you're all perfect people

My mom - a middle school teacher - sent this to me this morning. She told me she’s going to post it on her door and all over her classroom. A lot of her coworkers are also joining in with her to post this letter in their classes.

What’s even better, is she sourced it at the bottom

Okay, looking at the lolilo tag in the aftermath of AFTERMATH, a lot of people seem to be thinking of Balthazar as like perfect or not having any flaws but… i disagree. a lot.

I think the responsibility that Balth feels for peter is a Major Flaw. That is not healthy. that is so not how to have a friendship. ultimately Peter is responsible for himself, and while it’s okay to care about friends, it’s really not a good thing that Balth feels guilty about and personally responsible for Peter.

Let’s also not forget that Balth is non-confrontational to a fault and doesn’t sit down and talk things out and actually address problems.

Now this is not me hating on Balth at all, I love him as a character and I think he’s a very interesting character, but he’s certainly Not Perfect. In fact, one might argue that the point of LLL is that Nobody is Perfect.

I know that people often fall into dichotomous thinking that there is “Good” and “Bad” characters, or people, or whatever. But I’d like to encourage people to consider that stories, the world, characters, other people, etc. are a lot more complex than just “Good” or “Bad”.

As always, all dichotomies are false dichotomies. Putting someone (even a character) on a pedestal is one of the worst things you can do to them because they will inevitably fail to live to your expectations of them.

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