you're already too attractive as it is

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calling a mentally ill person dense, that’s cute. anyways cishets aren’t lgbt

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It is my personal headcanon that Elyza is just such a huge flirt with Alicia like she is not subtle with it at all using cheesy pickup lines and shit, and Alicia is all flustered and pretends to not be into it until Elyza is just like "why can't you admit you're attracted to me" and Alicia is all nervous because she never admitted she was bi before the apocalypse so Elyza is like "the world has bigger problems than a girl who likes to kiss other girls" and then they kiss and it's pretty neat. :)

Damn, I feel too much for them already. But I totally agree! Also, Ofelia would tease the shit out of Alicia for it.

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“Did you ever think you would end up getting laid in the zombie apocalypse by a hot Australian?”

She would never live this down.

Alicia didn’t answer, just made a disapproving face at her friend.

Ofelia laughed, maybe for the first time in days. They were sitting on the ground of a balcony, looking over what might have been a beautiful big garden before the world went to hell. Now the fence was cut open in multiple places, a few rotting bodies were laying at the left side where they moved them to and the railing of the balcony was only existent on the side Ofelia was sitting at.

She grabbed the water bottle the other girl was holding and took a sip.

The sun was slowly going down, the garden flooded with orange light. It had been three hours since she had kissed the person she only met a week ago and who was also a girl. And Ofelia couldn’t help teasing her about it.

“Oh come on Licia, don’t be a grump. I just didn’t think you’d swing there before, you know?”

Alicia sighed. “Well I didn’t either okay? Wish I didn’t tell you about it anyways”

“But you couldn’t help yourself when confronted with the hurricane of self-confidence and dangerous attractiveness that is Elyza Lex?” she chuckled. “I mean I can’t blame you, but please, tell me again how her eyes are the most beautiful shade of blue you have ever seen!” she said dramatically and earned a groan and the empty bottle flying in her direction.

“Aren’t you a bit too old to act so childish now?”

“Yeah but that doesn’t mean I can’t be amused about the GIANT crush of yours”

“Oh shut up”

They sat there in silence for a moment, listening to the noises from inside and the occasional groan of the undead close by.

Blonde hair appeared in their view when Elyza stepped out from under the balcony, where a broken glass door led to the living room of their home for the night. A heavy looking axe was leaning on her shoulder, her shining hair in contrast to her dark clothes and her badass attitude.

She looked up and winked to the girls. For a moment Alicia froze, blushing hard at the question how much of that her  -how much the strange and intimidating yet endearing girl had heard of their conversation.

She didn’t dare to look back at Ofelia, her eyes glued to the backside of the body moving across the lawn to a lonely excuse of a wooden doghouse that was long uninhabited.

Just like with all the casual and then also the not-so-casual pick up lines and the blunt glances Alicia felt a unashamed intentionality when she observed the way Elyza moved, slipped off her black leather jacket and grabbed the axe with both hands.

With powerful swings and skillful aim she worked on turning the little building into a pile of wood to make a fire with. Without the jacket she only wore a tank top to the tight pants and the combat boots. And the way it showed off her muscled arms and hugged her hip made Alicia’s mouth go dry.

No way wasn’t she doing that to get to her. Just like with all the flirting. And what did they put into the water in Australia to let someone be so hot? How dare them.

But maybe Elyza had been right. Maybe the world had bigger problems than a girl kissing a girl and then wanting to do it again. And again. And again.

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A prompt if you're feeling it - mature uni student Erik in a class Charles tutors, Charles being delighted bc this guy knows what he thinks and is not afraid to have an argument about it unlike most freshmen, and when realising part of the delight is attraction he doesn't feel too bad bc to be fair this guy is older than him and a (hot) dad type :>>

[Hi, sorry, this is a behemoth lol it’s 11 pages. @_@ I hope you like it! Thanks for the prompt!]

Charles is no stranger to teaching. As a third year PhD student, he’s already been a TA for four years; senior year of undergrad, two years of Masters work and two years of PhD which counted towards his funding. Some of the other grad students find the work to be a chore, and part of Charles can’t blame them. You don’t need to be a telepath, after all, to recognize the look in a student’s eye when they’ve completely tuned you out to instead think about all the things they’d rather be doing than sitting in your class listening to you talk, or to know when they’re texting under the desk, or when they’ve started browsing social media instead of taking notes for the test they’re inevitably going to fail next class. Other TAs choose to focus the majority of their energy on research and article writing, thinking to hell with students who don’t want to pay attention anyway. It isn’t an unfair way to respond to the situation, Charles thinks.

Still, personally, Charles remains generally unjaded about his work. This is mostly because as a telepath he also knows that most people are not as invested in the subject as he is. Gen eds exist for a reason, and by the end of term, he knows he’ll at least have broadened the understanding of a good ninety percent of his students, and even interested a few in pursuing more political science classes. A handful of students over the years have been engaged enough to ask some very probing and critical questions. Those sorts of moments are the ones Charles clings to with desperate fingers when grading time rolls around and it sometimes feels as if he’s drowning in a sea of red marks, wondering if half the class even bothers to listen when he opens his mouth.

