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{Reaction} GOT7 seeing you when you're jealous

Hiii if request are open can u do a got7 reaction when you are obviously jealous in a cute way but you don’t admit it. 😳

Note: Aish such a cute request, I tried to make it as fluffy as possible, so I hope you like it!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/ images used.

Jackson Wang

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Jackson allowed Mark to rest his head on his shoulder as he played on his phone in the dorms. You were over, sitting beside him with your knees up to your chest as you slowly got more jealous. You pouted, and took the opportunity for revenge when JB sat beside you. You rested you head on JB, closing your eyes until you felt a pair of arms around your waist. You opened your eyes, somewhat startled, until you noticed Jackson was pulling you into him. Turns out you both have the tendency to be jealous over each other.

Jackson: “Mine”

Mark Tuan

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He knew it was making you frustrated, and that’s what made him keep smirking even more. Mark raised his arms over his head, only giving you a sneak peak of his stomach as his shirt rode up. You bit your lip, trying to compress a blush from the other boys that were all actively dancing in the room alongside your boyfriend. But keeping your emotions under control was hard. You were jealous of his shirt, so damp and clingy against his hot body. You were struggling to keep this a sworn secrecy.

Mark: “I think we should do the sexy bit over again, I don’t think I performed well.” *smirking*

{y/n}: “There’s no need! You did fine! Please don’t do it again” *blushing*


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Bambam sang loudly from the kitchen, his voice echoing around the house. You pressed your lips together in annoyance, why the hell was he singing IU’s twenty three again? You stood up, sighing as you wandered down the stairs to see him cooking noodles over the stove. He barely recognized your presence, it was only until you sighed again while rolling your eyes that he finally looked around, smiling at you before continuing to sing. Well that was soon about to stop.

{y/n}: “Jagi, a heads up, if you keep singing that song, you won’t be getting lucky anytime soon.”

Bambam: *smirking* “Is someone jealous?”

{y/n}: “Is someone pushing their luck? You’ll be on the damn couch if you don’t watch your tongue.”


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He barely noticed as your eyes trailed along his body, clearly envying the way he was holding another girl - he must be really drunk, because he wouldn’t do it under any other circumstance even if it isn’t really that bad. He had his arm wrapped around the girl you couldn’t help but despise the most, her condescending and obnoxious attitude crawling under your skin. You looked away, biting your lip. JB is your boyfriend, so why is he being so touchy with her? You couldn’t help but wonder bitterly. JB finally noticed how quiet you were being later on, and confronted you about it in the car.

JB: “You’re clearly jealous, you looked like the human form of the grumpy cat.”

{y/n}: “Shut your mouth or I’ll leave you at the side of the road.”


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Jinyoung slumped against the soft sofa, his eyes watching the screen intently. He’d been working all week to the brim of tiredness, and now, finally some time off, he was savoring every moment of peace he could get. But of course, nothing is ever peaceful in his life. He looked up to see you pouting, eyes looking at him, but darting away when he turned to look at you.

Jinyoung: “What’s that face for, eh?”

{y/n}: “Maybe I want you to hug me…”

Jinyoung: *realises you’re jealous of the pillow that is occupying his arms and laughs as he sits up and released the pillow, opening his arms for you instead.* “C’mere, you’re so cute.”

Kim Yugyeom

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You protested as Yugyeom accused you of being jealous of him. He had spent the whole night facing away from you with the blankets bundled up in his arms. Not only had you spent most of the night shivering in the cold, but you were also annoyed that he could have been hugging you instead of the blanket. But you weren’t ready to admit defeat, there was no way you were going down without a fight, you couldn’t let him be right again.

Yugyeom: “Wasn’t it you that said honesty is the best policy? Because I know you’re lying to me right now.”

{y/n}: “I wasn’t jealous of a damn blanket, get over yourself!”

