you're crazy but i love you smile

I truly hope one day you find something worth living for. One day I hope you can think of us and smile without crumbling to the floor. I hope you go out and chase those crazy dreams of yours. And I really hope you never forget that a piece of me will always be yours.
—  K.N.B.
Reality of Jerome:
  • Jim: Jerome I'm so sorry this snake found your mom's dead body
  • Jerome: Idk that snek is lying
  • Jerome: I was abused as a child and i killed my mom
  • Jerome: you are single right babs
  • Babs: go away
  • Jerome: i need friends
  • Jerome: *dangles legs off the edge of a building* DO WE NEED PROPER SPELLING WITH DEAD BODIES OR SHOULD WE JUST ADD PUNCTUATION
  • Galavan: You have a nice laugh
  • Jerome: *internally screams* ARE YOU MY DAD
  • Galavan: sure
  • Jerome: Papa Galavan I want this sword and this cannibal took it from me
  • Galavan: here's a gun solve your problems like grown ups
  • Jerome: *shoots selfin the head 3 times*
  • Jerome: I'm the boss of the gang AND I GET TO HAVE A SWORD WEEEEEE
  • Jerome: I'm not changing out of this robe I will die in this robe
  • Maniax: We're gonna have matching uniforms
  • Jerome: *fangirl screaming*
  • Jerome: Can you people help me set you guys on fire faster
  • Jerome: I was abused as a child and finally someone believes in me
  • Blind guy: your gonna die and be a curse of madness
  • Jerome: ugh what are you a screenwriter *stabs*
  • Bruce: you killed yours
  • Jerome: love similarities celebrate differences
  • Galavan: What if I told you're gonna maybe get a GF and definitely a cult that would die for you
  • *is bAck*
  • Jerome: I feel dizzy and I've been smiling for like a year straight ugh
  • Jerome: where's papa
  • Lee: nah he ded twice
  • Jerome: do I have a cult now
  • Lee: yes
  • Jerome: am I reincarnated as Melanie Martinez
  • Lee: no???
  • Jerome: where's my face
  • Lee: taken by some poser
  • Jerome: thanks you the best
  • Dwight: OMG SENPAI
  • Dwight: here's a stapler
  • Jerome: I look ugly now
  • Dwight: not in my eyes Senpai
  • Jerome: I wanna murder you ugh
  • Dwight:
  • Jerome: too late
  • Jerome: hey gotham no cell phones just lets all be friends in my carnival that's in the promo
  • Jim: why do people listen to you
things my favorite fob songs remind me of
  • w.a.m.s: sleepless nights, grabbing fistfuls of your own hair out of frustration, leather boots, fucking because it's as close as you can get to love
  • tiffany blews: bonfires, the dead of night, two people falling apart at each other's hands, self-destruction, runny mascara, glinting eyes, going 100 mph through hairpin turns
  • west coast smoker: fistfights, defiance shining in your eyes, white knuckles, ruthlessness, wide aggressive smiles, ripped jeans, crumpled packs of cigarettes, cockiness masking terror
  • headfirst slide into cooperstown: old love that won't die, twisted thoughts, going back to bad habits, gold rings, sitting in long grass at sunset in the middle of summer
  • the carpal tunnel of love: crumpled and torn love letters, wondering how things got so vicious, kisses with lots of teeth, broken bottles, metal glinting silver in moonlight
  • i slept with someone in fall out boy: heavy makeup, quickies in alleyways, hearts beating hard, feeling unclean, loving the body and hating the person, sabotage and revenge
  • dance, dance: arguments all the time except when you're making love, scars words can't fix, the leftover confetti after a big celebration, smiles hiding misery, the resentment of being shorted what you deserve
  • where did the party go: the crash after a party, neon lights, cigarette smoke, swirling heads, not letting go of what you should, hopeless love, nostalgia
  • my songs know what you did in the dark: gasoline, crazy smiles, flickering streetlights, bared teeth, god complexes, clenched fists, prominent veins
