you're beautiful in every single way

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He’s so beautiful like how does someone like him even exist?

Okay so I just want to take a second to let all of my teenage bisexual girls, asexual girls, lesbian girls, pansexual girls, queer girls, questioning girls, and any girls whose sexual or romantic orientations could probably not be classified as straight know that you are all beautiful and perfect and amazing in every way.

And for all of you out there who don’t have supportive families or friends in your lives I want you to know that you’re all my little sisters now. Every single one of you. So you’ll have to deal with the fact that I sing a lot and love terrible movies, but I mean… I’m really good at keeping secrets and painting nails so there’s that.

But for real tho little sisters you are so important. And you can seriously talk to me whenever you need to about anything. I’m always here

Unfollowing every single jerkface who calls David ugly tonight.

This has included four blogs so far. Some fans you are. Shame on you.

He looks amazing, and not just for his age. …Which, by the way, is prolly old enough to be all y’all’s dad. And I don’t see you callin your dad ugly. And your dad, btw, didn’t give you one of the most beautiful characters and half of the most beautiful romance ever to grace the tube.

Thank you, humancredentials and ohyeahdavidduchovny for being the (minority) voices of reason this evening.



Happy 16th Birthday Daz Nitschke ( troyeboyish! )

Happy Birthday babe!! You’re honestly the sweetest most beautiful person (both inside and out) I have ever met. You never fail to make any of us smile and give the bestest advice to anyone who asks. You’re so kind to everyone, including your followers, and have such a beautiful voice like how are you not famous yet?! You inspire not only me, but all of those around you to be a better person in every single way because you’re such an amazing person and I’m so damn lucky to have you as a friend. Please never ever stop being you and I cannot wait to meet you hopefully in the near future and spend our time catching up over a nice latte in a cute lil cafe. I love you so much and I hope you have the amazing day you deserve <3
P.S I cannot give you a happy birthday without saying you’re finally legal! ;)