you're an embarrassment to yourself

  • [dropping Peter off at a party]
  • Steve: Alright, well go have fun or what you kids call it nowadays 'Get Turnt'
  • Peter: Ohmygod no
  • Steve: The party's gonna be 'Lit, fam'
  • Peter: Pls stop
Flirting with Katie 101
  • - At Heroes for Heroes-
  • Katie: would you like me to sign with gold or silver?
  • Me: gold please
  • *Brain: don't flirt with her, you'll embarrass yourself*
  • Me: B-but you're worth more than gold though
  • *Brain: aRE YOU SERIOUS*
  • Katie: well aren't you a charmer, though you're absolutely right
  • Me: *dies*

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yikes! do you know you're embarrassing and homophobic or have you somehow deluded yourself into thinking you're not

I’m guessing this is about the Jughead post


Jughead has been queer-coded in the comics for a very long time now by not expressing any interest in having sex or romantic relationships with women but not expressing any interest in men. since the latest comics in which a writer chose to interpret him as asexual, a lot of aphobic lgbt+ people have decided this is taking valuable representation away from him because they view him as being gay-coded

let me repeat: a significant standing of lgbt+ people see a male person who has no interest in sex or romance with females BUT DOES NOT EXPRESS ANY INTEREST IN SEX OR ROMANCE WITH MALES EITHER as being gay

a significant standing of lgbt+ people identify with this character and feel they share similar experiences / issues / traits with him

a significant standing of lgbt+ people view Jughead as representation for the queer community SOLELY ON THE BASIS OF HIS LACK OF SEXUAL AND ROMANTIC INTEREST IN THE “”OPPOSITE”” SEX IN A HETERONORMATIVE SOCIETY

then many of these same lgbt+ people who just said and even insisted on all of that turn right around and scream that asexual and aromantic people don’t deserve to be in the lgbt+ community

that we’re basically straight

that “”real”” lgbt+ have NOTHING in common with us

that we don’t face any or enough oppression

that simply experiencing a lack of attraction shouldn’t let us into the community

that we can ONLY be accepted in IF AND ONLY IF!!!! we also experience “”same gender”” attraction or are trans

  • (which they actually don’t even care about AT ALL, as seen by how often aphobes will assume I’m straight and erase my lesbian and non-binary identities, so actually, not even then)

Jughead does not meet any of that criteria. his only coding is that he isn’t interested in sex or romance, specifically doesn’t like women, and also isn’t attracted to men

now, if you personally want to headcanon the older issues of Jughead as being gay, that’s fine. if you’re a gay person and identify with him, that’s fine. if you want more gay characters in the comics or show–great!!

but in my post, I specified aphobic lgbt+ people because the entire point of it was that there is SERIOUS HYPOCRISY GOING ON

you can’t claim Jughead is gay and then invalidate asexual / aromantic people

you can’t say Jughead is “your” representation and then say you have nothing in common with asexual / aromantic people

you can’t say Jughead’s lack of attraction to women is ALL it requires to make him gay and therefore “yours” and then refuse to admit asexual / aromantic people into the community because they’re “basically straight”

TLDR: if aphobic lgbt+ people can admit a character whose only queer-coding is lack of attraction, then they must admit asexual / aromantic people belong in the community too

PS: I just looooooove how aphobes never check my about me to see that I’m gay and nonbinary, because it’s just so much easier to assume I’m straight, erase my “”valid”” identities because you really don’t give a shit about them, and then call me homophobic

  • me, first hearing Dr. Bright mention Agent Green: what a shady piece of trash, he probably wears black suits and lurks in dark hallways, he is so sketchy he must be utterly cold if he works for the AM and probably a mean person
  • me, after listening to him talk more: get it together Green, you're embarrassing yourself you lovesick agent of doom i bet you wear goofy ties and blush easily you sketchy piece of trash god i hope someone gives you a hug

Hold onto your hats, folks, here is the filth on which this person @naruhina-subarashi whom I can’t tag felt the need to leave this comment:

What kind of person looks at this and thinks, “yes, this perfectly innocent and not in the slightest cross-tagged image NEEDS some hate vomited all over it”?

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Anyway who’s up for a nice spate of NaruSaku spite translation??? Ehh??? Eh?????

Also can anyone recommend me some SANE NH blogs to follow, since I actually ship NH? Why is this fandom full of sore winners and assholes? Or am I just unlucky that they’re all I run into?