  • just one yesterday: holy water, rose-colored glasses, burning old love letters, confidence masking insecurity, revolvers stuffed into waistbands, grabbing someone by the collar to kiss them
  • fourth of july: apology letters never sent, lighting matches, knowing there is no second chance, a lump in your throat, turning away so they won't see you cry
I fell in love with you, The way People did back in the 40’s.
Little by little Then All at once Then Everything Else just Became Lovable. 
I fell in love with your smile, As it Lit up the road as we drove from Point A to Point B.
I fell in love with your laugh, because it echos across the world and comes right back to me.
I fell in love with the way you grip the steering wheel, as you get nervous driving on the highway.
I fell in love with the way you look at me and As you look back at the road I can hear your thoughts about me.
I fell in love with your fingertips running across my forehead brushing my hair out of my face.
I fell in love with the way you say my name, and as much as I hate my name you make me love it so much.
I fell in love with the way you stare at me and tell me how amazed you are that you found me.
I fell in love with the way you have to fall asleep touching a part of me, Even if its just your finger tip on my side.
I fell in love with the way you chase the light in my eyes.
I fell in love with your eyes, and how they say so much.
I fell in love with your lips and how they look and feel like home.
I fell in love with your hugs and how I can feel and see the future with you.
I  fell in love with the way you tell me everything.
I fell in love with your sailor mouth, and how you laugh when I curse.
I fell in love with how I can talk about work and you actually respond in a way that no guy has ever.
I fell in love with your tattoo, because it show that you just don’t care what people say.
I fell in love with the way you amaze me everyday, with all the support you give me. 
I fell in love with your hair, and how it sticks up in the back.
I fell in love with your perfect smile and how you raise your eyebrows at me, and call me crazy.
I fell in love with the way you only slept an hour with me that night we first held each other. 
I fell in love with your ability to love me even when I’m stupid and trying to tell you're completely wrong even though I know you’re right. 
I fell in love with your funny birthmarks. 
I fell in love with your ridiculous thoughts when you’re deprived from sleep.
I fell in love with your arms and how they wrap around my body perfectly.
I fell in love with the way you look at me like I’m the entire universe to you.
I fell in love with your funny tickle spots, and how you laugh at everything I say.
I fell in love with the way you always ask if I’m okay, or if I’m sick.
I fell in love with the way you kiss me and how each and every time you make me feel like I’m flying.
I fell in love with the way you beat on the steering wheel like it’s a drum when you’re listening to hardcore music, and how you try to do the deep scream or growls. 
 I fell in love with the you kiss or rub my forehead or the back of my hand randomly or any bone that hurts.
I fell in love with you, The way you fell in love with me.
As soon as I met you I just knew..
—  I Chose You..
  • Isn't it funny how it only takes a smile or even a glance to make you feel like you're flying. I swear having a crush is the most amazing high I've ever felt. Like when you see them in the hall and you stop breathing and your heart stops and for an instant it feels like time itself stops and you're just there, in the moment, staring at someone you love. Or when you see them in unexpected places and you just stop and literally feel like you're going to faint. It's crazy to be so gone with someone and they not even know it. And the best part is that feeling of hope..this little glittering hope that some way, some how...they might feel the same about you.

