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truthfully, I thought it’d be fun to hunt them down one-by-one and it kinda was. SOME WERE SO F*CKING DIFFICULT TO FIND THO AFJADLKFJADSFJ but yeah, I like a good challenge so it was fun, lord do I have a ton of new shows to check out urmg yah I know I’m BATSHIT CRAY btw I added a few of them dunno why they were not listed nyuu

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Inertia [EruRi]

Modern AU. Sometimes they go out and pretend they don’t know each other. Gently nudges this at @zedsdead1001 Thank you for having such lovely headcanons and for being such a sweetheart. Someone help them, they’re so dorky.  Rated M I guess? For dirty dancing… Ao3

He slammed the taxi door and stood on the curb, pausing to let a thrill slither up his spine, prickling at the back of his neck.  Throbbing bass spilled out the open door alongside flickering lights that caused the shadows cast by the bouncers to dance across the sidewalk.  Two women stumbled out of the club, the shorter of the two pausing to toss her head back and laugh, unselfconscious and bright, bubbling over the noise of the club.  The other woman spun her in a circle, dipping to mouth along her neck, trailing a hand down her back, winding the other up into her hair.  The little blonde’s fluttering laugh slid low and Levi shivered, pushed his way into the rolling noise of the club that reverberated until it was palpable.  His lips pulled back from his teeth, wolfish.  He liked the chase.

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And now I’m going to destroy the NCIS squad, and hopefully the United States Government.
—  Ari said. And failed. And also died.

Headcanon where Nagisa complains to Gou about having “never received a love confession from a girl,” and gets really disheartened. He knows he isn’t the “coolest” or most “manly” boy on campus, but surely someone out there has had a crush on him before? Right, Gou-chan? Some girls like cute boys too, don’t they?

But Gou just stares at him blankly and laughs because, um, everyone in school thought he and Rei-kun have been dating for like two years already? So no one’s tried?

Nagisa laughs and waves her off. Pfft, him and Rei-chan dating? Yeah right! First of all–and he drops his voice all deep–“Love is illogical and blah blah blah,” and second of all, they’re just friends!

Gou gives him another look and drills him.

Who’s the first person he’d want to contact if he had something cool to share? Rei-chan, he guesses. What about if he got a really good grade on a test? Well, Rei-chan, but that’s only because he sits right in front of him…. Okay, what if a new dessert shop opened up and he wanted to go eat there with someone? Rei-chan, of course! Because he always pays for his meals when they go out!

At that point, Gou just rolls her eyes. “Then you two might as well be dating!” she sighs and shakes her head.

Nagisa scoffs at her far-fetched proposal, but Gou just stands up and tells him to think about it–like, really think about it. The lunch bell rings, and Gou leaves Nagisa behind with a very troubling existential crisis.