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who are some of your favorite content creators?

hey ~  ♡ I’ll start by saying that here there are a lot of talented people that I personally love, that makes beautiful works and gifs. I’m going to link just the first that come to my mind but you can find the full list here if you’re interested in following new blogs.  ♡♡

gif makers: @yoongissz @samwol @jjks @jminies @jimiyoong @jiminrolls @jeovkks @jeonbegins @jeonjeongguke @rapdaegu @taetaes @yoonseok @yccnseok @apgujeon @acciosugas @ggukbun @harunyany @hobies @kookiebuff @lovelyjoons @vlives @deletaed @bwiseoks @nochuie @nochuu @bwisou @jjilljj @kthspjm @kc-junghsk

gfx/graphics maker: @clairelions @jmin @sugaidc @mewchim @dearmyjimin @inuera @comeherejimin @daegucrew @cosyjeon @rapmini  @kkultae @gukied @ksjmygjhsknjpjmkthjjk @mangaetteok @kassareo @yoong-jimin @wingscouldfly @kaori @tinkervell @je0n


There’s no one who can live their whole life being completely uncorrupted.

—happy birthday to the lovely hope @kamuisyato ♡


I miss OT5 Moments so much 😢😢😢😢😢

P L E A S E  GOD let them have a show together in 2018  🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

Lil break

Dear peeps ! Just to say, cause it’s more polite to do so : To be short, I was very busy these past weeks and had a long week again, I was actually quite sick, especially during the weekends when I was supposed to relax, so… well, I guess I need to slow down a little ?
Just to say that I won’t post a page of the comic Lapstale tomorrow nor next week, but will rather work on lil projects, less exhausting.
So a lil hiatus for the comic during two weeks ! The next page will be posted on December 8th then, when I’ll start drawing it again like usual.
Thank you all for understanding, now I’ll try to take better care of myself !


Hi hello, sorry for not really uploading too much lately. Uhh I’ve been taking it easy for mental health reasons and working on comic stuff that can’t be posted/finishing stuff late at night and just forgetting to post stuff.

So, here’s some Pokemon stuff from as late as July that I’ve only really posted on twitter. The Zorua I drew last night tho :0

Things I Love About You And IOL (Part 1/?)
I love your writing style!
I love how you give Patton even more depth.
I love how you have Roman teach Virgil that, yes, he is wanted.
I love how Virgil thinks people only want his body in the first place.
I love vent nights.
I love how liquor makes Logan talk. I love that Virgil knows that liquor makes him talk.  I love that Thomas nicknames Logan. I love that Valerie is lovable. I love that Virgil thinks Roman was rubbing his rejection in his face all along. I love that there’s an actual plot. I love that there’s an actual timeline. I love that EVERYONE HAS BACKSTORY. I love that Logan is the one working with the flowers. I love every time Logicality check eachother out. I love envisioning Logan sweaty in the sun. I love that you actually name your chapters. I love that you take your time. I love that you made a villain. I love that you made a believable villain. I love that you made a believable villain with a backstory. I love your attention to the little things, like eye color. I love that Logan cares so much. I love that Logan has so much depth. I love that there’s so much to love. I love that I’m complimenting you. I love that I have an opportunity to talk to you. I love that you’re so humble despite being a GODESS. I love your AUs. I love that you organize your tags so well. I love that you know how to use dialogue punctuation. I love that you accept compliments. I love that you make your chapter titles so memorable. I love that you’ve publish 50,425 words of pure masterpiece. I love this pure masterpiece. I love that Logan has a loving Mom. I love that you pay so much attention to the flowers. I love that you know about how the whole “flowering” thing works. I love that nothing’s rushed. I love “well, this is new.” I love ““I’m not blind or dead, Val.”” because it makes me scream internally. I love that Logan is a doctor. I love that Logan has friends other than the sides. I love that Virgil has friends other than the sides. I love that Patton has friends other than the sides. I love that Roman has friends other than the sides. I love jealous Roman. I love that Virgil is a believable character. I love that Virgil is a believable character with a backstory. I love that you made Patton clever. I love that Patton has known love before Logan. I love that Logan has known “love” before Patton. I love that you’ve expanded this little universe of ours to include something immersive. I love that your writing is immersive and it takes hours to fully compliment. I love how you balance exposition, dialogue, and backstory. I LOVE THAT THERE IS EXPOSITION, DIALOGUE, AND BACKSTORY. You are the damn best writer I have ever met. Holy shmokes @tormentist is this EVERY SINGLE DISCORD COMPLIMENT??? #dead #i am dead #you all have killed me

