you're amazing guys and i love you all so much

A "Brief" Story about my time at Markiplier's You're Welcome Tour

To say that me and my family were excited would be an understatement. We were ecstatic. We live in Austin, Texas, and this morning we drove 4 hours, checked into a hotel and had VIP tickets.

My mom and I were a little nervous because my younger brother has trouble in crowded spaces and loud noises. He’s autistic.

All his life the only thing he’s really been passionate about is Video Games, or technology in general. He doesn’t talk to us much, or anyone really. In fact, he only really talks to me when it’s about Mark and youtube/games. But that changes tonight at your show.

I have never, EVER, seen my baby brother so happy. When we went to get our merch packs we freaked out over Kathryn and Amy being there. My brother, though high functioning on the spectrum, was being quite obvious that he was special needs. Which isn’t wrong at all, but can throw people off. And let me tel you a thing about Amy.

I didn’t think it was possible to love her more and then I saw how she was with my brother. Despite him acting what most would deem “weird” she didn’t even blink an eye, gave him a hug and took a picture. And that made his day.

And then this show. It was fantastic and energetic and so damn funny! I don’t wanna spoil anything about it for those who haven’t seen it.

But my brother. He screamed with the crowd, he talked proudly. He was enthusiastic and engaged and so passionate and happy. He was so happy. Though he didn’t get picked from the crowd, for once in his life, he was ready to stand in front of hundreds of people and talk. All because he was there with you guys.

I’ve always loved Mark, Bob, Wade, Tyler and Ethan. I always will. For my own personnel reasons. They inspired me to save myself in the darkest of times. They’ve made my life happier and better. But I didn’t realize it was possible
to love you more. Thank you. Thank you so so so much. For bringing such joy to all audiences.

You’re amazing. And we love you.

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(This is the least exciting looking celebratory drawing ever but 600 came up so fast that I didn’t have something actually good prepared. So… we get Flowey boi and a simple background.)

I have been super useless these past two weeks and still 100 more people found their ways here and wanted to stay.
I find that extremely strange but also very flattering.
I was shocked when I hit 500, and I didn’t expect my follower count to go up ANOTHER 100. But it did… and I’m in even greater shock right now.
I don’t think I’ve done a single useful thing besides post pages and do a silly outfit challenge through these two weeks. Yet you all came.

So… a big thanks to all 600 (602 now actually) of you!! I’m always very happy to see that someone has come to stay in the dumpster and see all the garbage I toss in here every day. Thanks for all the notes, reblogs, funny and sweet comments, asks, and follows!!
I’ll see you all later with the weirdness you came here for!
Here’s to many more!!✨

Wow…what a year it has been. I honestly cannot believe this flame-head has been up and running for a full spin around the sun already when it feels like I set him up just last week (and it feels that way because my brain is still screaming “oh my god what am I supposed to be doing???”). But here we are, three hundred and sixty-five days later, with over 300 of you glorious people trailing after this very minor character (are you lost? can I help you find your Nearest Adult?). I’ve had many doubts about having Hades, but now I think I can finally say that I am quite happy with the progress I have made on him and where he will be going from here. He may have started out in a small fandom as a write-off, but after fleshing him out and reaching into other AUs and worlds, it’s clear to me that he has so much more potential than to be confined into one box, and I am so excited to see where the future will take him (and hopefully far away from said box).

I could keep going on about all that, but it’s time to get to the mushy stuff. Below the cut is my bias list—the wonderful people I’ve met here and have shockingly stuck around through all the ups and downs. I adore each and every single one of you for being here and making my first official rp experience so awesome.

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Some days just end

with soft smiles and sore cheeks,

and full hearts and happy minds,

and today is one of those days,

and I just want to say

that I love each and every one of you.

With all my heart and mind,

I love you.

So thank you,

thank you so much for being here,

thank you so much for making me happy,

thank you so much for putting this smile on my face.

I hope your days are filled with happiness,

and laughter,

and love.

Because you deserve it.

You deserve every single moment.

Okay, so this is probably so cheesy and trashy af, but I was put in such a good mood by @beep-beep-trashmouth ’s callout post for me, that I wanted to share the love around too, and just let you guys know that I genuinely love you all so much! (I thought I’d do it in a bit of a different way for a change and hand write it all-excuse my bad handwriting haha 😹) You all make so happy it’s unreal, and I look forward to coming onto tumblr at the end of the day to talk to you all and see what you guys have been up to! You are all so lovely, and kind, and some of the best people I’ve ever had the honour to get to know! Thank you so much for all your kindness and love, I friggin’ love you all! Stay amazing my friends! 💕💫💫💫

@youlookpretty-good @wheezingwheeler
@caution-purpose-faith 💗💖💗

Thank you guys for 20 000+ followers!!! I’m so happy that you enjoy my blog ♡♡ I have so much fun here and it’s all because of you guys~ Thank you for your submissions, asks and messages. I know I don’t reply to all asks but I make sure to read every single one of them. Oh and I always read your tags and they crack me up. Okay I have to go, I have a meeting with satan about cursed kpop songs, bye guys, love you 🌹 - Asia

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GUys. I- I’m crying.

