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non black kpop fan: I’m shook, this is so lit, *adds AF to everything especially when it makes no sense*, my weave has been snatched!!, omg this member is such a fuckboy, throwin shade, hella this hella that, finna, my idol can twerk! this dance is so turnt, ON FLEEK, boiiiiii

y’all: *can accept the fact that trainees in the top three have to compete against thousands of other potential trainees just to be taken in as trainees and then compete again once they’re in the company to actually debut, sometimes waiting nearly a decade before they get the chance*

also y’all: *complain that groups in the big three don’t work hard enough because free promo is handed to them, with the ridiculous idea that automatically having fans somehow cancels out the awful things all trainees have to go through just to get on a stage*

The Signs as First Half of 2016 Comebacks
  • Aries: L.I.E. (EXID)
  • Taurus: You're the Best (MAMAMOO)
  • Gemini: Fire (BTS)
  • Cancer: Sentimental (WINNER)
  • Leo: Monster (EXO)
  • Virgo: I Like That (SISTAR)
  • Libra: Fly (GOT7)
  • Scorpio: One of These Nights (Red Velvet)
  • Sagittarius: Rough (GFRIEND)
  • Capricorn: Pretty U (Seventeen)
  • Aquarius: Cheer Up (TWICE)
  • Pisces: Good Luck (AOA)

forcing and sexualizing a topic about/and on a person who used the term as a literal meaning of father/dad is completely uncalled for and is honestly one of the shittiest things i will probably ever witness. if the idol you claim to care about has asked you to stop your disgusting and twisted jokes - then its time to fucking stop your disgusting and twisted jokes. i hope you know you made a happy and meaningful situation for your idols both uncomfortable and very unpleasant - you may now chuck yourself in a hole. jackasses.


colton absolutely crushing granlund after breaking his stick

me: happily cheering on my biases because they are awesome and deserves every love!


also me: when they aint your oppar because you is their noonar 

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