you're driving me crazy

If you're my girl.

Don’t be afraid to touch me. I love touch. I crave it. Lean your head on my shoulder. Hold my hand, or even my finger. Hook your arm in mine. Rest your hand on my thigh. Trace your fingertips over my forearm. Wrap your arm around me or over my shoulders. Just touch me. I’ll love it and it’ll drive me crazy.

  • person B: *starts to caress A's thigh and whispers into their ear* hey....I see that you're wearing that new cologne/perfume that you brought a few days ago. It's driving me crazy...and what you're wearing its so sexy, you're begging for me to rip those clothes off......*starts to kiss their neck,.then whipsers* .......everyone left for the rest of the day, so that leaves the two of us for the next few hours. Do you want to me to maybe--
  • Person A: *interrupts* if this just to get out of doing work/chores today, you will lose all access to this ass for the next few months. Try again next time
  • [Please give me an A for trying, because I cannot do dirty talk to save my life. 😭😭😭]
Unusual Song Lyrics for the Signs
  • Aries: "Show me someone who says they've got no baggage, I'll show you somebody whose got no story, nothing gory means no glory but baby please don't bore me" (Sloppy Seconds, Watsky)
  • Taurus: "I'm a princess, cut from marble smoother than stone, and the scars that mark my body, they're silver and gold" (Yellow Flicker Beat, Lorde)
  • Gemini: "One more sad movie star divorce, three hundred died in an airplane wreck and you think of all the people suffering and you bury that pain, but you can tell me everything, and we’ll ride on that wave" (King of the world, Weezer)
  • Cancer: "And I know what it feels like, what it feels like being alone. You let them take, you let them take you home, and I know what it feels like to wanna be held, you get so tired, you get so tired of being cold" (Fragile, Rozes)
  • Leo: "This chest is full of memories of gold and silver tears. I'll give you more to own than all of this, I'll give you more than years" (Slow Your Breath Down, Future of Forestry)
  • Virgo: "So what are you waiting for, cuz someone could love you more, I'm just a lost boy" (Lost Boy, Troye Sivan)
  • Libra: "When I wake up, the dream isn't done. I wanna see your face and know I've made it home" (Painting Flowers, All Time Low)
  • Scorpio: "I feel like I could die beside you, with anyone else it's not the same. And I would do anything to last, when you undo my belt, I melt" (Melt, Heyrocco)
  • Sagittarius: "I can't keep my feet up off the edge, I kinda like the feeling of standing close to death, like when you're driving me crazy" (After Midnight, Blink 182)
  • Capricorn: "Gave you a minute when you needed an hour. Chose to push it aside instead of leaving behind you. If any word that I said could've made you forget I would have given you them all, but it was all in your head" (Bridges, Broods)
  • Aquarius: "Give me a pen, call me Mr. Benzedrine, but don't call the doctor, I wanna blow off steam" (20 Dollar Nose Bleed, Fall Out Boy)
  • Pisces: "Please use discretion when you're messing with the message man, these lyrics aren't for everyone only if you understand" (Message Man, twenty one pilots)
Cheesy Ship-Related Starters.
  • "My heart does this pitter patter thing whenever I see you, and I don't know how to handle it."
  • "I think I'm in love with you."
  • "Can I brush your hair?"
  • "Just looking at you makes my heart beat faster."
  • "You're breathtaking."
  • "Your ___ drives me crazy. In a good way."
  • "You know, I can imagine spending the rest of my life with you."
  • "Did you get the flowers I sent?"
  • "I got the flowers you sent."
  • "I treat you pretty great, eh?"
  • "As much as I love you, if ___ wanted to sleep with me, I'd totally hit that."
  • "Did you just throw flour in my face?"
  • "I can't decide if I want to kiss you or hit you with a bus half the time."
  • "We are not having a food fight in my parents kitchen!"

Maybe we were meant for each other but not meant to be together

Maybe we were meant to fall in love but to never take it further than a little more than friends

Maybe we were meant to come together, to fall apart, and then fall back together

Maybe we were meant to understand each other more than we understand ourselves

Maybe we were meant to fit just right but to always be missing one piece

Maybe we were meant to drive each other crazy but also be the best thing that’s ever happened to each other

Maybe…. Just maybe…. We’re soul mates in every way possible

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Every day people come in and complain about the prices of the food. Like, go somewhere else then so you're not holding up the line! It also drives me crazy when people only say they want a coffee without saying which type and then get annoyed when I ask them to explain! Honestly people don't even need to say hi, all they need to say is 'medium latte to go' or whatever they actually want.