedly, before continuing off into the night without pause, clearly in a terrible mood.  Rolling her eyes, Maggie entered the bar and looked around for anyone she knew, immediately spotting a distraught-looking Kara in a booth near the back.  Guessing that Mon El’s storming out and Kara’s morose expression had a common origin, Maggie made a beeline for Kara’s booth, smiling as Kara looked up when she heard Maggie coming.

              “Hey Kara, are you okay?” Maggie asked, her voice concerned as Kara attempted to smile back at her.

              “Yeah,” Kara said, and Maggie got the feeling it was an automatic response.  She crooked an eyebrow at Kara, who sighed and gave her a weak smile.  “Okay, no, but whatever, it’s okay.”

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Day Three: “You’re drunk.”

Third day of SanversWeek!!! I’m so excited!

Warning: Alcohol abuse and drug abuse mentioned. Also, a hella strong dose of angst (I blame @queercapwriting sorely ‘cause they gave the prompt). 

Read on AO3

The first time you saw her… it was not a pretty picture.

Light white dusting under her nose, bloody eyes, unsteady walking, strong alcohol smell, long, messy hair.

The first time you saw her she was flirting shamelessly with anything that moved. After the fifth shot you saw her dawn (you had no idea how many she had before those), you saw her stumbling around, dancing, grinding into whoever would let her, rubbing herself all over them, invading their spaces, stealing fiery kisses, luring them in.

The first time you saw her, she led three men on three different occasions, to the bathrooms. They spent there enough time for you to know exactly what they were doing. She would come back way after the men left and head straight to the bar. She would order another shot, she would get back to the dance floor, she would start the whole process again.

The first time you saw her, you were drawn to her, to her wilderness, to her fierceness, to her passion, to her recklessness, to her beauty. You knew there was no way she was paying attention to you, she favored men all the time, and she would push away any woman that came too close…

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SanversWeek Day 3- “You’re drunk.”

So this kind of took a different turn from where I started. But it is what it is XD 
PS: If Cap @queercapwriting is reading this, I did use like a sentence from your fic (Alex’s rage), if you remembered how much I loved that one, and I also put in some snippets of the small post-fic thingy so some of these at the ending may seem familiar XD 

The first time she realized that this was not okay, it was not what she expected. 

She just wanted to find out where her father is at, and she just wanted to save her father. She didn’t mean to have so much blood on her knuckles. She would have stopped.

She would have…stopped…

“Stopping isn’t the point, Danvers. You shouldn’t have started it.” That was the first thing that Maggie told her after she was pulled out from the cell, forced, out of the cell.

It sent chills to Alex’s spine. And for the first time since forever, she felt scared.

Not scared on whatever Maggie would do to her, more like scared on what Maggie would stop doing, with her.

Scared of Maggie breaking up, with her.

It wasn’t like she can control it. She was taught to protect, to hurt, and to kill. She wasn’t taught on how to let out her own rage. She didn’t know how. She never did. And it was always okay, until Maggie came into her life.

Because there were so much blood in there and they’re human too Alex and you were torturing him, not interrogating!

It always confuses Alex, not knowing how to deal with her rage, and not knowing when to kill and when enough is enough. Perhaps she should really talk to Sara and Oliver more often.

But then it happened.

A guy from Cadmus was captured, again, thanks to Kara.

Alex recognized this guy, he was the one that stood alongside Lilian all the time. He would know, what they did to her father, where they kept her father, and most importantly, how to save her father.

So she went in during lunch hour, since J’onn was away. She did ask nicely at first, but of course the guy did not budge. So she started punching, much like how she did that one time, except this time, she make sure to use her leg more. There wouldn’t be as much blood on her knuckles, cause Maggie don’t want her to shower her knuckles with blood.

Eventually, she was pulled out, by Vasquez and Kara.

And they called Maggie.

Of course they called Maggie.

“Maggie, Alex is out of control again.”

“I’m on my way Kara.”

Maggie stood at the entrance of the Medbay, watching Alex get herself treated, cause she did punch. Maggie was just looking at the doctors and nurses fuss around Alex, never making eye contact.

After half an hour, they were done with the patching up, and were only waiting for the scan results, so the couple was left alone. No one wanted to intervene this, as Alex was clearly still not calm, and Maggie’s eyes were cold.

They were silent for a solid ten minutes, neither of them speaking up, until Alex couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Just say it.”

“Say what?”

Alex shrugged, “That you want to break up with me, that you’re done with having a girlfriend that seems to have anger issues, that you want to go and live back your regular normal life without worrying that your girlfriend is hurting or killing again.” Her voice breaking at every sentence.

And finally, “Say that you’re tired of me being your girlfriend.” She choked out.  

Maggie looked at her, tears gathering at her own eyes.

“I’m not tired of you, and I don’t want to break up with you. But I can’t have my girlfriend losing control every time some guy from Cadmus is captured. I can’t have my girlfriend torturing people just to save the ones she love.” She says softly.

“You know I can’t change how I am.” Alex looks up at the ceiling, not knowing how to continue this conversation. “I’m not asking you to change Alex!” Maggie said, a little louder than she intended to.

