you're crazy but i love you smile

Happy Birthday, Damon! ♥

If you could hear me, i’d like to tell you that i hope you’re having a wonderful day and all the love and happiness be with you always! I love you with all my heart and thank you for everything!

So, here is Damon’s cat version, because whenever i see him, i think he has a beautiful kitten face. 

I truly hope one day you find something worth living for. One day I hope you can think of us and smile without crumbling to the floor. I hope you go out and chase those crazy dreams of yours. And I really hope you never forget that a piece of me will always be yours.
—  K.N.B.
Dear Future Wife...#608

When your breathing speeds up. The way you sigh just a little bit. That look when you’ve decided you’re going to do that thing that drives me crazy, but you’re making me wait for it. The look you give me when I’m going to that thing that drives you crazy, and I’m making you wait for it. First touches. Chills. Butterflies. That fucking smile.

I know I should shift my thoughts to anything else right now, because I’m out all day and technically I’m on the job. But, I can’t. You’re too hot, baby. Too gorgeous and perfect for me to not have you on my mind forever.