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Honestly? I love Alex until she opens her mouth. She has a Not Like Other Girls™ complex and it’s exhausting to hear her constantly tear down the other girls when she’s being wayy more catty and hypocritical than most of them for no good reason

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The signs as: their places in the modern world
  • Aries: You're not sure how you feel about most sports, but you can't help but to watch them when they run. They kick off so hard that they seem to almost fly through the beginning of the race. They're always wearing some form of red. Their hair is a curly mess and when you try to smooth it down you feel something sharp break the skin on your hand. They look at you. Their eyes are glinting gold.
  • Taurus: You catch sight of them sometimes, lounging outside small bakeries and cafes. The air seems to move a little slower around them, thick and cloying like honey. Your watch has stopped. Everything is calm and warm, but when you leave the sun is already setting. You only stopped by for a pastry.
  • Gemini: You notice them sometimes at the entrances of side streets and tiny alleys, standing side by side. Their hair is dyed outrageous colours and spiked like a hedgehog. The one who is grinning at you beckons you closer, but behind them the one who is frowning desperately shoos you away.
  • Cancer: You go to the library early one morning,sleep deprived,half dead and yet absurdly over stimulated from coffee. All the reference books have been loaned out. A librarian, a little smaller than the rest, emerges from nowhere and hands you a copy. There are indents in the cover and for a second you think you see claws hidden in the sleeves of their sweater. Their eyes glisten. You're too intimidated to ask how they got this book.
  • Leo: They seem to show up in the strangest of places. On rooftops, in trees, curled up in a shopping trolley that has been abandoned in the street. Cats follow them everywhere. Your cat has been missing for the past week. You think it has joined the crowd that follows them. They flash you a smile that speaks of war. You know then that you would follow them too. Their smile says that you might have to.
  • Virgo: You've lost your friend at a party. Your head pounds to the beat of the music. The creepy 40 something year old that nobody invited has been tracking your movements. As you start to panic a cool hand slips into yours. A silky voice tells you to look away from him. You dance and everything seems more intense somehow. On your way home you find a slip of paper in your pocket. On it is written a telephone number. It disintegrates as you add it into your contacts.
  • Libra: You're feeding pigeons on the boardwalk when you see them. They're crawling low to the ground and you're not sure why anyone would want to do that among the mess of fish hooks and tangled lines. A group of boys are throwing their rubbish into the river. You catch a glimpse of them pouring mud and fish heads into the boys socks. The boys don't seem to notice. When you take your shoes off you find a five dollar bill scrunched up in the bottom.
  • Scorpio: You're pretty sure that job interviews aren't supposed to be this terrifying, especially not for part time work at a fast food venue. You earn only ice cold stares from them until they see your references. Then they give you a strange smile that sends your heart soaring and plummeting simultaneously. They tell you that you'll fit in here. You just wonder whether you'll be able to get out. When you pull away from a handshake they leave the impression of claws on your palm.
  • Sagittarius: You're on a bus and the sun is going down when you sit next to them. They ask you where you're going and you tell them. They ask you why. You give a much more honest answer than you had expected to. You find yourself trying to justify the actions that have led you to this point. They hum along thoughtfully. You're already at your stop. The bus is empty except for the two of you. You could have sworn that it was full when you boarded, but yours has been the only stop. You turn to wave as you leave but now the seat is bare.
  • Capricorn: You're grocery shopping and you don't usually make a habit of talking to anyone when you do so, but your eyes lock over the frozen produce. You realise that you're crying. The two of you sit down in the isle. No one tells you not to. The store is strangely quiet, the hum of the lights and refrigerator behind you the only constant factors. You leave with several dubious pieces of life advice and an excellent recipe for fried chicken. as you turn your key in the lock of your door you realise that they know your life story, but you don't even know their name.
  • Aquarius: You're at a target late at night looking for something that you can't quite name. Nothing seems right. A shop attendant behind you agrees. They lead you through the racks into an area that you have never been in before. Dark things dart between the shelves. They point to an item on the shelf. It is slowly growing. It's perfect. As you leave you glance behind you but the lights are off inside. You check the open hours. It closed hours ago. You check your receipt. It's a plain piece of paper covered only by a shaky drawing of an eye and a price.
  • Pisces: You have a foggy memory of a summer camp attended years ago. They were attending too. They always stood a little away from the other kids, the counselors never spoke to them. They showed you secret places hidden behind brambles and stinging nettles. You weren't quite sure how they got through spaces that were so much smaller than their body. On your final day they pressed a tiny golden pendant into your hand. The rest of the memory has faded. You ask your parents about it but they tell you that you have never been to summer camp. The pendant is still in your top drawer. It feels warm to the touch.
  • Annabeth: So to relax a bit, we're playing Never Have I Ever
  • Percy: Aw yiss I love this game
  • Annabeth: I'll go first. Never have I ever... died.
  • Magnus, taking a drink: Ouch
  • Leo: That's low, dudette.
  • Percy: My turn! Never have I ever... Actually I've done a lot of things, can you come back to me?
  • Annabeth: Okay, Piper, you go.
  • Piper: Never have I ever earned a scar from biting a stapler. *High fives Reyna*
  • Jason: Pipes!
  • Leo: Never have I ever had some type of crush on Percy.
  • *pretty much everyone else drinks, excluding Percy*
  • Percy: Guys wtf
  • Annabeth: Guys wtf
  • Jason: #NoHomo
  • Percy: #FullBromo
  • Hazel: What
  • Annabeth: Okay, you two stop. Reyna?
  • Reyna: Never have I ever got taken out by a brick
  • Jason: NOW you're targeting me!
  • Frank: I've had strange experiences
  • Will: I'll go next. Never have I ever been in the Underworld.
  • Everyone: ...
  • Will: *high fives Apollo*

