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non black kpop fan: I’m shook, this is so lit, *adds AF to everything especially when it makes no sense*, my weave has been snatched!!, omg this member is such a fuckboy, throwin shade, hella this hella that, finna, my idol can twerk! this dance is so turnt, ON FLEEK, boiiiiii

Christmas Cookies!

Hi guys,

in honor of my favorite time of the year - Christmas - I want to spread some joy. What says joy like cookies? Right?!

I will be baking my first batch of Christmas cookies this Saturday and I thought hey, why not send out some of them to my awesome tumblerinos! 

So here’s the deal: You reblog this if you’re interested (and follow me) and with a little luck you’ll be one of the 3 people who receive Christmas cookies in your mail - including a very special fanfic cookie (yes, a cookie with fanfic on it, you read that right). 

Deadline is Saturday, November 25 at 9 a.m. CET (3 am EST/midnight PST for my US peeps)

I’ll be shipping internationally so anyone can join in!

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*allergy and dietary info: wheat flour, eggs, butter, almonds, traces of: anise, allspice, cilantro and well, the sugary stuff you put on top :) *


Arin thought that if he didn’t kill this man his memory of his mother would fade. It already had, over time. Someday she would be as far away as a star.
But he couldn’t do it.
He had to do it.
Tell me what you did.
Arin dropped his sword, dropped to his knees, yanked the woven baldric from the fallen man’s shoulder, and used it to make a torniquet to save the person he hated most.


That night, alone in her tent, she thought about the cruel cold of the tundra. Sulfur crumbling in her grip. The panic when her memory had begun to slip. The nighttime drug: soft, dense. The fear of dying far from home. No one would have mourned her. Sorrow: like a marrow in the hollow of a bone. 
It had been real. It still was.
But it wasn’t the whole of who she was.
“You could do what the rest of us do.”
She would keep going.

FORGIVENESS, can you imagine?
 ⟡ part ii (part i)


Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Cast Comment Relay
In the special features, they did a relay where each cast member “passed” the interview on to the next person with a question of their own for that person to answer.  Justin passed it to Kousuke, then from Kousuke to Judai, with Judai passing it onto Nagata Takato!

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