anonymous asked:

Hello! First of all, you're writing is so great! I really enjoy it, every time I found you post something you. Thank you for sharing it! And if you're still taking request, could I have a scenario with Shinsou dealing with a heavy injured s/o after they save them from the attack of a villian? Thank you!!

Shinsou is so popular on this blog. It’s crazy. I love it. 

No. Please, god, no. It should’ve been him. It should’ve been him. But you were standing in front of him with your arms spread. Shinsou was on the ground, looking up at the blood dripping from your lips. You were smiling at him with crimson-stained teeth.

“S-Shin-chan, are y-you okay?”

Your voice was raspy as you stood on wobbling legs. You couldn’t breathe, but at least he was alright. The pain in your back was nothing like you’ve ever felt. A searing, blood-curdling kind of pain. A pain that made you wish you were dead instead. But at least Shinsou was alright. You fell to your knees and the world went black.

Shinsou sits in the waiting room of the hospital with his head in his hand. Emergency surgery. That’s what you needed because of him. They told him that you’re in “critical condition” and that they’re going to “try their best.” What the hell does that even mean? Shinsou shuts his eyes. It’s like a nightmare. He remembers the look on your face and your hands on him when you pushed him away. It’s his fault. You took that attack for him. It’s his fault that you’re going to die.

Shinsou grits his teeth as tears fall from his eyes. Damn it. Just damn it. This can’t be happening. How can he live a life without you? Who’s going to ride on the back of his bike? And who’s going to tell those cheesy jokes that he pretends to hate? What about that little black kitten? The two of you hadn’t even named it yet. It was going to be your first pet as a couple. Who is going to give it a name? It’s gonna cry if you don’t come home. 

He is trembling as he presses his palms against his eyes. He can’t live a life without you.

quotes for venus signs
  • aries: "its you, its always been you"
  • taurus: "we go together like copy and paste"
  • gemini: "am i crazy or falling in love?"
  • cancer: "you're all i think about"
  • leo: "a moment in my arms, a lifetime in my heart"
  • virgo: "you look super cute when you smile"
  • libra: "i love with a love that is more than love"
  • scorpio: "my heart boner, an affection erection"
  • sagittarius: "where there is love there is life"
  • capricorn: "the love you take is equal to the love you make"
  • aquarius: "you are the only exception"
  • pisces: "only you can give me that feeling"
Yandere / Senpai Starters
  • "I'll be watching over you...even if you don't see me."
  • "I'll be here forever..."
  • "You'll never be alone."
  • "I love you, in my own crazy, crazy way."
  • "I'm jealous, jealous... you're mine and only mine, nobody can have you."
  • "I love you, this fake smile is only for you... why don't you love me? I'll kill for your own sake..."
  • "I'm crazy!? What's crazy is this world that refuses to let me be with you!"
  • "All the tragic, hurtful words you said to me, are piercing right through my chest deeper... Than a knife ever could!"
  • "You will love me..."
  • "Why do you always ignore me and go for her..?!"
  • "Ahaha, I found you!"
  • "...It's a man/woman, isn't it?"
  • "Makes me consider tearing off their arms and legs."
  • "If you aren't mine...I can't stand it."
  • "They're...kinda of weird."
  • "That whole 'notice me senpai' thing isn't going to happen with me."
  • "I just feel kind of watched lately."
  • "You have that feeling where you're being watched or stalked?"
  • "I feel someone is there, but when I look, I see no one."
  • "Oh, I see them more often than not...I think they're following me."
  • "Why are they looking at me weird..?"
Not Fall in Love with You
Jeff Williams
Not Fall in Love with You
you are my star
you are the one 
you make me smile when the world's come undone
you are the one who sweeps me off of my feet 
you totally rock
you're crazy and cool
everything's all that i love about you
girl of my dreams you would make my life complete

but you're a distant dream to me
out of my league
how could it ever be?

what am I supposed to do-
just sit here and not fall in love with you?
can i do anything to conceal it?
can i lock up my heart and not feel it?
try to hide from the fact 
that theres no turning back
i'm in love

you leave me weak 
you make me strong
all that i need is to know i'm not wrong
if love is blind how do i make you see me?
you're my PYT 
my cherie amour
one look at you and my heart starts to soar
no other girl could compete with your esprit

oh and if your heart would just agree
then i know and i know that i could be--
oh i could believe
you're all that I ever need

and like the autumn leaves 
i just can't help myself
i'm falling there's no doubt
its you and no one else  
is there any chance
for this dream romance?
should i just give up 
what's a fool to do?  
could you fall for me 
like I fell for you? 
You're Not Here
Akira Yamaoka
You're Not Here


Blue sky to forever
The green grass blows in the wind, dancing
It would be a much better sight with you with me

If you hadn’t met me
I’d be fine on my own, baby
I never felt so lonely then you came along

So now what should I do?
I’m strung out, addicted to you
My body aches, now that you’re gone
My supply fell through

You gladly gave me everything you had and more
You craved my happiness
When you made me feel joy it made you smile
But now I feel your stress

Love was never meant to be such a crazy affair, no
And who has time for tears?
I never thought I’d sit around and cry for your love,
‘til now


Oh, I feel your stress

Oh, who has time for tears?
Oh, my baby

Yeah yeah
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Oh, I feel your stress