Choi Youngjae

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Youngjae sung at the top of his lungs to blackpink’s new song ‘playing with fire’ his eyes almost in heart shapes as he watches the music video for what seemed like the one hundredth time that day and it was only 12 o’clock. You sighed, feeling slightly downhearted as you placed a bowl of ramen next to him. He looked up, smiling at you as he asked if you thought the girls had smashed this comeback. You nodded, feeling downtrodden.

{y/n}: “If they’re so talented why don’t you go and be with them instead?”

Youngjae: “Ah Jagi, don’t be jealous, I only admire their musical talent, nothing else. You’re way more amazing in my eyes, please don’t be jealous.”

{y/n}: “I’m not jealous!”

Youngjae: “Your face says differently. There’s literal fire in your eyes… almost like you’re playing with fire.” *smirks at his joke.*

{y/n}: “You’re the worst” *Leaves*

Youngjae: “Jagi… wait!”

  • Anna: So, what's your excuse?
  • Kristoff: For?
  • Anna: Acting the way we do.
  • Kristoff: I don't like to do what people expect. Why should I live up to other people's expectations instead of my own?
  • Anna: So, you disappoint them from the start, and then you're covered, right?
  • Kristoff: Something like that.
  • Anna: Then you screwed up!
  • Kristoff: How?
  • Anna: You never disappointed me.

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i think people need to learn that cringy is not just "i'm a fan/own merchandise of this thing". it's how you present that merchandise and your interest in the thing that you're a fan of. pokeball purse? adorable. pornographic body pillow of a pikachu? needs to be burned immediately.

part of it is performative as well

taking a pokemon bag out? cute way of showing people you’re a fan of pokemon

wearing pokemon footie pajamas when you’re out all day? don’t

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Okay so don't judge too hard or anything, but your tag cacw is great right? I THOUGHT FOR THE LONGEST TIME THAT YOU WERE JUST TRYING TO SAY CAWCAW IN YOUR OWN COOL LITTLE WAY. I saw first in a Falcon reblog so it made sense then, but it wasn't until I saw a reblog with just cap in it that I realized it was just the darn movie title. I love your blog honestly, and I feel stupid, but it's alright. I have Steve to help me through it.

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2D having an artist s/o that gets stressed out and annoyed at the slightest thing when they have art block You're always so thorough with answers and they're always super thoughtful 🔮🌸💖

This is such a cute idea omg!! and thank you, I do try my best! I’m gonna start this one the same as the one with Noodle, because that’s how I act whenever I have art block.