When I started this blog, it was a backlog of prompts for myself when I had no ideas of what to write. Yesterday, at exactly 10:47 pm, I walked home from my 4 hour waitressing job and cried when I opened my phone. Yes, my feet were tired and yes,  I was exhausted from fake smiling and telling people I’d “Be with them in one moment”, to only go to the kitchen and find what seemed like a million dishes- that wasn’t the reason I cried. Walking home and opening Tumblr, I tried to regain some strength as I knew we had visitors at home and I didn’t want to seem impolite. If I had’ve lived closer to London, I’d probably be within the remnants of a car collision by now- basically I stopped walking whilst crossing the road and started to cry :) You did that to me- I COULD’VE DIED. 

Honestly, I’m so grateful for every single one of you, you’re all so incredible and I can’t believe there are people who’ve stuck around for over 2 minutes. I’m not all that great and a little rough around the edges, but I’m trying my hardest and I don’t really think I’d even be around if it weren’t for all your love and support. I’m so grateful and I can’t thank you enough.

So, my beautiful geniuses, I will graciously ask for one last favour- Keep writing. You could start with an idea and end up with a following of 10,000, or you could transform that idea into another form of media. Never stop doing what you love, not for anyone. Your passions will last longer than most things, so please pursue them. If you’ve only just started writing, if you’re 4 books deep or maybe only just learning English- Keep going. One day you’ll get more than you wished for, or (In my case) something you didn’t even wish for. You each deserve every star in the sky, a billion cookies and all the things that make you happy. I’d jump at the chance to meet you all. Thank you so much for being the most talented, admirable, beautiful and lovely following anyone could ever ask for.

I love you all more than you could ever imagine, I’m so lucky to have such a incredible internet family. All my love and thanks and best cookies, Yasmine xox

((It’s answer time!!

Thanks so much for all your questions! I tried not to make my answers too long lol I failed miserably at that oops but uh yeah everything is under the cut! ;D

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I really have no words to express my feeling rn. Just thank you all so much this is crazy like why are you people following me! I’m just some ordinary guy who reblog things. But seriously thanks for following I really appreciate all the support you guys give me I’m so honoured to be a part of this amazing fandom and I’m just incredibly thankful to you all!

Apologies for the quick doodle just need to express feelings ^-^

Love you all

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Hey peaches, I just wanted to let you know that I think you're awesome, and I just found your comics and they are amazing and I can't wait to see more of them! 😄 and I also am jealous of your cuteness, it's amazing! Sorry if any of this comes off as weird or uncomfortable, it's not the intent in any way.

I am fortunate to be on the receiving end of your love, guys. It always makes me smile seeing asks like this, thank you so so so so so so so much.

 My heart. She is happy. 


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So I started writing for my blog back in January and never imagined getting back this big of a response. Thank all of you guys for being so supportive of me, it means a lot! I love you all so much! You guys make writing even more fun to do! I’m happy I get to share my stories with you all! Also to my amazing Tag List! I love you all so much! I consider you all fam @sisterwinchesterwriter@chrisevansthedoritobastard @mousehybrid @winchesters-favorite-girl @not-moose-one-shots @nothin-after-79 @crazynerdandproud @watermelonfruitsalad @vvinch3st3r @hawkeyethenerd @emwinchester1 @sassyspngeek @fanboyswhereare-you @deevvoon @straightasdeanwinchester

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You're Welcome Tour

The Detroit show was amazing and I loved every second of it ❤❤ im so proud of all of them, they worked so hard, and that ending made me so emotional. We love you guys so much, thank u for everything(im not super emotional right now). Hearing all their personal journeys made me realize just how much i care about them ❤❤❤ and how much i love seeing their dreams come true 😊

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I feel guilty asking you things when you're working (?), but, if it wasn't too much trouble (You can hold it off until you're finished of course!), could you write headcanons for Noctis and Prompto asking their crush out on a date?

It’s never too much trouble to write for you guys. I love you all so much. <3 This is a cute ask, I’m so ready, especially ‘cause there’s a wave of nsfw works and angst in the drafts. I have many. 

So, let’s get started.

Noctis L. C.