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Stop pandering to men who like anime by pretending to like it yourself and dressing up as characters. Its obvious you're in it for the attention and frankly, its embarrassing to yourself to think you're hot sick and clever enough to get away with it. Fuck off.

it’s me everyone fake weeb girl!!!! 
because I sleep beneath this every night

to get male attention. obviously.

No one pretends to like anime. It’s not fuckin cool to like anime. 

Prompt #97: Are you trying to flirt? because you're embarrassing yourself.

Written for @marcella-duchamp


Bulma juggled a bowl of popcorn and drinks into the living room, carefully setting them on the table. “Trunks!” she called up the stairs, wiping her brow, “come on and let’s start the movie!”

“Coming, Mom! ” Trunks levitated down the stairs quickly, blowing past his mother. He plopped down on the sofa and grabbed a handful of popcorn, delighting in the buttery salty goodness. Finally he got a good look at Bulma and raised an eyebrow. “Why are you so dressed up to watch a movie, Mom?”

Bulma looked down at her black turtle neck dress that hugged her curves tightly. She smiled, moving a piece of her bangs out of her eyes. “Well son, your father is coming back from training with Goku today, and I wanted to look nice for him. Do you notice your mother’s new hair cut?”

Trunks nodded, stuffing the last kernels in his mouth before reaching for more. “You like nice, Mom, but why are you doing this all for Papa? You know he doesn’t care about things like that.”

Bulma frowned and placed her hands on her hips, standing right in front of her young son. “Trunks Briefs, you take that back! I’ll have you know that your father loves when I look beautiful.” She placed a hand to her chin, a conceited expression stealing her face. “He only wants the best as a Prince, you know.”

“Whatever you say, Mom,” Trunks scratched his head, commenting mentally on how strange he thought adults were.

“You’ll understand someday, son, ” she replied before the sound of the back door interrupted her. Perking up, she smoothed out the front of her dress and straightened her hair. “Speaking of the devil…”

Vegeta strolled in through the living room, stopping at the sight of his wife and son. He bounced his gaze around to both of them, a question lingering in his brows. Finally he settled his glare on Trunks. “What did you do now, boy?”

Trunks raised his hands defensively, popcorn falling to his lap. “I didn’t so anything this time, Papa, I swear!”

Vegeta nodded, turning to Bulma. “Why do you guys look so strange?”

“Strange?! ” she shouted, prompting Trunks to cover his ears, “is that what you say to your beautiful wife when you haven’t seen her in so long?”

“Hmph,” Vegeta said, crossing his arms, “I see even six months doesn’t strip away your vanity.”

“You love it hun,” she walked closer to him, placing a hand to his shoulders, “so, do you notice anything different?”

He studied her, taking in her pretty face and delicious curves. “New outfit and hair?”

Bulma beamed, smiling snarkily at Trunks. “See? And what do you think, Vegeta?”

Vegeta felt his forehead go damp. He hated when she made him so this. Earthlings were so peculiar in their way of giving compliments. He distinctly remembered his father giving his mother the head of someone who insulted her attire one evening, and she had practically thrown herself at him all night during dinner. Simple. Bulma required too much of his brain.

But he knew the consequences of he didn’t comply to feeding her ego, and he would avoid that headache.

“Your haircut doesn’t make me angry when I look at–”

“NO! “she cut him off, glaring at him.

He took a deep breath. "That dress is impractical, and I don’t see how it can protect you, but perhaps—”

“Absolutely not!”

Jesus, what did she want from him? “That black marker you put around your eyes is enticing–”

“—There you go! –”

“—It looks like you were in a serious fight. ”

Trunks chuckled on the couch while Bulma growled. “I’m sorry, are you trying to flirt? Because you’re just embarrassing yourself!”

“Papa, ” Trunks interjected, “do you remember the last movie Mom forced us to watch?” Bulma turned to glare at him and Trunks cleared his throat, correcting himself. “I mean, the last movie we all enjoyed as a loving family?” Bulma smiled, satisfied.

“What about it? ”

“Well,” Trunks shrugged, “don’t you remember what that old dude did in the end? To make the woman love him?”

“I thought we told you to close your eyes on that part! ” Vegeta roared.

“ B-before that part! ” Trunks chuckled nervously, “the big speech that he gave. The one you said was silly.”