The signs as Owl City lyrics
  • Aries: "We were alone on the road driving faster/So far from home we were chasing disaster/Hard on the gas 'till the car caught on fire/We had to laugh as the smoke billowed higher" (Dreams and Disasters)
  • Taurus: "I fought all through the night/Oh,oh,but I made it alive/The sun's starting to rise/Oh,oh,these are beautiful times" (Beautiful Times)
  • Gemini: "Shout out to the friends back home/Shout out to the hearts you've known/You gave them nothing but the best,yeah/And you can tell them your story" (Gold)
  • Cancer: "To ten million fireflies/I'm weird 'cause I hate goodbyes/I got misty eyes as they said farewell" (Fireflies)
  • Leo: "When the sun goes down and the lights burn out/Then it's time for you to shine/Brighter than a shooting star/So shine no matter where you are" (Shooting Star)
  • Virgo: "Your spirit is sweet,so pull off your sheet/And give me a ghost of a smile/Show me your teeth,'cause you're a teddy beneath/So just grin and bear it awhile" (Plant Life)
  • Libra: "Tell me again was it love at first sight/When I walked by and you caught my eye/Didn't you know love could shine this bright?/Well smile because you're the deer in the headlights" (Deer In The Headlights)
  • Scorpio: "So if you're gonna go and leave me in a lonely grave/I won't let it show until you've finally flown away" (Take it All Away)
  • Sagittarius: "And remember to laugh 'cause you're living in a crazy world/Where you'll never guess what could happen next/Give the outer limits my regards as you float to fly away" (Alligator Sky-No Rap Version)
  • Capricorn: "I ain't too sure what I believe in/But I believe in what I see/And when I close my eyes/I see my whole life ahead of me" (Verge)
  • Aquarius: "Switch on the sky and the stars glow for you/Go see the world 'cause it's all so brand new/Don't close your eyes 'cause your future's ready to shine/It's just a matter of time,before we learn how to fly" (When Can I See You Again?)
  • Pisces: "I am floating away/Lost in a silent ballet/I'm dreaming you're out in the blue and I am right beside you" (On The Wing)
wrecĸ-ιт ralpн ~ ѕenтence ѕтarтerѕ
  • "My passion bubbles very near the surface, I guess."
  • "I'm very good at what I do, probably the best I know."
  • "It becomes kinda hard to like your job when no one seems to like you for doing it."
  • "Quittin' time!"
  • "Yeah, uh… I-I'm sorry, ya lost me there."
  • "Thanks, Satan."
  • "You can't mess with the program, bro."
  • "Step aside, sir, random security check."
  • "Anything to declare?"
  • "What? Is that today? Ah, I'm such a dummy with dates…"
  • "Hey, 'scuse you!"
  • "It's make your mama's proud time!"
  • "When did video games become so violent and scary?!"
  • "No cuts, no butts, no coconuts...?"
  • "Your face! It's amazing!"
  • "You're not from here, are you?"
  • "Are you a hobo?"
  • "Why are you so freakishly annoying?"
  • "Is that a threat I smell?"
  • "See? You're an accident just waiting to happen."
  • "What a moron…"
  • "Enjoy your little tantrum, diaper baby?"
  • "Leave me alone."
  • "We are not friends."
  • "Get a hold of yourself!"
  • "I love it… I love it, I love it, I love it!"
  • "Woah, what, you have teeth? I don't I've ever seen ya smile before!"
  • "Hurry, hurry, let's go! Time's 'a wastin'!"
  • "This is so exciting!"
  • "You're adorable!"
  • "I'm adorable!"
  • "No, I understand plenty, traitor!"
  • "I don't care, you're a liar!"
  • "What are you, crazy?!"
  • "What the -- ? Who are you?!"
  • "Just go. Go without me."
  • "Don't worry! I got it under control!"
  • "What's with all the magic sparkles?!"
  • "You could be happy."
  • "I'm already happy."
  • "When can I see you again?"
5SOS Preference #28: Bad Day
  • Ashton Irwin: "I t-thought I was doing great, A-ashton." I sob into his muscular chest while he holds me into his arms. After I got home from finding out that I got let off from my job, he took me upstairs and made me lay down with him. That's when the water works came. "And you did, baby," Ashton whispers to me, rubbing my back in a calming manor. "You did wonderful." My chest shakes as I try to find my breath. "I wish I w-would've known what I could've d-done better," I admit in whisper, my voice cracking. "I'm f-fucking terrible, Ash." Ashton presses his lips against my forehead. "You're amazing, (Y/N)," He whispers gently as my sobs quiet down. "You are absolutely amazing." I sniff and move closer towards him and try to focus on his gentle and sweet gestures. "Just breathe, sweetheart," He breathes quietly, giving my forehead a kiss. "Just relax, I got you."
