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Genre/Warning(s): fighter au, friends/lovers, romance, drama, fluff… hasn’t been proofread.

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An unfamiliar rush of intimidation floods over you when you pull open the entrance door to the city’s most renowned boxing gym. The bag resting on your back seems heavier, as if gravity just decided to fall on you for a little extra pressure—or maybe it’s just your mind, but who really knows? Either way, you’re stepping well out of your comfort zone all for a friend. Not just any friend, though, but rather a fellow with an infectious, brilliant aura that seems to counter his passion for fighting.

A true Jack of all trades (but a master of none), he would say, but you think more of him than that. Always have and will.

Lee Minhyuk has been a guy that many would assume to be so harmless as to never hurt a fly, but beneath that outward projection dwells a lethal beast. The kind of beast you’ve only been able to witness once or twice in all your eight years of friendship.

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jokes that will always be funny - canine characters, no matter their personality or intelligence, falling prey to spherical objects being thrown.

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Today I played a match where my mother called and asked for my help just before the 20 minutes mark and I had to surrender. I explained why and our Trundle thought I was a kid. I’m a 23 year old woman with a Bachelor’s degree that doesn’t even live at home, parents don’t stop needing help when you get to 18+ and move out! He said it was “sad” and “embarrassing” that I had to help my mother. Life happens. I can’t help that I’m the only other person with a driver’s license in my family?

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53 and 65 💙

Yay! Thanks for the questions, Rama!

53: Do you save money or spend it?
Oh, I try honestly, to save money. I’m trying save up for a down payment on a car. But birthdays and holidays pass and I can’t help but dip into it to spoil my loved ones. I don’t really get paid that much either, I love paycheck to paycheck.

65: Give me your top 5 favourite blogs on Tumblr
Oh no… I couldn’t possibly pick! I’d forget someone! I, uh, hmm, I’ll just list in no particular order who I talk to the most cuz I couldn’t pick favorite blogs lol.
@meliss-cake @purple-possibilities @mouseymightymarvellous @raendown @zatannazatara06 @anonymouslydevious65
@dimancheetoile Shhh that’s five if you know…you don’t count right shhhh…

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Ash has torn both her acls and had a bunch of injuries but has come back every time. She is a world cup winner. This is but a minor setback. As for the timing, I hate how in woso the nt is held above club play. Though the way ellis manages the team it kind of kills the enthusiasm to root for the team.

nothing can stop Her

Big Long Happy Personal Post

Hey all~ I haven’t been on tumblr much lately because I haven’t been home much and I deleted mobile to save on data. I just wanted to update mostly mutuals and irl pals (tho if you’re a follower and care about my life for some reason you are a sweetheart and this is for you too) on what’s up with life and where I’m at. 

I really just wanted to tell y’all that moving to Vancouver is the best thing I could have done for me. I miss all of you back home dearly and I’m hoping to come back and visit soon (maybe on my birthday weekend in 2 weeks???) but holy shit, I haven’t ever been this happy??? 

Like it’s probs a combo of the new meds and a new situation but like i’m energized and it’s not as hard to get out of bed in the morning, I’ve been keeping my home clean and like I’ve WANTED to??? I haven’t had any of my fucked up nightmares in weeks. I’ve left the house almost every single day, I’ve walked 20k since last week.  

I’m making new friends, I feel motivated and excited about life!? Is this what not depressed people feel like??? I have a job I don’t hate, I have a home i love, my roommate is super cool, and I like myself right now? 

I mean it has only been three weeks, I am sort of just riding this high, but I’m putting systems in place so that when the excitement fades I can maintain this kind of lifestyle because clearly it’s good for me and my brain. I know that I will have relapses and bad days, bad weeks. I know I miss everyone back home so bad. But I wanted you all to know that I’m really happy, I never could have gotten here without the support of every single one of my friends so thank you all so much. 

This post was super gay but I love you all <3

✨Thank you all for 100 followers!✨

It means so much to me that so many of you stuck around with me for so long! And I’d like to especially thank my mutuals for just having me around, liking/reblogging posts, sending kind messages whenever, and so much more! It’s the small things that really make my day and I am very thankful for each and every one of you! Even the people that I’ve only talked to once or we don’t talk as much anymore, thank you all for supporting me! I hope everyone has a good day and that your life is filled with many blessings! 💜💜💜


Hey y’all.

I’ve been having pain in my shoulder for close to two months, and found out today it’s because I’ve partially dislocated my rib somehow. Until everything relaxes enough for the rib to slip back into place, I’m going to be really slow posting potentially. I’m still here if anyone needs anything, but posts may stop showing up for a small bit.

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping.

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1. holla out (ft. snails & taranchyla) - jack ü
2. la bicicleta - carlos vives, shakira
3. no make up - zion.t
4. amor prohibido - selena
5. honor to us all - mulan soundtrack
6. pirouette - made in heights
7. worship (ft. mnek) - the knocks
8. memory - brave girls
9. i needed you - blackbear
10. 7/11 - beyoncé

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