you're allowed to judge me for doing this

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IA with you that it's your right to fan how you choose. I'm just not seeing the same respect given to those that want to remain positive about the show & actors. Even this morning you re-blogged a post that said something positive w/a neg comment. that blogger didn't come here & force you to read it. Instead of scrolling and ignoring that POV, you chose to do the exact same thing you're asking others not to do to you. You didn't allow that person to have their opinion. respect goes 2 ways.

Clearly you misunderstand me anon. I have no problems with shippers who want to remain positive and still love Sam and Cait and everything they do. That’s their prerogative and if it brings them joy then who am I to judge? 

What I do have a problem with are shippers who make people like me feel guilty and ashamed for how we feel towards them right now. Now maybe no one means to do that but I know I’m not the only one who holds this opinion. I don’t want to have problems with any shippers, but it’s so hard not to be bitter when I read certain things and people act like if you’re not a positive ray of sunshine then you’re a horrible person who deserves to stew in your negativity.

I certainly don’t want everyone to rally around me and other shippers who have been targeted and throw us a pity party. I hate even talking about this situation because it makes me really uncomfortable. All I want is for the people who think Sam and Cait are suffering so badly to maybe think about the shippers who have suffered in their name. Instead of calling us negative and treating us like we’re miserable people, maybe try and see our perspective and understand why we think the way we do.

I supported and loved them for years. I dedicated so much time to them. Anyone who truly knows me know how much of a loss this is. It hurts to look at them and not feel the love and joy I once did. It hurts to know that they don’t care about what’s happened. None of us want to be angry with them but after 3 years of manipulation, games, abuse etc I think it’s only natural to be fed up. Maybe it’s not right to take it out on them and I apologise if I’ve been too harsh, but I don’t know who else to blame. I didn’t choose to ship them because of some delusional thoughts in my head. I shipped them because of their own behaviour. I can’t sit here and blame faceless men in suits who are apparently in control of all of this and not expect Sam and Cait to take some responsibility for their own actions. I don’t think they’re robots who signed away every part of their life to someone else. They do have a part in all of this and I’m not going to baby them or treat them like victims when so many of us here have been hurt.

I’m sorry if that makes you hate me or if it makes you think I’m trying to police other shippers who feel differently to me. That was never my intention. 

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You're right. I do dislike Ross. I hear a lot that he's good but I could never say for sure. It was mainly his satanic Mario Maker levels that made me judge him so, but I will be watching this series right when my gf wakes up because I want to like him and my gf loves stardew valley(actually so do I) so thank you for the recommendation.

I mean, people are allowed to have their opinions. I will say it does seem strange to me personally to dislike Ross because of video game levels he made. Ross is honestly a good guy. 

He can sometimes come off a little rough or rude or jerky but it’s just an amplification of his personality for the show, like how Arin gets louder and more boisterous on Game Grumps. 

Ross engages with the fans online a lot, he tries to help out a lot, he’s done a lot of good things for fans in need. He loves his wife, he loves his friends, he does chill twitch streams and tries to support other artists. 

I’m not trying to shove things at you to shame you into liking him, I’m just trying to highlight the fact that there are several good reasons to like or even just neutrally enjoy Ross without disliking or hating him. I don’t think Ross deserves that kind of negative disposition with other people. 

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Yeah I see some Melissa hate on blogs that I like and I get that they might be unhappy with Melissa but man I love her so much and it's just disheartening to see that lmao

It is disheartening, especially since the criticisms I know of for her are: inaccurate (that she played a woc- the muslim character she played was based on a real white person), in my opinion too harsh (that she was in Patriot’s Day- a typical american propaganda film that’s meant to be ~inspirational~ that most people don’t really realize can have negative ramifications), or just ridiculous (angry that she’s dating Chris Wood???).

Please do not contact me with other bad things you dug up about Melissa.

Honestly, I love Melissa, but she’s just a normal person. 

So are all of the actors we love. I think we need to stop vilifying people for making one or two choices that we disagree with (often choices that we, as strangers, do not have the full picture of at all) just because they’re actors.

(Relatedly, we should also avoid putting them on pedestals, because either they’ll fall, or we will, in trying to hold them up under the weight of their mistakes by adjusting our values to agree with them.)

Now, there are certainly lines that, once crossed, warrant a severed tie. Johnny Depp’s recent actions, for instance, as an obvious example.

Some things are just human mistakes, and some mean the end of our endorsement of a celebrity. So where do you draw the line?

Well, I judge them how I judge my friends.

Now, I don’t mean you should cut ties with the celebrity when you would cut ties with a friend, because friendships can last through a lot of things you wouldn’t accept from a stranger.

What I mean, is: cut ties with a celebrity when, in a friendship, you would just… begin to really think differently of them. Less of them.

You know that things are really against your values when that happens.

In a friendship, you stick around a bit past your values. Your love of them keeps you there until another, further along line is crossed, and you end the friendship.

But celebrities, we hold to a higher standard than our friends because of their influence. 

But not so high of a standard that we forget they’re human. 

So, a middle ground. 

Looking at celebrities the way I look at my friends allows me to be compassionate and understanding, but also allows me to recognize when my values are really crossed.

And, of course, I’ll still voice my disagreements with them every step of the way, just as I do with my friends (to their annoyance).

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Btw, If you're dating Amy, then you lied about being gay, right? I mean, that's fine and I'm not gonna judge you-- but that's kind of favoritism isn't it? Having your girlfriend on the blog is like dating your employee. There's a reason they don't allow that, y'know.

It’s a shared blog. Made by friends. One of them happens to be my girlfriend. Do you want me to add all the random assholes that just want to be added for popularity and would probably kick us off?

I didn’t lie about being gay. I thought I was gay for a while, but had a crush on Amy, and since it was the first girl I’ve ever liked, I was confused. I didn’t want to say I was anything other than gay for a while. God, why are you so set on my sexuality? You’re acting like I’m a straight boy pretending to be gay.I literally stated I’m bicurious. How does dating a girl mean I’m straight. 

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