  • Noctis thinks it’s illegal for his crush to be so amazing in every way. Like it has to be. He needs to do his royal duty and arrest them. And by arrest we mean take them out on a date.
  • He wanted to ask them out as soon as he laid eyes on them, but his brain was having none of that. Now, a year and a half later, he’s tired of waiting.
  • Except he totally needs to wait because he works up all this nerve to ask you and then he sees you and all his efforts die on his tongue. 
  • “You are Noctis Lucis Caelum, Crown Prince of Lucis, the best fisher in the kingdom, heir to the throne, and you will not be defeated by your crush. You will ask them on a date.”
  • He’s repeating this to himself, but because he lacked the foresight to say it in his head instead of out loud, his crush overhears him. “You’ll ask who on a date?” They ask, oblivious.
  • Noct’s voice is really high pitched in that moment. “O-oh! Hey! Hey there. Hi. Um.”
  • His crush raises a brow at the behavior but brushes it off as more of the classic Noctis Brand Awkwardness ™. So his crush volunteers to help him come up with ways to ask “his crush” out.
  • The little Ignis in Noct’s brain points out that this is a prime opportunity to pop the question. Noct’s face goes really red and he looks away from his crush for a bit before he opens his mouth again. 
  • “It’s you. I-I, um, would you wanna–” This chump cuts himself off, and he feel like he’s suffocating, but he’s gonna finish what he started if it’s the last thing he does!! “Would you wanna go to the movies with me sometime? On a date?”
  • His crush grins. Is this dork seriously royalty? They boop him on his nose, earning them the most adorable pout ever. “A date sounds nice.” 

Prompto A.

  • He probably treats it like he’s proposing to his crush, this dork.
  • So yeah. He’s got this whole elaborate plan. He bought a giant chocobo plushie, and chocolates, and he has this little card and there’s a picture of him and his crush and in the card is the question.
  • Yeah no. His plans all go to waste. What a shame, too, because that plushie was really cute.
  • He doesn’t even really ask them, technically speaking. It’s clichéd.
  • It’s at a high school party. Prompto was only there because Noctis was there, and Prompto was honestly tempted to bail when he saw his crush.
  • Well, everyone’s just a little bit tipsy cause Noct managed to sneak a bottle from the royal winery. Someone volunteers Seven Minutes in Heaven, and who can refuse?
  • Prompto and his crush end up in the closet together. He ignores the knowing look that Noctis sends him as the door closes.
  • “We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to,” his crush says in the dark.
  • Prompto is actually thankful for the pitch blackness of the closet, because now his blush isn’t visible. “I-I, uh, I’d like to.”
  • His crush is shocked, and Prompto takes their silence as an opportunity to continue, except he’s talking really fast and they can’t even catch too many of the words he’s saying. “I’ve been meaning to ask you out for a while now, like a really long while. I had a whole thing going with a huge chocobo plushie and this really bad pun and chocolates – you like chocolates, right?”
  • Prompto’s crush giggles and moves closer to him, and he stops rambling as soon as he feels their body heat. 
  • “Course I’ll go on a date with you, sunshine.”
  • Bonus: They tried to kiss each other but ended up shocking each other because the closet’s floor was carpeted. It was more surprising than painful, and the two of them were silent for a moment before they burst into a fit of giggles. 
Thank you

I just wanted to thank everyone for my lovely birthday messages and drawings it was really sweet of you guys to do that and I’m so thankful to have met all you wonderfully talented people. I’ll post a drawing I did yesterday as my computer is being stupid and won’t let me do it not (sorry).

Thank you all so much I really appreciate everything you do ^-^


Back when I thought I was bi, I’d say things like ‘guys are fine and all but wow girls are so amazing, I love girls so much’ and talk about how I 'liked men and women, but in a different way? Like I’ll just see a girl and feel happy and fluttery, but I have to be around a guy for a while to like him’

And honestly? How did I not realize I was a lesbian sooner?

still less than 2 months and i’m now at 600 followers

i honestly don’t even know what to say anymore, i never expected i’d get any followers at all, much less this many. thank you to all of you who have given me endless support and who enjoy my blog and its content, you make me so happy and i love you guys so damn much it’s unbelievable <3

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Kellie!!! Guess what????!!! I think you're awesome and I hope your day's been amazing, you wonderful person!!!! ❤✌😊

you guys send me so much love what the heck I can’t handle all this.

like genuinely I find it surprising,  you guys are too nice to me, what the actual heck you guys.

thank you anon it was actually! you’re too sweet and I hope you have a nice day c:

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I'm sorry your art is getting reposted on these sites. It seems more and more artists are having their art reposted and it's horrible. I hate that you're one of the victims and I hope this doesn't deter you from drawing and making comics. Your art is amazing and I would hate to see you stop making it because of those horrible people.

Thank you for caring about me! and no! I’m not going to stop making comics, telling stories and making art! I’m just going to take a few days off of catch up on all the uploads on all these different cites. I’ll be back soon! I promise!!! I would never want to stop! I love telling stories for you guys! You guys are AWSOME READERS AND I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!