you're crazy but i love you smile

I Can’t Have You But This Is How I Feel.

There’s just something about you…I will never know what it is. You light up my life with your smile, your laugh, your giant heart of gold. Even the crazy things about you, the sad things about you and the dark things about you…..light up my life. You light up my darkness and with you I feel the most alive.

I have never felt this way about anyone ever before but I love it, I love every waking moment of it…I dream of dreaming of you more because I know even while I sleep you will get to me there. I have never been happier with anybody, as I am with you.

No one has ever made me smile, make me laugh, turn me on…as much and as well as you have. You bring out the best in me, the freakiest in me and you drive me fucking crazy.

Give me all of you, the good, the bad, the scary…give me your light and your darkness, give me all of you. Hold me close and tell me you love me, pull my hair and tie me up…..tell me that you hate me. Choke me. Tease me. Fuck me. Hold me. Kiss me. Love me. Tell me that you care.

I can’t grasp how or why I feel the way I feel but you set my heart ablaze….If I could I’d have you all to myself, I’m so selfish and I want you so very bad.

You make me a better person…a better lover…a better writer…a better youtuber…a better me.

I couldn’t ever thank you enough for all you’ve done for me, for every time you’ve made me laugh till I cried….every time you’ve turned me on till I came and for every time you helped me down off a ledge….

I couldn’t thank you enough without my face turning blue and I would breathe my last breaths but it would be worth…..

All because of you.

Happy Ravi Day!!!

Dear Woshik,

For a few months now I’ve been watching you- watching you grow, laugh, cry, and, overall, watching you have the time of your life. Again and again I’ve found myself smiling along with you, or crying when I see your eyes glaze over, or laughing until my stomach hurts from your crazy antics. Still, no matter what, I’ve never felt more privileged than when I got to be there for you when you released your album. I listen to it every day and my heart warms when I see how far you’ve come. I haven’t been a Starlight for very long, but I’m praying that I’ll get to shine for you for many years to come.

Thank you for being a light in my life when there was nothing but darkness all around me.

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Thank you for loving me when I couldn’t even bring myself to look in the mirror in the mornings.

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Thank you for smiling enough for the both of us when the tears won’t stop falling from my eyes.

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Thank you for being silly and encouraging us to be ourselves when the world tells us that we don’t matter as individuals.

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Thank you for always remembering us Starlights no matter what happens.

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Thank you for always being a source of comfort and encouragement to not only myself, but thousands of other people world-wide as well. Your smile, your laugh, your heart- all of it makes a difference to us, even if you can’t see that yourself just yet.

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Most of all, Wonshik, thank you for loving us with all your heart. You want so badly to be with us always, so know that you are always in our hearts, even if we can’t meet face-to-face. I love you, Kim Wonshik, because you’re heart is beautiful and captivating. Please keep smiling, and when you feel like the pressure is too much let us Starlights hold you up.

Happy birthday, love, and here’s to another amazing year.

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Dear Future Wife...#608

When your breathing speeds up. The way you sigh just a little bit. That look when you’ve decided you’re going to do that thing that drives me crazy, but you’re making me wait for it. The look you give me when I’m going to that thing that drives you crazy, and I’m making you wait for it. First touches. Chills. Butterflies. That fucking smile.

I know I should shift my thoughts to anything else right now, because I’m out all day and technically I’m on the job. But, I can’t. You’re too hot, baby. Too gorgeous and perfect for me to not have you on my mind forever.