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Leia and Han + Vader survives ROTJ

Yet again, longer than three sentences.

Leia hadn’t quite believed it, when she’d heard, that her… brother, Luke was her brother, had brought Darth kriffing Vader back with him when he’d returned from the second Death Star, but now she stared at Luke kneeling next to his… father’s bedside in the medbay of the Redemption, and Han had to grab her shoulders to hold her back when she tried to surge forward and… what? Pull Luke away? Stab Vader through his heartless chest?

“Wait,” Han hissed in her ear, “listen to them.” She stopped trying to break his tight grip on her and instead focused on what her brother was saying.

“–thought you were going to die. I’m not ready to lose you.” His voice was low, shaky, and he held one of Vader’s hands clasped tightly in both his own. Leia grimaced at that. How could he stand being so close to the monster, even if he was his, their, sire?

“It was far better that I die than you, my son. I could not bear to watch him kill you in front of me.” Vader freed his hand from Luke’s and brushed his fingers gently against the younger man’s cheek. Leia shuddered at the thought of his hands touching her again, remembering only the iron grip of his fingers against her shoulders as she watched Alderaan burn. But Luke closed his eyes, a faint, bittersweet smile tugging at his lips, and tilted his head into the contact. “I had to stop him, and I was prepared to die in the process. I fear my survival will only bring you grief.”

Leia frowned. Vader had attempted to give his life for Luke’s? That was difficult to believe. She glanced up at Han, his hands on her shoulders nothing like Vader’s, and found his face equally puzzled, but his eyes were narrowed in thought rather than indignant anger.

“No, Father,” Luke gasped, his ungloved left hand, his real flesh hand, reaching up to keep Vader’s against his cheek. “I have waited my entire life to know you. Whatever this costs, it’s worth it. I have already placed myself between you and the Emperor. Nothing will be worse than that.”

Despite herself, Leia found her curiosity piqued by Luke’s statement. Why would he have had to stand between Vader and the Emperor? Hadn’t Luke been against them both? Hadn’t Vader brought Luke to the Emperor to combine the Sith’s forces against the last of the Jedi? Had Vader turned against – No. Leia shook her head. The thought was absurd, and yet… And yet, the Emperor was dead, and here Darth Vader was, lying on a bed in an Alliance medbay, with the Hero of Yavin kneeling at his side, holding his hand pressed against his face. There was more to this than she knew, even if she did not want to admit it. Even if she would never truly accept Vader as her… biological parent.

“And that was foolish, child,” Vader berated softly, an almost fond note to his rasping voice. “It was not your place to protect me.”

Luke did not answer, merely bowed his head and buried his face against his father’s chest. If he did speak, it was too quietly for Leia to hear, and she had to turn away, unease coiling in her mind at the sight of Luke so openly trusting of Vader, and perhaps a trickle of shame that he was so forgiving and she so unwilling to even contemplate it.

