you're a towel!

i just remembered when i was 9 my snobby friend started taking swimming lessons so she asked me “do you think swimming is fun?” and i said “yeah i love swimming” and she was like “well its NOT. it’s SERIOUS and it takes a lot of training and skills to do PROPERLY. its an ART and if you think its fun youre just not doing it right.” and that was the first time i ever got called out for being a fucking casual


Fic Recs: You Show Me Yours by endingthemes:(~11k)

When Erik receives nudes in the middle of the night from an unknown number, he’s confused and mildly amused. He doesn’t expect it to turn into an actual conversation…with feelings.

As if that’s not baffling enough, his friend’s brother ends up crashing at his place, further complicating everything.

Comments: Amazing, incredibly sweet, wonderfully written fic, please kudo this to outer space. It’s in Erik’s pov, but you can see Charles pining - both of them pine like the idiots they usually are , and there are misunderstandings and texting sass and all that jazz of a good fluffy rom com. I have reread this at least three times

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For the love of fuck if you shower in a hotel please please try and NOT try and defog the mirror with your hands. It takes forever getting those smears off! Same goes if you're a dribbler, put a towel down on the pillow. AND DON'T LEAVE YOUR TOE NAIL CLIPPINGS ON THE UNIT FOR ME TO ACCIDENTALLY PUT MY HAND ON, K?

There’s going to be a nude production of Hair on in London in November and I think that’s such a good way to do the musical and I really want to go, but I also don’t want to go alone, and yet I can’t invite anyone because it would be incredibly weird to invite any of my friends to an event where the audience is encouraged to be naked, you know?