you're damn adorable


SG1 Meme: Characters (7/7) | Jack O’Neill

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That reply tho! I'm crying!!! You're so damn adorable! You both are though. Can we help this become reality?! I need you two to live together more than anything right now!

I don’t really know, it’s all pretty difficult - our countries are basically at cold war with each other, visas are hard, plane tickets are expensive, someone’s looks at self parents are homophobic, there are a lot of things that are just…not easy
but we’re doing our best to find a way to meet up every once in a while

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Based on your art and your replies to asks, I just had to follow you! You're just too god damn adorable! 💞 hope you have a nice day and night!!

aw thanks kiddo! love yoou! (also welcome to my blog. we welcome sweethearts here. just me and my emoji children)

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Oh man, I hope you're feeling better (also i really really love your art it's just so damn adorable and you're so damn adorable too so uh yeah)

Thank you!!!


LaFerry is so sick of Hollstein’s bullshit

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whats ur zodiac sign?? you're so damn positive its adorable i wanna guess maybe Sagittarius or leo??? but i feel like im wrong lmao

the fuck!!! i’m a sagittarius!!! my bday is the same day as nicki minaj so that could be a reason…..