  • Luke Hemmings: "Hey, hey, what's that matter?" I ask, gently, after Luke rests his head on my lap without answering my usual "how was your day" question twice. He shrugs and just looks at the ceiling above us. "Well something's on your mind." I whisper, my hand playing with blonde locks. "I should quit." He admits in a whisper. "What?" I ask, my fingers running through his hair. "It's too much, (Y/N). The band is." Luke mumbles. "I'm no good." I shake my head. "Nonsense." I say back. "You should've heard me today, (Y/N). I playing all the wrong chords and was off with everything. I don't belong-" I stop his babbling by leaning down and kissing his lips. "You're speaking like you're crazy, my love." I whisper to him before kissing his cheek. "But-" "Hush." I say then kiss his lips. "Today just wasn't your day. But tomorrow will be. Don't say that craziness because you and I both know that you don't mean it. You belong and I love you. Okay?" I finish and Luke nods. "Okay." He whispers before smiling and I kiss his lips.
  • Calum Hood: "Oh C-Calum." I cry hard into his shoulder, holding onto him for dear life. "Shhh, darling. It's okay." He whispers to me as he runs his hand down my back gently. "No, i-it's not okay!" I yell into his shoulder, my hand smacking his chest. "I-I feel b-broken." I say in defeat. "It was not your fault, baby." He says softly to me. I pull away from him and sit back on the passengers seat, wiping my eyes with my fingers. My heart sinks more every time I think of the blood and the pain. "I want a b-baby, Cal." I whisper as my eyes well up again with tears. "And we'll have one, darling," He whispers to me, taking my hands. "One day, we will." Tears run down my face and I sniff. "I feel terrible." I sob shakily. He pulls me into his chest again and I lose it. "Baby, you didn't do anything wrong. This is a natural thing." Calum reassures me. I sob into his shoulder and hold onto him again tightly. "We'll have a baby one day. I-I promise." He reassures me again, his voice breaking while he tries to hold back his own tears.
  • Michael Clifford: "Are you sure you're alright?" I ask Michael before sitting next to him on the couch. He nods his head as he scrolls through his phone. His eyes move across the phone screen, reading something. I sigh and return back to my movie. "(Y/N)?" Michael asks quietly. "Hmm?" I say, turning my head to him. "Do you like my hair?" He asks me with hopeful eyes. I nod my head before looking up at his blueberry hair. "I actually really love it." I admit and he gives me a smile. "You do?" He asks softy and I nod again. "Of course. Why, babe?" I ask, taking his hand. He sighs and lays his head on my shoulder. "I've been getting shit all day from people about it," Michael mumbles. "They say I look even more gross with this color." My heart breaks at the horrible words. "How fucking rude." I admit out loud. "You're telling me." He whispers quietly. "Well I think you rock the color, hon." I admit in a whisper. "Thank you, babe." He says. "In fact," I say before straddling his lap. "I think you look even more sexier, baby." Then he leans into me and kisses my lips as I play with his hair.
what I like about each sign
  • aries: you're all really funny and energetic. you all make me smile.
  • taurus: you're all cute af. if you are a taurus, pls join my taurean army.
  • gemini: you're hilarious and witty. and usually pretty damn clever.
  • cancer: you're cute little crabs and I wanna hug you
  • leo: you're all loyal and super nice. don't let haters bring you down.
  • virgo: you're very detailed and notice things I don't. usually smart.
  • libra: I love you guys so much. I wanna marry a libra js. you're all so lovely and hot like yh.
  • scorpio: you're so funny. I feel like I can trust you all.