But no, she shoved that aside, firming her resolve. She was obliged to give Vader nothing, and he was not owed anything from her. She might decide to tolerate him for Luke’s sake, since her dear, idiotic brother had so obviously, confoundedly attached himself to the man, but she would give him nothing more. He deserved nothing more, and she would not be made to feel ashamed of this. Not by anyone, and she knew Luke would never push her, though he might be disappointed.

Han squeezed her shoulders, and she looked up at him, knowing her confliction was visible on her face.

“I think,” he said slowly, “we need to find out exactly what happened on the Death Star.”

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You know what scene doesn't get enough credit? The one in ANH when Luke immediately picks up on how he can get Han to help him save Leia. Like Luke does not get nearly enough credit for how smart he is.

Ooh yes! I love that scene. I love how you can hear the conspiratorial tone in Luke’s voice. He’s just tied a carrot to a string and he’s dangling it in front of Han. Luke’s such a good judge of character. Not only does he know that this is how to get Han to help rescue Leia, he also knows that Han will come back during the Battle of Yavin. He knows Han is honorable and wants to do the right thing, despite his surface selfish attitude. That’s why he takes it so hard when Han leaves, because he really thought he would stay, and Luke’s rarely wrong about people (it’s partially a Force thing, but yes, he’s also very smart).

We see this judgement of character again when Luke clearly sees the good in his father. Of course, that’s also based on his desire for there to be good left in Vader, but Luke’s right. And he proves it.


Mericcup Week 2015 Day 2 >> “Duty means doing the thing your heart may well regret.” (Princess and the Pauper)

An alternate gifset of this, in which Hiccup interrupts Merida’s wedding with that so called ‘dramatic flair’ of his, steals her away and flies off into the sunset.

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Do you ever think about how much Anakin/Vader would have loved being a dad to little Luke? Like, obviously he'd always like being his dad but like . . . He would have loved being a dad to toddler Luke and Luke would have so many questions about everything and Anakin would be so happy to answer them all. ugh it would be so nice

ALL THE TIME, ANON! Anakin was born to be a dad, and he was so excited (and nervous, of course) when Padmé told him she was pregnant.

I think he dreamed and day dreamed a lot about his child during his years as Vader, especially the early years. Thinking about how old they would be, what life could have been like, all the things he could do and help them with. Teaching them to touch the Force, hold a lightsaber, cook (because I will die defending my headcanon that Anakin was an amazing cook), “helping” Padmé with her hair. And things like holding their hands as they take their first step, gloating to Padmé that their first word was some variant of “father” instead of “mother” (or pretending to be upset that it was the opposite, but really he’s just too proud of his child to care, and he also thinks they made a good choice because Padmé is wonderful, and he would have said her name first too).

He’s upset that he missed holding baby Luke, and cuddling with toddler Luke, and carrying child-who-is-probably-too-big-to-carry-but-Vader-doesn’t-care Luke, and hugging teenage-who-pretends-to-be-embarrassed-but-really-loves-it Luke. Adult Luke is always down for physical contact, and that mollifies Vader a little, and any time there’s an excuse, touch-starved Vader is fixing Luke’s hair or clothes, grabbing his arm, touching his face, standing a little bit closer than is socially normal so that they bump into each other, and if Luke is even slightly injured, Vader insists on carrying Luke. Luke protests that a scratch on his arm doesn’t necessitate being carried, but he doesn’t really mind that much, as long as it’s not in front of cameras or around the Rogues or Han, because they will tease him, and he doesn’t want the space paparazzi getting their hands on holos of Vader carrying him. Luke makes sure to give his father lots of hugs, because he knows Vader is touch-starved, and Luke thrives on physical displays of affection.

Luke is so curious and full of wonder at the Galaxy, even when he’s older, and I’m sure Vader could see how many questions Luke would have had as a child, and he is definitely sad he missed it. He blames himself for that, in a lot of ways, knowing that it was his fault and if he hadn’t Fallen, hadn’t choked Padmé, etc, he and Padmé could have raised Luke together. But he also blames Obi-Wan and Palpatine, and if he thinks about this part of it too much, he falls into a spiral of anger and self-hatred, and Luke has to pull him out of it. :( But Luke is good at pulling him out of it, distracting him, reassuring him that he’s here now and he’s not leaving (I suppose, depending on the AU we’re going with here).