She took a deep breath and continued, “I’m not asking you to change. I love you just the way you are, all I’m asking is for you to learn how to control your own rage. I don’t want to look at you only to see blood on your knuckles.”

Everyone just wants her to control. Control. CONTROL.

They say it like it’s an easy thing to do. They were never the ones that got trained since young to protect her sister, her family. They weren’t the ones that lost their father and needed to take on his role. They don’t know how she feels…yet they ask her to control, like it’s not something she would love to do, like it’s not something she’s struggling on.  

“Well I am what I am so you either take it or leave it!” Alex said out of frustration.

The moment she said it our loud, she regretted it instantly, “M-Maggie, I-I’m sorry…I didn’t m-mean-”

“No don’t be. We both clearly need some time on our own. I’ll see you around Danvers.”

Two days.

Two days since she last saw Maggie, since she last spoke to her.

What has she been doing these two days?


Cause Maggie is not here, and no one, can stop her from bringing back her previous habits, drinking every problem away.

Kara flew by, bringing food, and helping Alex shower and hugging her close while she cries on her shoulder. She doesn’t know exactly what happened between Maggie and Alex, but she can take a quick guess.

There was a fire down town, so Kara had to leave, but she made Alex swear that she’ll take care and not leave the house.


She didn’t know how she got here. But here she is, in front of Maggie’s door. A door that she had a key to, yet was so afraid to even knock on it now.

It was like a feel, a sixth sense, that made Maggie walked to the door and peaked trough the little hole, only to find a very messy Alex, standing outside her door. She took in a deep breath before opening the door, revealing Alex in her white long sleeve shirt, and her usual jeans. She had her bike keys in one hand, and her phone in the other.

Alex was shocked when Maggie opened the door. She was still thinking of her speech just a second ago.

No backing out now.

“I’m s-sorry.” She slurred out.

Maggie raised an eyebrow at her, “You’re drunk.”

“Maybe a little, but they do say that a drunk mind speaks a sober heart.” Alex says seriously.

Maggie ran her hand through her hair, sighing, “Alex…how many did you drink?”

“More than what you think I should.” She confessed.

“Come in…”

Alex walked in, more like…stumbled in, and went straight to the couch. “Maggie…I’m s-sorry…I was wrong and dumb to say that to you…I just really-” she didn’t have the chance to finish and Maggie cut her off, “No, I’m not gonna talk about this while you’re drunk, we’ll talk tomorrow morning, what you need is a good rest now.”


“No buts, we’re not gonna do this when I don’t know if you mean it or not…”

“Okay…I’m sorry.” Alex said, lying down onto the couch with her head on one of the pillows.

“Rest, I’ll make breakfast tomorrow morning and then we can talk…” Maggie said, while bringing Alex a blanket.

“Maggie, I…I love you…I still do…” Alex said, holding onto Maggie’s hand before she left to her own room. Maggie turned around, smiling softly, “I love you too. We’ll talk tomorrow morning, I promise.” And with that, she pecked a soft kiss on Alex’s forehead.

And they did talk.

Maggie is going to help Alex find Sara again, for a more, solid way to solve this problem.

They spent two days there, Sara giving Alex some lectures, and some training, much like what she did with Kendra at the start. “You have to acknowledge this side of you, this a bit more unhuman side of yours.”

Alex looked away at that mention, feeling ashamed that she even have this problem. Kara faces blood every day and yet she doesn’t seem to have a problem.

“It’s not a shame, Alex. I have the same problem. Call it a bloodlust. Mine is…a bit more severe than your situation was.” Sara says softly.

“You just need to know that side of yours, and learn to control what you really want, think of all the people that care about you, like Kara, J’onn or your weird little brother, Winn.” Alex smile at the mention of them.

“And Maggie…I see how you look at her. She’s a good one for you.” Sara finishes.

“Yeah…she’s the best.”

So now? They create a distraction every time Alex feels a little out of control. All of them had a routine with her. James would go boxing with Alex, J’onn would spar with Alex, Winn would get in a lab with Alex, doing all kinds of nerd science thing, and Kara would be on the couch with Alex, watching crappy movies and eating tubes of ice-cream, real ice-cream that is. And Maggie? Maggie would be there when Alex needs a shoulder, to cuddle, to cry, to scream, to feel someone. And Maggie would say the right things that Alex wants to hear. She’s proud of Alex.

Maybe sometimes Winn will get a hit behind the head, or maybe Alex would break one of James’s gadgets, and maybe sometimes none of the above works, and it will result to Alex punching something harder, something that may cause her to bruise, just to compensate the feeling of blood on her knuckles.

But she was healing, she was getting better.

She’s trying, and it may take some time for her to heal, but Maggie is there for her, and so was her family.

Her family.

PS: I just stated binge watching on Legends of tomorrow so I HAD TO throw in Sara there at the end cause like…come on, this Alex and Sara is the brotp we deserve. Also realized that this fic literally is only linked to the prompt for like…the second last part so…😂