(idk if I should put that like I wrote it so I’ll just…I’m @hallo-wen-junhui)
You woke up to your boyfriend peppering your face in kisses and smiling down at you.
“Yeollie…” you groaned, sitting up and stretching.
“Happy birthday, love~” he cooed as he pulled you into his arms. “I made you breakfast! Come eat.” He pulled you into the kitchen, where you saw the food he’d made and presents on the counters.
“Did you really make all of this for me?” You didn’t think he would do this much…he was treating you like a queen. Not that you were complaining. He nodded happily and watched for your reaction. “Yeol, you didn’t have to…”
“Its your birthday, and I wanted to make you feel special…do you not like it?” He pouted.
“No, no, I love it! Let’s eat, yeah?” You smiled and grabbed a plate of food, sitting down next to him at the table. You didn’t talk much, more focused on the food. When you were done he walked back into the kitchen and returned with a large pink bag and a smaller blue one.
“Open the pink one first.” When you saw the contents of the bag, you couldn’t keep yourself from smiling. There was a dress you had talked about wanting for a long time, but you couldn’t buy it as it costed too much. He stopped you before you could thank him and handed you the other bag. You opened it and saw a small box, and you had a look of confusion plastered on your face, and he took the box from you.
“V, I love you…I love you so much and…I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He opened the box, and you saw the ring. It was absolutely beautiful.
“Oh my god…” you whispered, covering your mouth as you tried to stop yourself from tearing up. “Yes, yes, I love you too, Chanyeol.” It seemed like a simple statement, but he understood and had the brightest, purest smile you’d ever seen, sliding the ring onto your finger and held you in his arm while whispering sweet things in your ear.
“Thank you…now we just need to tell the others” He laughed into your hair. This was, by far, the best birthday you’d ever had.


First of all, I’d like to thank @immortalxdreamers for inspiring me to do this, also for tagging me in their post !!

Although I do celebrate Thanksgiving, I rarely get super into it. But I’d like to make sure that the people who have inspired me know it. I only made this blog about a month or so ago, and yet I’ve already met so many wonderful people who I’m proud to call my friends. Just know that I love and appreciate everything you do.

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♡ this if you’re interested in plotting / interacting at any time / near future 

Gratitude Post

You know, even though Thanksgiving isn’t a thing here, I think it’s nice to look back, to look inside of us, and feel thankful.

So I’m thankful for this site, however weird and bitter it is, it’s my refuge. I’m thankful for the real friendships I’ve made on this site, for the people who have stood by me in the past year (which hasn’t been easy).

To name the ones nearest to my heart: Aurelie, you’re my bright light. No matter how rough life gets, talking to you, and considering moving to Belgium always makes me feel better. Thank you for giving me a home away from home, and for sharing your family with me so selflessly. Tracey, I’m so thankful for you, because no matter what, I always know you’ll hear me out and offer the best advice. And just talking to you makes me feel like I’m not alone in my pain. Alejandra, we’ve only began talking last year, but to me it feels like a lifetime. I never expected to ever find a person who will get me, as much as you do, to be my kind of crazy if I may say so. I hope we meet someday, and watch the start together by the ocean while contemplating the meaning of life or something equally as deep (like Jesse’s freckles). Thanks for all the conversations and the laughs. Vanessa, love, I’m so proud of your journey this year. You’re taking a big step, and whether it works out or not (but it will!!) I’m proud of you. I’m thankful I got to meet you this year, and I’m sorry we couldn’t sit together in opera.

I’m thankful for all the other people I talk to on a daily basis! You guys know who you are, and whether it’s talking about fics, or country music, or pregnancies or work, please know I love getting closer to you. I love getting to know you, and all the things that make you you. Thank you for all the conversations and the laughs, and even the cries.

I’m thankful for my readers. You have given me an incredible gift, and I feel I’ve gotten so far as a writer, though I myself don’t always know it. You’ve give me so much confidence to pursue writing even further, and I’m looking forward to every single review.

And finally, I’m thankful for the people who are not here anymore. The people who have left, for some reason or another, but made my life richer for being in it. I have learned that some people are not meant to stay in your life forever, but I know everything has its purpose.

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@whistlewhileyouwrite, @queseraone, @justkillingtimewhileiwait, @naleylinsteadlover, @bushxsoffer, @fuckyeahdamose, @insightfuldamon

I’m sorry if I forgot so many people that I used to talk to regularly, but have drifted apart lately. Find me. Talk to me.

Heyy guys! I’ve been meaning to make this post for awhile now but every time it turns into a draft.
Somehow after I finished the internship (that was a horrible experience in itself because of how unprofessional my supervisors were) 

I kind of had a weird two weeks where I was really depressed and just tired over all.
Trying to pick up where I left off! 

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