And when Luke brings home a lot of strays that he practically adopts (nods to @radioactivepeasant), Vader basically has grandkids that he gets to experience some of the missed childhood things with. And Luke convinces Leia and Han to let Vader have (supervised, Leia insists) access to their child(ren), so he gets to hold SKYWALKER BABIES, and it’s the most amazing thing, even if it’s bittersweet because he still wishes he could have seen Luke (and Leia) grow up.

admins, imagining the haikyuu nendoroids in their boxes
  • yaku: what do you mean you can't get us out of this box? what's all that height for if you can't use it
  • lev: yaku-san technically I could help you get out but that would mean I have to piggyback you
  • lev: yaku-san... why are we together?? I mean I'm sooo much talle-
  • yaku: I'm staying here. Bye.
  • kenma & akaashi: *s i l e n c e*
  • bokuto, from the next box: bro, do you think they're still alive?
  • kuroo, from the next box: I have no idea, bro..
  • kenma: I can hear you, kuro
  • akaashi: just because we aren't talking doesn't mean we're dead, bokuto-san
  • bokuto: hey Kuroo... what do you think pretty people do stuck in a box?
  • akaashi: I said we can hear you Bokuto-san.
  • futakuchi: *coughing pointedly* Let me answer that for you, bokuto-san
  • futakuchi: when we are in a box...
  • futakuchi: GEH
  • futakuchi & aone's box: *low grunts heard*
  • futakuchi & aone's box: *shuffling*
  • bokuto: bro... are they making out?
  • rest of the boxes: *silence, as they mourn their fallen pretty boy*
  • matsukawa & hanamaki: #howtoshuttheprettyboiup
  • kamasaki: *yelling* oi, get a room
  • futakuchi: *stuttering* sh-sh-shut up all of you
  • ennoshita: *snickering*
  • kunimi: *gagging in the distance*
  • sakunami: *flustered* Shhhhh, Kogane!!!!!!
  • bokuto: he totally ISNT I MEAN CAN YOU HEA-
  • konoha: ahhh, young love...
  • akaashi: stop speaking like you're ancient, Konoha-san.
  • konoha: Akaashi, that hurt me too!
  • kenma: all of you are too noisy.
  • kenma's game console: *loud beeping as he game overs again*
  • kuroo: do you hear that bro?
  • bokuto: what, bro?
  • kuroo: sounds like my mom screaming
  • yaku: LEV!!!
  • yaku: STOP MOVING
  • bokuto: Oh bro... I think that's your mom
  • yaku: Damn you Kuroo
  • kuroo: Hahahaha going down where, to your level?
  • nishinoya: Kuroo-san are you LOOKING DOWN ON MORISUKE-KUN
  • tanaka: Noya-san... aren't you shorter?
  • nishinoya: RYUUUUU!!!
  • ennoshita: *snickering*
  • nishinoya: I CAN HEAR YOU, CHIKARA
  • daichi: OI, WHAT IS THIS, A MARKET?
  • oikawa: what do we have here, crow captain losing his temper at his children?
  • iwaizumi: Shittykawa, you're gonna be the next target of that temper soon if you're not careful
  • oikawa: oh, but you'll protect me won't you Iwa-chan
  • iwaizumi: continue dreaming, Bakakawa
  • kageyama: oh, is Oikawa-san with Iwaizumi-san?
  • daichi: *glares at Oikawa*
  • oikawa: *shrinks behind Iwaizumi*
  • iwaizumi: *walks away*
  • oikawa: *wilts*
  • suga: now now, Daichi
  • suga: let me handle it
  • suga: *refreshingly terrifying smile*
  • oikawa: *runs*

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What are your favorite Star Wars relationships (romantic, familial, friendly, or anything else), in the order of how much you like them? And, if possible (not forcing you for this) but also why you like them?

Well, I think my top favorite is pretty obvious: familial Luke and Vader. :) I have tried to pinpoint exactly why this relationship hits all my buttons so perfectly, but I honestly have no idea. I wish I did. It’s probably a lot to do with Luke’s unconditional love for his father, and Vader’s redemption because of it. And I also love Vader’s obsession with Luke.