“Fucking hell” you mumbled angrily, chucking your tablet pen against the table, resting your head (rather violently) against your tablet. You’d spend all day doing commissions, and none of then were turning out the way you wanted them to. It’s almost like you’d forgotten how to draw in your own style.
Hearing your head bang against the table managed to grab 2D’s attention from across the room, and he put his book down and walked to you.
“You okay, love? You seem a bit, uh, stressed?” He questioned, placing his hand on your shoulder.
“I can’t draaaaaw” you whined, resting your face to the side to see 2D.
“What makes you say that?” He questioned, pulling a chair up to the desk you were working at. You lifted your head from your tablet and started at the screen. You had a few sketches on the screen, but none of them were up to your usual standard. Well, not in your eyes.
“You definitely can draw” he commented, picking up your tablet pen.
“No,” you said, opening a blank sheet up on the screen, “I have no ideas of what to draw. Or how to draw. I’ve become washed up at 26. I’m useless!” You cried, throwing your head back in despair.
“You’ve just got art block!” He said, attempting to reassure you that you weren’t a washed up artist. He began to doodle on the tablet without you noticing. You closed your eyes and groaned, rubbing your face. Why was art so hard.
“I get it with writing songs all the time! It happens!” He said, still making an attempt at reassuring you.
You sat there for a while in silence, listening to the pen tap against the tablet. You wondered what he was drawing.
Sitting up, you looked at 2D who looked to be concentrating incredibly hard on the screen. You smiled lightly, before he noticed you watching him. He jumped a bit when he noticed you looking, before saying,
“No no no no no! Don’t look yet! It’s not done!”
You laughed a bit, before leaning back into the chair again and closing your eyes.
“Do you fancy drawing my commissions for me then, Stu?” You hummed, tapping your feet against the floor. The thought that you had art block had left your mind, and you were occupied by thinking of what 2D was drawing.
“Uuuuh, no” he said, pretending to give your request thought. He wasn’t exactly the best artist anyway, from what you’d seen, so maybe that was for the best.
A few more minutes of listening to the pen tapping and 2D humming, and he turned to do and said “Done!”, with a big grin on his face.
Sitting up yet again, you looked at the screen for a moment before smiling brightly at 2D.
On the screen was a (poorly drawn) drawing of the 2 of you, holding hands on a beach. It was adorable to say the least, and it was clear to see that he had put a lot of effort into it.
“Do you like it?” He questioned, placing the pen onto the table. “I know its shit- but I thought it might cheer you up, and-and maybe you can redraw it to give you some inspiration” he smiled, eyes drifting back to his drawing at the screen.
You leaned over to him and put your hands around his neck, kissing him softly, before resting your forehead against him. He smiled and put his arms around your waist, pulling you to sit on his lap.
“I love it, Stu” you smiled, kissing him again.
“And I love you!” You added, getting up and sitting back in your chair.
“I love you too.” He grinned, before getting up from the chair and kissing your forehead.
“Get back to work!” He laughed, going back to his place on the sofa and continuing to read.
As soon as he left, you set the drawing he’d done for you as the computers wall paper, and with a new inspiration to draw, you began a redraw of 2D’s art.

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I hope you know how Problematic your behaviour is. Here I am, minding my own business, doin my own shit, and suddenly there's not one but TWO dashing young pointy dogs on my dash and I swear to god I don't even *want* a dobe there's no way in hell I could *handle* a dobe i can't *afford* a dobe and here I am craving a goddamn dobe. You're ruining my life. Stop it.

That’s me, problematic dogblr and life ruiner that tempts people over to the dark side with cute dobe puppies and promises of stinky kisses.

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Hi eule, your art is AMAZING. It so cute and you have such original ideas. The Gremlin!au is probably my favorite out of them all. Your style is so unique and the way you color and shade has inspired we so much! You're amazing and talented, and I love you as if you were my own sibling. With love, That sappy anon that loves you ♥♥♥

heee thank you eve!!!

dr. seuss quotes for the signs
  • aries: don't give up, i believe in you all! a person's a person, no matter how small!
  • taurus: if things start happening...don't worry, don't stew. just go right along, and you'll start happening too!
  • gemini: today you are you! that is truer than true! there is no one alive who is you-er than you!
  • cancer: today i shall behave as if this is the day i will be remembered!
  • leo: remember that life's a great balancing act. and will you succeed? yes! you will indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.) kid, you'll move mountains!
  • virgo: think left and think right, think low and think high, oh, the things you can think up if only you try!
  • libra: congratulations! today is your day. you're off to great places, you're off and away!
  • scorpio: i've bought a big bat, i'm ready you'll see, my troubles are going to have troubles with me!
  • sagittarius: today was good. today was fun. tomorrow is another one!
  • capricorn: you're on your own and you know what you know, and you're the one who'll decide where to go!
  • aquarius: unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. it's not!
  • pisces: be who you are! and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind!

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So in your UTMob, humans are basically an endangered species? If so, would the ones that are seen be captured and sold like animals/slaves? On an unrelated note: Would Asgore be able to recognize a human?

I guess that’s one way to call them. But to the monsters, humans are inherently violent (and are overall weak) so there isn’t much value in keeping one. In other words, NO SLAVERY OR HUMAN TRAFFICKING HERE. (Let’s keep things cute okays? ;D)

As for Asgore recognizing a human…Yes.

to all the girls out there worrying about their weights and shapes.