Vegeta chewed over his lip in thought. Oh, so that was what she wanted. He cleared his throat and turned to Bulma wrapping his arms around Bulma’s waist. “Woman,” he said, his tone dropping several octaves, “you are the most ethereal creature I have ever seen. And even though you constantly change your hair like you change underwear, I love each style that you choose. I especially love that you no longer wear that atrocious birds nest like when we first met—”

“You’re pushing it, Vegeta. ”

“Let me finish!” He raked his eyes down to her frame, smirking. “And that dress is practically painted on and it’s making me want to send the boy to his room. One look at you in this and I know that we’ll need to soundproof this entire street. You’ve done well to satisfy my manly needs.”

Bulma giggled like a school girl while Trunks groaned loudly. Leave it to his father to overdo something, considering that the man in the movie had only called the woman ethereal.

“It’s a little far fetched but I’ll take it, ” Bulma replied, wrapping her arms around his neck. She kissed his lips gently, giving him compliments about how form fitting his training suit was.

Trunks grabbed the popcorn bowl and left the living room, disgusted. “You guys have a bedroom, you know!”

“Shut it boy!” Vegeta called after him.

Trunks headed to the kitchen to phone Goten, hoping Chi Chi would agree to letting him spend the night. There was no way he was staying at Capsule Corps tonight.

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i hate to fuel whatever high you seem to get from embarrassing and completely trashing other people who's opinion is not your own, but i legitimately feel bad for you. i understand that everyone has the right to post whatever they want but how can you be happy when you spend so much time out of each day just spreading absolute hate. you're going out of your way to hurt other people and that's not okay. i'm not trying to start an argument or give you anything to make fun of.

i hate to fuel whatever high you seem to get from embarrassing and completely trashing other people  for existing in a way that invalidates your ship, but i legitimately feel bad for you. i understand that everyone has the right to post whatever they want but how can you be happy when you spend so much time out of each day just spreading absolute hate. you’re going out of your way to hurt other people and that’s not okay. i’m not trying to start an argument or give you anything to make fun of.

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Stop blindly defending top you're embarrassing yourself. Do I agree with sk's law that weed is illegal yet tobacco isnt? No I dont. I agree this case will bring the question of weed's illegal status to surface bc people will finally start debating on it m. But top (or yg) is clearly meddling with law here with top not being imprisoned like the girl and he lied about not smoking weed at the beginning, also with the recent police's clarification. His blatant lies and evasion from law is disgusting

You’re embarrassing yourself because you know nothing about the SK law, clearly. The girls is in more trouble because it’s not her first offense. Ofc he’s facing jail charges but they haven’t had a ruling yet, seeing as this happened LAST Thursday KST. And please point out to me where I’m “~~~~blindly~~~~” defending him?????? Where did I say oh, oppa didn’t mean it!!!! No, I said it’s a fucking outdated law and by that I mean the severity. 

And honestly, he lied??? Were you there? Did you take his statement? All you know is the same as I do which is the conflicting media reports. His evasion? you mean his fun trip to the hospital where he is still unconscious. 

Your holier-than-thou ignorant unemphatic ass is disgusting and I really hope you get off my blog right now and go apologize to your mom for being like this.  

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Stop. Just stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

Specifics darling. If you’re going to dom you need to be specific. 

For example, let’s take this passage from Insensate:

Please Beloved.”

“Please what? Use your words Ben. Let me hear you say it.”

“Please let me fuck you.”

She eased down then, so wet and ready there was little adjustment required, still she stilled for a moment. But then she began to move, her pace unforgiving and as he watched himself slide in and out of her, Rey’s hand snaked up his chest to grasp his chin.

“Eyes on me.”

Fuck Rey.”

See how Rey was very specific about what she wanted from Ben, see how Ben was very specific back? 

Does that help? Feel free to try again. X


I’m always late for things OTL, but I wanted to make a comic about the countries that celebrate another thing instead of Halloween…

Ecuador celebrates the Day of the Coat of Arms, Peru the Day of the Creole Song, Costa Rica the day of The Traditonal costa rican Masquerade and Mexico is preparing the Day of the Dead.

(Videitos educativos: Ecuadorian Escudoween: [link] , Peruvian Crioween: [link])

Also the translation of the last part of Peru’s text: Although making a costumes party later sounds kinda cool~