Then it’s probably platonic Luke and Wedge. We don’t get much of this at all from canon, but it’s such a fun one to extrapolate. I’m a sucker for “we’re the only ones left,” survivor’s guilt, “we’ve been through this terrible thing together and we’re the only ones who understand” kind of thing that they’ve got going on. They’re also wingmates, there’s got to be a lot of trust there. One thing I like from the new canon post-ROTJ is that we get hints that Luke told Wedge everything that happened on the DSII. I like to think that Wedge was kind of Luke’s confidant.

The OT trio, all kind of bundled together in a weird kind of familial thing (with Han/Leia romantic). Luke and Leia are obviously familial, but I think Luke and Han are there too. They are in-laws eventually. But I just love this trio. I love how Luke helps bring out Han’s caring side, bringing Han back to help destroy the Death Star, and then he goes out on Hoth into certain death to try and find Luke. And how Luke and Leia could immediately feel their connection, even if they didn’t quite know what it was at first. And Han and Leia trying to deny their feelings even to themselves, and totally failing. :)

Vader and Piett, platonic. This one is a bit of a stretch, as it gets into more of my almost AU headcanons, but I like to think that Vader was a bit more active in picking Piett as his Admiral, and that he trusted him to a certain extent, even if not quite to the level that I have them in Allegiance and Interview With a Sith Lord.

Anakin and Padmé, romantic. As flawed as their relationship was (mostly the fault of Anakin not getting proper therapy and the fact that the Jedi tried to stunt his emotional growth), they did truly love each other, and the end of ROTS usually gets a few tears out of me. I absolutely love Padmé’s faith in the good in Anakin, even as she’s dying. Her final words are a plea to not give up on him, and a declaration of her faith. And Anakin’s willingness to burn the Galaxy and destroy his own soul just to save her… ahhhh ouch. It’s so beautiful, but so painful.

Transfer Student - 1/5

Yoongi didn’t want to say it. What’s left of his pride forbids him to say it, and his dignity agrees. He was going to have to, since he’s being forced to dress up as a girl, but he doesn’t want it. “Oppa,” He puked a bit in his mouth but it got Seokjin’s attention, “do you have the notes from the lesson yesterday?”

Seokjin smiled and looked like he was going to be surrounded by anime sparkles and it made Yoongi cringe. “Of course! You can always count on oppa!” Seokjin winked before he started to dig around in his bag. He pulled out some pretty notes written with… Glitter gel pens? What the fuck? This man is only three months older than Yoongi and he’s writing with glitter gel pens? And in PINK of all colors? “Were you sick yesterday? We were all kinda worried about you, Yoonji-ah.”

“Um… Yeah. I’m not feeling very well today either, but my parents say I have to…” That seemed like a believable lie, and it got past Seokjin. Honestly, he can’t believe how much can get past the boys in this class. He was told they were observant, but if they honestly can’t tell that he’s a man just like them… He has no hope for the future.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Seokjin pouted his thick lips out and Yoongi wanted to punch him in the face for being so unnecessarily cute. Seokjin reached over and pushed his bangs out his forehead to check his temperature. “You are a bit warm.” From the embarrassment. “I think the nurse’s office has some cold medicine so you don’t miss doses.”

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry about it. Thank you for the notes, I’ll bring them back when I’m done with them.” With that, Yoongi took his chance to leave as soon as possible. He grabbed his bag and left the room to go to the library to fill out notes for himself.

Yoongi slung the backpack over his shoulder and walked past Jimin and Taehyung talking at their lockers. He tried to ignore the giggles that came from behind him and Jimin’s “I am your hyung! Stop teasing me, you shit!” which made him smile a bit, but it wasn’t enough to make him turn around and ask them why they were laughing. However, before he got to the library, his wrist was grabbed and he immediately turned around to see a pink haired Jimin standing in front of him. “Noona…” He said with a soft voice and a bashful look on his face.

“What?” He asked coldly, since he’s being stopped from doing what he needs to.

“Um… Taehyung dyed my hair last night, does it look good?” Yoongi felt himself flush a bit from the sudden question. Jimin is just stopping him in the hallway to ask for his opinion on his hair? Does this really happen in co-ed schools? If so, why hasn’t he seen the other ones do this to the other girls here?

He pulled his wrist from the younger man and felt even more embarrassed when Jimin stood awkwardly in front of him with a blush almost as pink as his hair on his face. “It… It looks cute. Why didn’t you get it dyed this color sooner? It looks better than your silver.” Jimin’s smile widened and his eyes shined so happily that Jimin pulled him into a hug. When he didn’t hug back immediately, Jimin lifted him and spun him around. Jimin put him down and giggled, and Yoongi awkwardly pat him on the back. “Jiminnie, please let go.”