“love your own body, love yourself. you’re beautiful the way you are”

lift your chin up! it’s okay to be in any size, any shapes, just stay healthy :)

Watch on

He’s so beautiful like how does someone like him even exist?

You're The Father! ~ Chris Motionless

You and Chris have been married for about two years now and have been wanting kids for awhile now. Sure enough, you’re expecting. You couldnt be happier that your life is perfect for you, the perfect husband and now a little one of your own soon.

You’ve been trying to think of a cute way to tell him, and that just isn’t working. Who wants a boring ‘hey babe I’m pregnant!’? Not you and you bet Chris doesn’t either. So you and Devin have been hanging out a lot lately trying to figure out a way to tell him. 

“So do you think it’ll be a boy or a girl?” Devin asks.
“I’m not sure, I’m hoping for a boy though.” You say smiling.
“Why?” He asks curiously.
“I don’t know really, I just want a boy, but either way it’s going to get spoiled rotten. We all know this.” You say laughing. 

You and Devin decided to have a box that says 'open me!’ And have Chris open it. When he opens it’ll he’ll first see a white baby onesie (white because you didn’t know the gender) and a note saying 'you’re gonna be a dad!’. 

Chris walked in on you and Devin laughing and just walked straight upstairs into your guys bedroom. Not saying a word.

“I’ll be going now, call me and let me know how it goes okay?” Devin says kinda worried.
“I’m sure it’ll end up being fine Devin thanks for all of your help.” You say. 
“No problem (y/n)” he says and smiles. 

You lock the door behind him and take the box upstairs and knock on the bedroom door.

“What do you want?” Chris says harshly.
“Um, for you to open the door. I need to talk to you.” You say confused.

The door opens a few seconds later and you walk in only to be faced with an angry Chris.

“What the hell (y/n) why are you cheating on me with Devin?!” He says.
“I’m not!” You say, feeling hurt.
“Why is he always here then?! Huh?!” Chris says angrily. 

You look at him with hurt in your eyes and tears starting to form. You walk out of the room and close the door, but before you do you put the box on the floor so Chris would see it. You walk downstairs and sit on the couch waiting for him to come down and talk to you.

After about maybe twenty minutes Chris walks down and sits next to you. 

“Baby I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that I’m sorry.” He says.
“I forgive you babe you just have to know I would never do that to you, we’re a team now okay? I’m never going to leave you.” You say and kiss him. 

He smiles and places a hand on your stomach, you laugh.

“So I’m going to be a dad yeah?” He smiles wide. 
“Yes you are babe!” You laugh. 

He hugs you and kisses you again this time with passion and spark like he used to. 

“I love you babe … And I love you too kid.” He smirks and laughs and you laugh with him. 

You smile to yourself knowing that everything will be okay as long as Chris is by your side. 

