you're all so patient


Let’s have a good round of applause for some other fellow YouTubers! A stoic af Dutchmen and an eternally sugar high American! YouTuber Ned really satisfies me in a way I cannot explain… And yes, their Minecraft skins are their canon clothes!

Also, Nor is suspiciously good at games and no one knows why. 


Well, that’s a relief.

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [16/30] Bodyguard AU

The kind of life Mycroft Holmes lives is not welcoming to friends or beloved ones, but it does require a bodyguard who slowly claims both of those titles.

“We hang the lights, have snowball fights
and sing our favourite tunes;
all of these are memories
I make each year with you.”

l+h advent calendar: Day 19!

Hello beauties of mine! So, unfortunately, I’m unable to publish anything today. I was going to put some works in the queue last night but I was reminded of a presentation I have to finish by the end of today. I’m hoping to write some more after class this evening for you guys to read all the way up to the 6th (I have an insane work schedule that won’t allow me to get to it otherwise starting the 30th). Thank you lovelies for your understanding and support! I love you all! xx

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//Just wanted to let everyone know that we are doing fine. We’re moved in and getting settled, but we don’t have any internet. *chuckles* Hence why we have not been active. There are two libraries within easy walking distance of the house, but for some reason my (Liz’s) anxiety has gotten so high that I can’t leave the house without someone accompanying me. Hopefully I can find a way to remedy this soon. 

Anyway, I’ll try to badger Theo to get online more. He has internet at work and is allowed to browse whenever he has nothing else to do. *chuckles*

Thanks for your patience, everyone! We’ll get this sorted out as soon as possible and get back to being active online. :) //