“Oh! Oh…” Jimin pulled away and smiled awkwardly, but he still looked happy. “Thank you noona. I’m really glad you like it.”

“Yeah. You’re welcome. I’ll see you later.” Yoongi then pat his hair and left, still needing to do the notes to keep his cover. He left the two there and went to the library, this time without being stopped by someone.

It took a while for him to copy down the sparkly notes without tearing Seokjin’s paper in two and finding the teacher and asking for a different copy of the notes. He finished a bit before five and he left the library while calling Seokjin. He waited for his hyung to pick up and nearly dropped the phone from how he answered. “Yoonji-ah! What do you need?” Why did he need to yell?

Yoongi hated this, but it had to be done. “Oppa, you’re at practice, right?”

“Yeah, why?” Seokjin asked, sounding a bit out of breath.

“Which locker is yours? I finished the notes from yesterday.” Yoongi waited by his own locker and looked both ways to make sure no one was around. He lifted his skirt to make sure that his gun was still in the holster. Stupid thigh highs, making it harder to feel his gun where it’s supposed to be. It was, thank god, but the safety was off. He clicked it back on and put his skirt down before it could be seen again.

“It’s 146, but hey, practice’ll be over in a couple minutes and I’ll be able to walk you home if you want!” Yoongi had to think about it. A chance to take out his target but at the cost of his dignity because he’s dressed like a girl in public being walked home by a boy…

“Fine. I’ll see you soon.” Yoongi hung up first and went to Seokjin’s locker to wait for his hyung. The first thing he did was take off his skirt and slip on shorts that still covered the holster. At least there wasn’t anyone around or else he could have ruined his front. After that, he took the time to look through Seokjin’s locker and wrinkled his nose seeing a pile of letters covered in hearts. He looked through them and was angrier when he noticed it wasn’t just letters from girls, but from other boy students as well.

He was too distracted by the love letters to notice Seokjin coming up behind him. He put one of the letters, from some guy named Gongmyung, back into the opened envelope and turned around to see Seokjin there. He jumped from the fright and pressed his back against the lockers. Seokjin’s hair was wet, but not dripping, and his cheeks were flushed. Why didn’t he say anything when he came up? Why did he make sure that he looked so good before he came to see Yoongi? What the fuck?

Yoongi stuttered while trying to cover up for what he did. “Seokjin hyung!” He made a mistake but didn’t realize it until he was finished with the rest of what he was saying. “I- I was just curious if you ever confession letters from the other students!”

Seokjin put a hand on the lockers next to Yoongi’s head while he looked through his own locker. “Yeah, I get them quite often.” He looked through them while not leaving Yoongi, looking a little annoyed at the amount he had. He sighed and closed the locker after shaking his head. “I got even more during practice, how annoying.” He looked down the hall and his eyes widened. Why? Yoongi turned his head to look but it was only a girl who was staring at them. “Fuck, Yoonji-ah, I’m sorry.” Yoongi didn’t know what was happening until it did. Seokjin’s lips were on his and he heard himself squeak when they started kissing.

Min Yoongi, hitman hired to kill the chaebol son of the head of a major corporation, is now kissing his target? Why was he enjoying it?

He heard someone run down the hallway and Seokjin pulled away as soon as it sounded like they were alone again. Yoongi didn’t even know what to do after Seokjin kissed him and just furrowed his brow without a reason. “I’m sorry…” Seokjin wiped his lips with his sleeve and sighed. “That girl who just ran away was one I rejected before you transferred to our school. I know she’s only after my money and she won’t take no for an answer.” Seokjin backed away and stared at the ceiling with an annoyed look on his face. “I didn’t think she would still be at school. Sorry.”

“You kissed me to keep her away?” Yoongi glared at Seokjin, and the elder nodded, still looking annoyed. He honestly thought there was going to be a better reason for that. At least it wasn’t because Seokjin wanted to kiss him for real.

“Spur of the moment, best thought to keep her away.” Seokjin said before grabbing his bag and throwing it over his shoulder. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to take advantage of you like that. I know you like Jimin, so I won’t say anything about this to him, okay?”

