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I’ve been waiting to post this draft for a while hahah but I’ve been rebooting my Redbubble store for the past month and there’s new art stuff and I’m excited.

“Look! Look! They’ve done it a-bloody-gain! Her BOSOM IS EXPOSED TO THE SEA BREEZES! That’s it! I’ve had enough! Dudley, fetch my pen!”

Seventeen Reaction To When You're Feeling Chilly But Try To Hide It From Them

S.coups & Joshua: Being a sweetheart and a gentlemen he wouldn’t hesitate to take off his jacket or sweater to place over your shoulders. Even if you told him that you were okay and weren’t that cold, he’d insist and tell you that he’d be fine.

 Jeonghan & Seungkwan: He’d be so concerned as soon as he saw you shivering. He’d have this look of worry on his face and would tell you that you should’ ve told him that you were cold. After having you deny that you were cold he’d just give you a straight face, almost a look of disbelief but only to place his coat over you or drag you inside so that you could be warm.

Hoshi & DK: He’d see you shivering from the corner of his eye and would probably smile and ask, “are you cold?” If you said no, he’d pester and ask you if you’re sure. But know that your cold he’d wrap his scarf around you, or give you his jacket, even if he had to throw it at you and run away for you to use it.

 Wonwoo & The8: He wouldn’t one to say anything, even if he did ask if you were cold and you said no. He’d just place his jacket over your shoulders quietly and smile over at you when you looked at him. 

 Mingyu, Jun, & Dino: You being chilly or cold is just another opportunity for him to wrap his arms around you. He’d open his coat and pull you against his chest while wrapping the cost around you. He’d probably catch you off guard and if you tried to move away, saying that you aren’t that cold, he’d just hold onto you tighter knowing that you were lying.

 Vernon & Woozi: His flustered and shy personality might get to the better of him. He’d really want to give you his jacket but would be trying to find the best way to bring it up, so that he wouldn’t end up feeling awkward after ward. He wouldn’t be able to bring it up with having his cheeks heat up but he’d be happy that he did in the end.

Since it’s now freezing outside, I thought that this would be a good time for a reaction like this.

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It'd be fun to ride Viking!Bucky on one of the first blankets in the middle of the forest. The leaves are falling and getting stuck in your hair and you're getting chilly, but neither of you really care. And when you've both cum multiple times, he creates a fire to warm you, his body resting against your back and another fur over your bodies.

God i need this right now 

Fall Monday™

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could you write "you're warm" with a chilly Jason who has poor circulation since the Lazarus pit? I really appreciate your writing - reader inserts are rare in the DC fandom !

The crash of thunder is what woke you up first. Almost jumping out of your skin you slam forward in bed, breathing a mile a minute. Groaning, you look over at the clock beside your bed, confused for half a moment as to why you couldn’t see anything before you realized that the storm must have knocked the building’s power out.

Shivering, you push yourself out of bed and stumble around in the darkness. It’s the middle of December and with the power out you’ll be freezing in an hour if you don’t find a way to get warm. Your fingers skim along the walls of your apartment before they feel the door to the second bedroom.

You’d just intended to go get the extra blankets out of the living room but suddenly you’re struck with a better idea. Knowing Jason, he’s probably got at least six blankets on his bed, and with two people underneath them, the warmth is bound to be almost suffocating which is exactly what you’re looking for right now.

You knock gently before opening the door. Calling Jason’s name out gently you stand quietly in the doorway until you hear Jason roll over. You can just vaguely make out the shape of his body sitting up.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, his voice full of sleepiness and you can hear the click of a pistol’s safety.

“I was just wondering if I could sleep with you,” you say, suddenly feeling stupid. You shuffle your feet, sure that he’s going to say no so when he does say yes, you’re shocked.

There’s a long pause, before Jason calls back out to you in the darkness.

“Are you coming or not?”

You shuffle forward until your knees hit the side of the bed. Climbing in you scoot over so that there feels like a continent of space between you and Jason. With a grunt, Jason moves over closer to you, and throws one arm around you.

“If you’re here to get warm, we might as well do it right,” he mumbles in your ear before pulling you closer.

You lean your head back and let your back touch his chest. One of his legs worms it’s way in between yours and he presses his toes to the back of your leg. Jumping you pull away from him.

“Jeez, Jay. Why are your feet so damn cold?”

Jason taps his fingers against your side, the tension in the air thickens in the seconds that follow your question.

“The pit will do that to you,” Jason whispers, retreating his arms from around you before turning his back to you.

With a sigh you snuggle underneath the blankets before pulling yourself closer to Jason. Wrapping yourself around him, you pull the blankets farther up the two of you. It’s silent except for the sound of the storm raging outside until Jason lets out a small sigh, one of his hands reaching up to wrap around yours.

“You’re warm,” he breaths out. Turning over he buries his nose into the nape of your neck, his cold leg coming back to rest between the two of yours. You grin, your grip on the back of his shirt tightening. You press a small kiss to the top of his head before letting yourself drift into sleep.


Okay I’m not the person that makes rants, but this has gone too far:

How do I say this? oh yes:


‘Hey calm down is just art I’m not doing anything bad’

Well let me tell you a little thing: YOU ARE

You know how much effort artists put on their artwork? You know how much time it takes them to do it? “Art” is not a thing you do by pressing a button, sometimes it takes hours even days to make those amazing drawings/paintings; stealing them means disrespect the artist, it’s like an insult. It’s just artno, it’s not “just art” is a part of us, of our time, if you take it and declare it as yours it’s like I steal your favorite pen/book/toy/something you really like and care about and telling it’s mine not giving it back to you; so please think before reposting other people’s art, ask them if you can do so, if they say no IT MEANS NO, don’t continue, respect what they say. I am very sorry to hear that I’ll have to pay to see more from one of my favorite artists, you art thieves didn’t just hurt one but many other people, nice people that respected her and her artwork, and now have to pay the price of these few bad people’s actions.

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do you eat chilli with a spoon like some boring ass hole, or with crackers as the spoon. if you're not eating chilli with a sleeve of crackers(the real size ones not those bullshit bite size ones) you're doing it wrong. - team chilli crackers

Just shove the crackers into the chili and leave them there, then eat it with a fork or spoon or whatever. Or just dump that shit in your face directly through a chili tube.

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