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Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤

I call out my patient for treating me like garbage and then they accuse me of being rude to them...

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Hi! Swung by to see how you’re faring with writer’s block. How’s life treating ya?

Hey sweetpea! Writer’s block is such a nasty little thing. I’ve been trying to combat it with writing down whatever’s in my head or scribbling and of course, watching the new Supernatural season (and a friend maaaay have gotten me to start Dr. Who but shhhhh). I feel like I’m so close to getting over this, but there’s just one. little. thing. and I can’t figure out what it is. Ugh! It’s frustrating.

Otherwise, life is alright. Classes are classes and people are mostly good. So, other than the writer’s block, I’m doing okay ^_^ I appreciate your concern, lovely. I hope you’re doing amazing xxx


my evolution of water drawing! actually getting the hang of this!!

finally uni is over however i’ve just started a work placement! so definitely not as much down time as i wanted this holidays, but i’m still going! doing a little bit at a time. i’m also hating on the outlines tho so i might go back and re-do the outlines when i’m done with the colours. thanks everyone for hanging in there!! and thanks to everyone who is following me and waiting for more, promise i’m getting there!! <3 


Let’s have a good round of applause for some other fellow YouTubers! A stoic af Dutchmen and an eternally sugar high American! YouTuber Ned really satisfies me in a way I cannot explain… And yes, their Minecraft skins are their canon clothes!

Also, Nor is suspiciously good at games and no one knows why. 


Well, that’s a relief.

About “Bad Match”…

So, I feel like I owe you guys some explanation about when I’m updating “Bad Match”, since you always shower me with wonderful feedbacks. Part 12 is mostly done, but this weekend I’ll be out of town and in the meanwhile it was sent to Beta. So, I’ll probably finalize it in the beginning of next week and then I’ll post it as soon as I can. “But you’re only writing one fic and take so long to update it”, you might say. I know and I’m sorry. I feel bad about it. I wish I had more time to write, since I’m falling more and more in love with it. Also, I’m really not as talent as so many writers I follow here on tumblr, which makes me take longer to do it! All there’s left for me is to apologize and ask you that’s been waiting for the update to bear with me. Thank you for being amazing!

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hey uncle mod, how those hands doing?

Getting better, I think? but it’s kinda slow; I did try not to use them for anything resembling drawing for the first half of the week, but I’ve been having a little go at the doodle comic to break myself back in when they’ve been feeling up to it. Still on a sort of hiatus officially but maybe I’ll be able to do some more work come the weekend. Thanks for asking buddy, I’m sorry you all have to be so patient with me!


&;- apologies about my last - and embarrassingly brief - resurface. i’ve been gently persuaded back on here but i wanna make this super lowkey as i’ve got important work to be doing and will have for the inevitable future, so activity will be sporadic as studying is priority. feel free to come talk to me via IM if you’re interested in interacting if we haven’t prior; i don’t bite!! hancock may be a bit sleepy weepy for a short while but i’m sure we’ll both be in full writing order very soon!  

i’ll be going through my drafts and messaging those that i had threads with that i’d like to continue, though you’re under no obligation to pick it back up if you don’t want to! ♥

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [16/30] Bodyguard AU

The kind of life Mycroft Holmes lives is not welcoming to friends or beloved ones, but it does require a bodyguard who slowly claims both of those titles.

The Most Interesting Abbreviated Memory Test I Have Ever Done
  • *for best effect, imagine my voice as that of a modern Briton and imagine the patient's voice as that of an old lady from Downtown Abbey*
  • Doctorphantom: Hello! I'm Doctorphantom, one of the doctors on the ward today. I just wanted to do a quick memory test on you if you don't mind, just to compare with the memory test we did on you when you first came to us. Is that all right?
  • Patient: Ohhhhh! Hellooooo! So you're a doctor? Myyyy aren't you young! Doctors are getting younger and younger! Handsome too!
  • DP: Haha. Thanks dear. Let's start the test shall we, I just need to -
  • Patient: Ohhh already? But I don't have a pen. Can I borrow yours young man?
  • DP: Oh don't worry, you don't need one.
  • Patient: Oh good
  • DP: You just need to answer my questions. Shall I start?
  • Patient: Yes, yes, go ahead.
  • *patient procedes to answer her age and DOB correctly*
  • DP: OK, what year is it?
  • Patient: Ohhhh, ahhhh, two million and...........fourteen.
  • DP: Two million? You told me you were born in 19xx though and you were in your 90s. You aren't nearly 2 million years old now are you? Haha.
  • Patient: Ohhhh, I had no idea I was 2 million years old! I need more candles on my cake doctor!!
  • DP: No, no! You were right the first time, dear! You ARE in your 90s. It is the year two thousand and fourteen.
  • Patient: Oh I SEE!
  • DP: OK, do you know which hospital you are in?
  • Patient: Yes, you're hospital.
  • DP: But what is it called? Or what is this area called?
  • Patient: Hmmmmm it must be called doctorphantom's hospital I'm guessing?
  • DP: I wish! But no, you are in X hospital.
  • Patient: Oh bother! I knew that. I just couldn't quite remember.
  • DP: Don't worry! Let's move onto the next question. Do you know what time it is right now, roughly?
  • Patient: I bet you know what I'm going to say....
  • DP: What's that?
  • Patient: About time you got a watch!
  • DP: Hahaha, but really though, what time or time of day do you think it is?
  • Patient: Oh, I guess it's around one O'clock because I had that dreadful hospital lunch not too long ago.
  • DP: Yeah that's right.
  • Patient: Oh so you've tasted hospital food too? I just can't stomach it!
  • DP: Hahaha, I was referring to you telling me the correct time! OK, when was the end of world war 2?
  • Patient: Oh, I remember that well. *patient begins telling me a long tale*
  • DP: *finally finds a point to interject at whilst not seeming rude* - ah, so what year was that when you heard the last bomb go off?
  • Patient: Hmmmmm, I can't seem to remember actually! Ask me again another time.
  • DP: "omg, I listened to all that for nothing >_>" OK, who is sitting on the throne?
  • Patient: Oh, her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth!
  • DP: Correct
  • Patient: It should really be me though *said in a genuinely disappointed voice*
  • DP: Hahaha. OK just a few more questions:
  • *I continue to ask the rest of the AMT questions: counting down from 20 to 1, recalling an address, recognising my job*
  • DP: OK! All done. You didn't do too bad at all, an improvement from when we first saw you actually.
  • Patient: Oh good! I passed! Will you give me a memory certificate now?
  • DP: Haha, not exactly, but it's important for us to know that your memory has returned to it's baseline.
  • Patient: Can you give me a certificate anyway? That WAS a hard test after all!
  • DP: Haha, I'll see what I can do. It was lovely to see you, dear. Take care
  • Patient: Oh you too young man! Do visit!
  • *I come back later with a powerpoint certificate I cobbled together*
  • Patient: Ahhhh! My certificate! I am going to put this right next to my hard of hearing sign on top of my bed! Thanks love!
  • DP: Hahaha! Not a problem! Have a nice day!

“We hang the lights, have snowball fights
and sing our favourite tunes;
all of these are memories
I make each year with you.”

l+h advent calendar: Day 19!

Hello beauties of mine! So, unfortunately, I’m unable to publish anything today. I was going to put some works in the queue last night but I was reminded of a presentation I have to finish by the end of today. I’m hoping to write some more after class this evening for you guys to read all the way up to the 6th (I have an insane work schedule that won’t allow me to get to it otherwise starting the 30th). Thank you lovelies for your understanding and support! I love you all! xx

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