Yoongi doesn’t like Jimin? He doesn’t really like any of them, honestly. He sighed and pat his shorts down and pulled Seokjin down by his tie. “I don’t like any of you idiots and especially not Park Jimin.” Seokjin looked scared, even more so than he did when the girl saw them at the end of the hallway. “Jimin only likes me because he knows I have a gun - ”

“You have a gun?” Seokjin asked, while scrambling away from him and tripping over his own feet. He landed on his butt and he looked up at Yoongi with a look of fear all over his face. It was almost cute how scared he looked. Instead of saying anything about it, Yoongi sighed and lifted the pant leg to show off of a part of the gun and it made Seokjin look even more scared. “Oh my god, why do you have a gun? You’re here to kill someone, aren’t you? I knew it was too good to have a transfer student as cute as you - ”

Yoongi shushed him with a cock of the eyebrow. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Heard it before..” Yoongi got a feeling that made him sick to his stomach and it made him feel even worse when he saw a red light swaying from behind Seokjin’s head to the lockers between Yoongi’s legs. He jumped down and pushed Seokjin down when a shot rang and barely grazed Yoongi’s shoulder. He dragged Seokjin to behind a wall and more shots rang out and pierced the lockers behind them.

“Yoonji-ah! Yoonji-ah! What’s happening? Who’s shooting? Are they trying to shoot you?” Seokjin was freaking out and Yoongi clamped a hand over his mouth. He grabbed his gun from the holster and readied it. He shot around the corner and someone yelled in pain. When did these people get here? It must have happened when Yoongi was reading the stuff in Seokjin’s locker and didn’t have his guard up.

“They’re trying to shoot you, so shut the fuck up right now.” Seokjin’s eyes brimmed with tears and his hands were shaking. He sighed and let go of Seokjin’s mouth. “Cover your ears and stay right here. I’ll come back for you.” He leaned over and gave Seokjin a quick peck on the lips to make sure Seokjin wasn’t going to freak out as much as it seemed he would.

“Y-Yoonji-ah!” Seokjin reached out for Yoongi while he stayed seated and shaking in fear. Yoongi turned back to him, completely hardened look on his face and probably scary to Seokjin. His voice shook and there were tears streaming down his cheeks. Yoongi’s heart hurt seeing him crying, but it was weird since he has never felt for a target before. Maybe it’s that kiss they shared? Who knows… “Yoonji-ah, I’m scared…”

“I’ll protect you.” Yoongi took the wig off and threw it at his feet. He gave him a soft smile after, while Seokjin’s eyes shone staring at him. “Also… It’s Yoongi.”


Mericcup Week 2014
Day 5: Lightning by Alex Goot

“Dragon racing?” Merida questions, very much intrigued. “Is that some kind of sport you play at Berk?”
“You could say that,” Hiccup shrugs, failing to be nonchalant as he utters his next few words, “And you’re talking to the champion.”
“Oh, really? I’ll bet it’s not that hard.”
“Tell you what. You join the next game - go against Ruffnut, Tuffnut and the bunch - and if you win, I may consider a one-on-one with you.”
“A little cocky there, aren’t ya, Hic? Fine, just don’t go runnin’ off after I win!”
“A little cocky there, aren’t ya, Mer?”

She turned out to be a lot better than he thought.

lanelacy  asked:

What a bunch of ridiculous arguments! I'm sorry you're being targeted by that anti stuff. I guess they didn't see the kisses were platonic. Or read the actual comic. Where it's literally pointed out how not manipulative or abusive as the heathers musical.

It’s not even the comparison the important part. Sorry for my swearing but IT’S A FUCKING SUPERCOMPUTER IN A FUCKING PILL 😂😂😂 I can’t stress that enough Without mentioning that I find stupid getting worked up so much by A SHIP of fictional characters in a musical when honestly internet is a place for so much much weirder (and sometimes more gross even) things I got it out of my sistem now, but I’m going to ignore them after this


Jackunzel Week 2016 Day 7 >> Everyone Can See It
Merida and Hiccup are so done with the fact that Jack and Punz won’t admit they’re totally head over heels for one another.
*Also offering this to Mericcup Week, as I won’t be submitting for the week, but your lovely mod Gail will be the one contributing to those days. <3 Thank you so much to everyone who joined Jackunzel Week this year!!

“They’re only fooling themselves.” You’re one to talk, Hic.