Top Ten Signs You're Living in a YA Novel
  1. You’re a pretty average highschooler, but all of a sudden the most popular girl in class is going out of her way to pick on you over entirely mundane things.  She’s probably just jealous.
  2. There’s a new boy in school.  Everyone immediately forgets about all previous new boys, even though there’s already been like 12 transfers since school started.  You see, this one is different.  He’s cute.
  3. You develop a propensity for tripping over your own feet, but somehow nothing is ever irreparably harmed by this development.
  4. A teacher or other authority figure develops an inappropriate level interest in your dating life.  They are most likely evil, but not in the obvious “call CPS” way.
  5. Everyone around you fails to react to a major event, like someone displaying superhuman traits or a string of students dying under suspicious circumstances.  Except for that one assistant principle that wants you to see a therapist.  They are also evil.
  6. Your feet start to take you places through no will of your own.  Important events occur whenever this happens. Well, that or kissing.
  7. Your parents, despite being loving and attentive your entire life, both spontaneously develop a need to take long business trips, leaving you home alone long enough for important plot events to happen unimpeded. This will likely happen multiple times in a row.
  8. You are struck by the urge to notice and comment on everyone’s eye color in exacting detail.  While this does give you an interesting survey of the distribution of eye colors in your school, the knowledge is not actually helpful in any way.
  9. All google searches lead to exactly the answer you wanted to find, even if that means putting a tiny page with no resources quoted as the top hit, and are suspiciously lacking in Rule 39 fanfiction.
  10. You completely lose interest in any hobbies other than reading classic literature.  And since you’ve already read all of them, you stop doing that as well and subsist entirely on misused quotes.
Simplest advice for the signs
  • Aries: Don't hold grudges, especially against those you love. Let it go. Even the people if necessary.
  • Taurus: Please, realize how much beautiful and special you are. Take care of yourself. You deserve everything.
  • Gemini: Don't ever miss the chance to see your favorite band. Enjoy it as much as possible. Dance and sing a lot.
  • Cancer: Don't stay in a bad relationship. There's so many things waiting for you. Probably even the love of your life.
  • Leo: Most of the drama are needless. Don't ruin something good just for a bad moment. Take a deep breath.
  • Virgo: Don't let the fear stop you to do something. Stop worrying that much. Do what you feel like doing.
  • Libra: Don't care too much about what other people think. Believe me, that doesn't matter. You're better than this.
  • Scorpio: Support your own dreams. Don't sacrifice your happiness. Never give up.
  • Sagittarius: Always travel when you get a chance. Take cute pictures. Make new friends.
  • Capricorn: Quit that job you hate. You didn't should make yourself miserable everyday. You will find something better.
  • Aquarius: Don't be afraid of showing your feelings. Tell this special person you love them. Even if isn't returned.
  • Pisces: Define yourself in the way you wanna do it. Don't let society do it. Have your own freedom.
The Infamous Secret Glances

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Ask Meme - F•R•I•E•N•D•S version #3
  • "You are such a good friend and this weird."
  • "Honey, might I suggest watching a little more ESPN and a little less E?"
  • "What if we live together and you understand what I'm saying?"
  • "At least the people who spit on you are famous."
  • "Aren't you a little old to be wearing a dress like that?"
  • "Don't you have a little too much penis to be wearing a dress like that?"
  • "So shouldn't we give her the benefit of the doubt before we..go snooping around her crotch?"
  • "I think it'd be better for my ego if we didn't stand right next to each other."
  • "So I was right. This is what it feels like to be right. ...It's oddly unsettling."
  • "No uterus, no opinion."
  • "I'm not great at the advice... can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?"
  • "They were just giving those away at the exchange for money."
  • "You're weird today."
  • "Before today I never thought of you two having sex at all... It was a simpler time."
  • "How about this? You could treat me like I'm an equal. Or, talk down to me like I'm a child."
  • "I'll tell you what. For the rest of our lives, I'll be careful. Until told otherwise."
  • "I am warm for your form."
  • "You're being weird. Do you want sex or did you do something bad?"
  • "Wow. You look...stop-eating hot. Which is like, the highest level of hotness."
  • "I wanna find a baby that needs a home and I wanna raise it with you... And I wanna mess it up in our own specific way."
  • "Because you know how competitive you get. And while I say it's cute, others disagree, and I'm lying."
  • "Should I use my invisibility to fight crime or for evil?"
  • "If you know it through a wall, you know it too well."
  • "What must it be like not to be crippled by fear and self-loathing?"
  • "I've got this uncontrollable need to please people!"
  • "That fake British woman's a real bitch, but she sure can dance."
  • "I know. She may be the hottest girl I've ever hated."
  • "I'm curvy, and I like it!"
  • "Did I just 'if I were a guy'?"
  • "Boo us? Boo you!"
  • "You're right. By saying 'nice' I'm virtually licking her."
  • "Do you even know what a 'banana hammock' is?"
  • "You're like a...stealth heterosexual!"
  • "Yeah, you have homosexual hair."
  • "Oh you must stop 'shoop'ing."
  • "I'm not saying it was a good idea! I'm saying I snapped!"