you're both idiots and i love you

“Still with the revolvers,” Murphy said, shaking her head. She drove past the street leading to the storage units and went one block past it instead before she turned and parked. “When are you going to get a serious gun?”

“Look,” I said, “just because you’ve got twice as many bullets as me-”

“Three times as many,” Murphy said. “The SIG holds twenty.”

“Twenty!? Look, the point is that-”

“And it reloads a lot faster. You’ve just got some loose rounds at the bottom of your pocket, right? No speed loader?”

I stuck the gun back in my pocket and tried to make sure none of the bullets fell out as we got out of the car. “That’s not the point.”

Murphy shook her head. “Damn, Dresden.”

“I know the revolver is going to work,” I said, starting toward the storage park. “I’ve seen automatics jam before.”

“New ones?”

“Well, no…”

Murphy placed her own gun in the pocket of her light sports jacket. “It’s a good thing you’ve got options. That’s all I’m saying.”

“If a revolver is good enough for Indiana Jones,” I said, “it’s good enough for me.”

“He was a fictional character, Harry.” Her mouth curved up in a small smile. “And he had a whip.”

I eyed her.

Her eyes sparkled. “Do you have a whip Dresden?”

I eyed her even more. “Murphy… are you coming on to me?”

Dear Future Wife...#628

It so much fun how silly we are together. I love that about us. I love that we both know when it’s completely necessary to be a grown up and professional and get the job done. But more often than not, we’re just goofballs with each other. You make me smile and laugh constantly, half the time without trying. The world probably sees you as some cool, “totally has her shit together” badass…which you are…but you’re also just a total idiot when you’re with me or friends and family. 

I love that you don’t take yourself too seriously and you loosen me up when I get too uptight. And when I’m feeling down, you’ll do whatever you can to make me smile again. And it always works. You’re sunshine in my life and I can’t wait to keep making each other laugh for the rest of our lives. 

Lay me down

Set between 5x15 and 5x16. 

So someone on my dash said (and im sorry i cant find the post again) that Emma looked a hella lot healthier and rested in 5x16, so that must means she did sleep in between the two episodes. (also for the reference at the end im sorry)

So there you go, 430 words of unnecessary fluff. 

“Emma, my love, I don’t mean to be rude to your pretty face but you seem more deceased than I. And that says a lot.”

They were both sitting on the couch in her parent’s loft, finally alone, and she had to admit that her eyelids were becoming more and more heavy and that she wouldn’t mind a little rest and that oh, she was yawning again.

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead Killian” she retorted, pun intended.

He gave her the look, and then his hand was on her temple, making slowly his way towards her cheek, so warm and loving, and she was melting in his palm, eyes definitely closed, but this wasn’t fair was it

“Love, you are falling asleep.” And there was a little bit of an accusation in the tender words.

He let go of her face, making her frown at the loss of contact, and grabbed her little hand instead.

“I can’t sleep when everybody is working, Killian. We need to get out of here.” She murmured between her eyelashes, kind of guilty the savior.

He rolled his eyes, and suddenly she saw herself in the stubborn oceans.

“Well, if you won’t go upstairs by yourself, then I shall help you get there.”

And that said, he put his good hand under her knees, lifted her, and held her back against his chest, a little “what the hell Killian” escaping her lips. She tried to protest but then he was looking at her like that and she could only wrap her arms around his neck and pray for mercy.

That guy really had her smitten, the bastard.

“You are an idiot, Killian Jones.” She grumbled under her breath, smiling, her face so close to his handsome one.

She hated him when he was gazing at her like that. With so much adoration and endless respect. And really it wasn’t helping that she could feel his heart flutter against hers.

“Aye, but it would be quite unpleasing for me to see you die of exhaustion.”

She sighed. Always so drama-…

She didn’t manage to finish her thought because the traitor had decided to kiss her, and obviously her heart had skipped a beat, because what fun would that be, really. Separating from her, he offered her a smile before directing them towards the stairs.

They climbed together, giggling when she almost banged into the wall, you really are an idiot Killian, and he actually managed to carry her quite easily but again, “I can carry rum barrels far heavier than you”.

The next second, he was delivering her on her bed, and she was quite sure he felt like a bloody prince charming. Killian was about to make a step back, satisfied, but then she was gripping firmly his hand.

“Will you stay with me ? ” she asked him in a breath.

And the pirate, in a dashing smile.