  • sagittarius: you're crazy and I love it. keep being cool.
  • capricorn: I like how I can make so many puns outta your name. you're a softie at heart n you know it.
  • aquarius: you're original and it's super rare to find someone who's like you. I like how you're not clingy.
  • pisces: you're so caring, no matter what happens. you're shy in a really cute way
  • "Money can't buy happiness."
  • "When was the last time you had sex?"
  • "What are you smiling about?"
  • "Human beings are designed for many things. Loneliness isn't one of them."
  • "I don't trust friendly women."
  • "I love you because you did the right thing, and I admire your bravery."
  • "You'll never prove it."
  • "I don't like lies."
  • "You look so pretty. I hardly recognize you."
  • "Return the shoes? I can't talk to you when you're hysterical."
  • "It was an accident."
  • "Good friends offer to help in a crisis, great friends don't take no for an answer."
  • "You think I'm crazy."
Evolution of Lucaya quotes
  • Maya: You're really cute!
  • Lucas: It's okay, I'm unaffected by Maya's views of country life.
  • Maya: *looks happy and impressed when Lucas chooses his friends over Missy*
  • Lucas: Well, if that's what makes you happy, then I certainly can't wait for it, ma'am
  • Maya: *happily* You actually put thought into our little game, don't ya?
  • Lucas: *instinctively tries to protect Maya from Farkle's comment about her painting*
  • Lucas: I'm Ranger Roy and I'll be here all week! *smiles and tips imaginary hat*
  • Maya: Ya know, someday you're going to make somebody a wonderful fortune cookie.
  • Maya: *smiles cutely* ha hurr! *smiles as she walks away*
  • Lucas: Trick or treat! *beaming at her*
  • Lucas: I thought this is what you wanted Maya!
  • Lucas: Maya, I'd like to be my secretary of state! *aka thinks highly of her*
  • Lucas: C'mon [Maya], we can't start the revolution without you!
  • Lucas: Wanna see a rope trick? *smiles*
  • Maya: Hey Ranger Rick! Ya wanna go out with me?
  • Maya: I finally like you!
  • Maya: Whatever bad, bad things you did at your old school, you're still such a Huckleberry
  • Lucas: Don't forget Bucky McBoingBoing!
  • Maya: Ooh that was a fun day!
  • Lucas: *flirtly* Well...what do I seem like to you?
  • Lucas: Did you just call me Lucas??
  • Maya: I've always known your name
  • Lucas: I don't know Maya, you may want to consider this [teacher].
  • Lucas: Maya, you're the most secure person in this room!
  • Lucas: *stuttering, nervous* I'm- I'm not dancing with you
  • Maya: Hate to break it to you cowboy, but you're still dancing with me *smiling*
  • Lucas: I want Maya to be happy!
  • Lucas: blonde beauty
  • Maya: No need to contain me, Lucas. I'm fine.
  • Lucas: How are you fine? You don't look fine
  • Lucas: *instinctively covers Maya's face during Rah Rah*
  • Maya: I don't want you anywhere near that bull!
  • Lucas and Maya: *intense almost kiss*
  • Maya: Of course I like you
  • Maya: If you got hurt, I don't know what I would've done
  • Maya and Lucas: smiling like crazy after the smoothie dump
  • Lucas: *puts comforting hand on her shoulder*
  • Lucas and Maya: *have honest conversation about beliefs while he giggles like a love sick fool*
  • Maya: Well it's one minute to midnight and I'm glad you're standing here.
  • Lucas: Wow...that kind of makes up for everything *big smile*
  • Me: why do some people think this is a love hate relationship?? It's clearly never been that, not even in Season 1....

anonymous asked:

I swear you and your art are so similar. Like your art is so soft and nice to look at and really beautiful and cool! And you're so sweet with everyone and kind! You're an absolute sweet heart! Also I was wondering if you'd draw like your sorta persona I guess I can say? So I can draw you too!!!!!

i cant?!?!?! BELIEVE… HOW CUTE THIS MESSAGE IS.????? it made me smile like crazy, thank you so much TT_TT…..
i don’t really have a persona, but i look a bit like this…!! i guess the main points are:
- BIG eyebrows!!!
- a mole on my right cheek
- these weird… royal python snake-pattern glasses
- a “im a mixed kid but i never go out so my skintone is kinda weird”-kind of skintone
- n i love pangolins…and elephants