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So since you're being harassed with having your blog deleted due to the "copyright infringement" issue, do you think you'll lose your spot as a science tag editor? (That's if you haven't already lost it)

I’m still an editor and yeah that would mean I’d have to work for it again, which I wont cause it took me way too long and too much to become one in the first place while other ppl got it out of favoritism among staff and an old voting system which no longer exists on tumblr (I was picked by a system that looks at who attracts the most attention to the featured tags like science). I guess I’ll just be keep my new blog a little simpler. That’s if this one really gets deleted. I encourage peeps to hit the tumblr DMCA Counter-Notification if they really tryina help me save the blog. Maybe if enough folks hit em up and let em know this a public educational blog above everything they might lay off Idk. Idk how all that works.

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I'm sure you already know how awesome you are but that's where my attraction to you goes away. Sometimes you look too feminine in your pictures. I love tall guys with barrel chests, meat on their bones and big hands (and facial hair). Maybe I am attracted to them because I am a plus size woman and I feel comfortable with them. I know it's not your thing but I still think you're cool.

Um.. Okay.

…don’t fuck me, then.

I’m a weird looking dude. I can’t grow facial hair. I’m 6 foot 5. I have a pretty prominent bone structure, weird lips, long eyelashes and a goofy smile.

This is my body, like it or don’t, I don’t care.

I get called pretty, gorgeous or beautiful more than I get called handsome. I spend a lot of time picking out my outfits. I color coordinate, arrange them by pattern and whether I’m going for a more sophisticated or streetwise look. I own somewhere around 40 neck/bow ties, all of which I know how to tie in a few seconds.

I spent 2 months trying hair products until I found one that gave me the hold I needed without making my hair crunchy. I use exfoliating scrub regularly, so my hands are softer than most women I ever shake hands with. And yes, I own 2 each of like 8 different colors of nose rings that I use to match the main color of my outfit.

This is my style. Like it or not, I don’t care.

I know who I am. I like how I dress and how my hair is, and yknow what, fuck it, I like how I look feminine in some pictures. It makes me feel pretty.

And yknow what? That’s okay. There’s enough room on the planet for a feminine looking walking hot-topic like me, and for all the plaid flannel wearing bearded tough guys. I even like that look. It’s just that I don’t have that look, and I’m not going to be made to feel self conscious because I dont.

Everyone has their preferences, but typically I don’t go out of my way to tell people I don’t find attractive that I’m not attracted to them.

Fuck who you want to fuck, and leave me the hell out of it.

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I feel as though you're going a bit too fast with the movement..I'm only saying so because I'm so passionate about the idea of uplifting eachother and promoting positivity within our community and I really don't want to see it fizzle and bang. We already asking for money? What would I be paying for? We're asking for money before we work out the attractive people/popularity contest kink? I think we're trying to go full speed before it even gets off the ground. It's only been a month and 3 weeks.

The nature of social media demands that we move quickly. The longer we sit on this, the easier it is to “fizzle and bang”. We’ve already explained on multiple occasions that there are people already abusing and profiting privately off of work that the Blackout team is doing and that because we don’t have legal protection, it’s hard to get people to comply. We want to become an organization outside of social media but we need to get the movement protected ASAP.

The “we” in “we’re already asking for money?” and “before we work out the attractive people popularity contest” needs to be better defined. That “we” are the people actually doing the work. We are the people investing our time, money, and efforts into giving you all the best that we can. I understand what you’re trying to say. You’re concerned that we, the Blackout team, are moving too fast but understand that we are the people on the inside with a different set of knowledge. 

That “popularity contest kink” was very much Tumblr specific. It had to do with logistical problems (people only reblogging what’s on their dash rather than using the hashtags, people failing to hit “most recent” while browsing the tags) but is also indicative of Tumblr culture; some of the most reblogged photos were of conventionally attractive people or people representative of various intersections of identity (black lgbtq, black and differently abled, etc) while others were left behind. 

No disrespect, and please understand that your criticism and suggestions are welcome, but The Blackout is no longer just Tumblr’s. The real world moves quickly and we have to move quickly as well.

-Marissa Rei (blkoutqueen)

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If you're trying to attract cats, I have a couple tips! Crouch down so you're small. If you wear glasses or have a hairband, extend it to the cat first so that they can catch your smell first, then try extending your hand to them. MOST IMPORTANTLY make eye contact and then blink very, very slowly. That's like a kiss to a cat! If you watch a cat that you're already friends with, they'll do it to you occasionally too if they love you and are really relaxed around you!

I wear glasses and use hair bands like today at work when I saw this lil cat, but I never thought I could use them wow!!

omg I’m really trying all these tips next time. with Pelusa first (my friend’s cat) and maybe this time he won’t eat my limbs

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Heeeyy so I am bisexual (but more attracted to girls) and my friend just came out to me as bi too and, she wants to flirt with me but I don't want cause I'm not attracted to her and I'm already in love with another girl (sadly she's straight). So, how can I tell her that I don't want anything with her ? Cause she pushes me to the edge everytime when I hug my crush and not her, like, "why you're hugging her and not me?!" And it makes me mad and I don't know what to do...

just be honest to her, talk about it and ask her if she likes you, if she says yes then you need to explain your feelings to her and that you don’t like her, just be honest only then she knows where she stands and cant you give her false hope.